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  1. Did the two above suggestions, and it may have worked. I cant say yet as when I tested it out, the GPU hit a max of 75% which is still pretty high. I have every setting in FS maxed to the right except for mip mapping, cloud draw distance, and sight distance. I hope I never see anything over 75% but time will tell. Also, is there a visual difference between 8x supersample and 4x supersample?
  2. So I changed my settings to what you have Venustus, and still get the stutters! Something has got to be wrong here! But I have noticed that when I run full screen, the stutters are very very tiny to gone...
  3. When I lower it anymore, it looks pretty bad on my monitor. I am only at 1280x1024 resolution which isn't much at all, especially on this CPU. The highest the CPU ever gets is 50% usage. I can try it but I don't think that is where the problem is at. Thanks though!
  4. Thats whats got me scratching my head. I KNOW the GTX 560 can run FS9 maxed with no problems but just don't know how to get there. Thanks for your post! After my defrag gets done, Ill go ahead and give those a try! Just curious, with those settings your FS9 looks as good as it gets too right?Thanks again!
  5. Hey guys,I can't seem to get rid of stutters. I just upgraded to the GTX 560 1GB card and still in the heavy clouds I max out the card at 100% and the stutters start. I know there has to be something wrong if a 2004 program is maxing out a 2010 card. I run AS6.5 and REX Overdrive when this happens.This first picture is showing what FS9 looks like when the card load is max:And this shot is of my inspector settings for FS9 and my card:Does anyone have some suggestions to why this is happening and anyone with the GTX 560 card could possibly share their settings? I also cant max out FS9 settings. I can't get mip mapping above 6 without performance hit and the weather settings can't max either.Any help would be great!Thanks!
  6. Thats whats got me a little confused. It should be able to handle the worst of weather and be ok. I can load up thunderstorms via the FS9 weather and it seems to do ok, but when I go somewhere that is getting slammed and load the weather via ActiveSky, thats when I see the huge stutters. Could ActiveSky and REX have a conflict going on between them?I really appreciate your help guys!
  7. What are your settings in the CCC and Flight Sim? Hard to imagine the 5770 is better than the 6950. If I take away REX and HD 3D clouds, I'm sure FS9 is no problem, even my good ol' 9800 GT would handle it then! I think I'm going to return it and go ahead with the GTX 560.
  8. Dang it! I thought I had done enough research into this card. It was between this card and the GTX 460 and after talking to two simmers who build computers for a living suggested this one over the GTX 460. Looks like Im S.O.L?
  9. Hey guys,I just "upgraded" my video card from the 9800GT 1GB to the Sapphire HD 6850 1GB and the results I am seeing are very disappointing. I was pretty happy with my 9800GT card except for when I would get into heavy clouds, the GPU would take a 100% load and start stuttering. So, after over a year of dealing with it, I finally decided to save some money and get a new card. I got the Sapphire 6850 1GB card and am running it now. But, to my surprise, I cant max out both FS9 settings and the settings in the Catalyst Control Center (CCC). When I do that, the stuttering is back and actually worse than before! This is very disappointing. I was hoping upgrading to this card would allow me to max out all the settings and have 0 stuttering. I know its not my CPU because my frames indicate 33 (locked at 33) and the CCC shows GPU at 100% which gives it away. Why is this?My specs are:Intel E2200 OC @ 2.92Ghz4GB DDR2 RAMSapphire Radeon HD 6850I am running these while getting those results:PMDG 744REX OverdriveActiveSky 6.5Ill try and attach photos of various things. I have all my FS9 settings maxed except for the weather as posted below:.And you can also see my CCC settings below: and the photo with the 744 is where I get the worst stutteringI'm not sure if anyone will be able to help out but I am really hoping so!Thanks!Kyle
  10. Hey thanks for the quick reply and tips! I do have a question about the VATSIM weather box. I do all my flights online, so is the METAR report that AS brings up from VATSIM weather? Also, would it affect flying online much if I unchecked that check box? I don't really do much low and slow flying at all. Thanks! Going to try these settings out as soon as I can and will report back!
  11. I'll have to keep an eye open for more examples. I don't notice it much unless its here around my area. As for the settings, here they are:
  12. Hey, I will try the cloud setting, but from what I can remember, I had it scaled back a little to help with performance. Good idea, didn't think of creating a back up of FSUIPC! This is with FS9. Thanks!
  13. Hey, I was 17 nm south of the station. Thing is, in the sim its clear skies all the way until the station. I live 30 nm south of the station and we were getting hammered, but clear skies in FS. The storm was 140 nm long with SLC in the middle of it. Resetting FSUIPC to default settings, will that reset my Axis Assignments? I've got 3D clouds set to 80% and cloud coverage is set to maximum. Thanks for the support!
  14. Hey guys, I have been a long time user of AS6.5, but somethings have bothered me. For example, the METAR reads: KSLC 150533Z 32026G32KT 5SM +TSRA SCT080CB BKN100 OVC130 22/14 A2997 In FS with AS6.5, there aren't that many clouds around, but yet the thunder is shaking my walls! Yes, there are some tall thunderstorm clouds, but nothing at all like the METAR reports. Is this normal with AS6.5? I've never really took the time to pay that much attention to whether AS was accurate or not. Does ASE do a better job in placing the weather into the sim as close to real weather? Thanks!
  15. --The webpage is updated constantly, the last MAJOR update was 2007. --There are not check rides for every aircraft, that would suck. And the check rides make you practice. They are challenging, fun, and rewarding. DVA is all about learning and getting better. (Thats why its been featured in so many magazines, even RW Flight magazines and at airshows) --The ACARS has even surprised some payware developers as to how well designed it is. It uses less than 1% of my hardware. You can say anything you want in the chat as long as its aviation related and contains no profanity. --You have a valid point there. I also got banned once for saying "Crap" and I think its BS. I'm going to bring this up to senior staff to get changed. There was one point where a lot of immaturity took over for a few months but it seemed that the staff has cleaned that up. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, it really is the best VA I've ever been a part of.
  16. I get my flight plans from flightaware (pilot resources): http://flightaware.com/statistics/ifr-route/
  17. Same here! I don't own the NGX (Strictly FS9 here) but every other plane I've got from PMDG, I sat down and read the entire manual. I appreciate the effort put into the manual and like to know everything I can about the aircraft I just bought.
  18. Hey Frank! http://www.deltava.org/Why I joined DVA and love it:- good online forum/community --- Has a great active forum, very knowledgeable people that help from FS problems, RW flying, to helping build a PC! - flexibility in the sense that my time seems to be increasingly limited, hence fewer than desired flights--- Only requirement is that you log in once every 45 days... easy!- RW ops/route support---- DVA replicates all Code Share flights and the schedule is updated daily to RW schedule!-Obviously the ability to use my own payware--- Use any payware aircraft you want! The one thing they have is "ratings" so you would have to earn your rating in a series of aircraft by taking an exam and check ride, makes it a very fun and learning experience, and they aren't that hard to get!More about DVA:*Has its own VATSIM Online Pilot course - Take a few exams and fly an online CR (This is optional, just another great tool to enjoy FS and VATSIM)*Currently developing its own Flight Academy*Uses its own ACARS (Very accurate flight tracking and submits your PIREP at the end of your flight with detailed info. Example: http://www.deltava.org/pirep.do?id=0xa7e33 ) <- Used the 737-800 *Fleet Library - Freeware aircraft for every aircraft DVA operates*Document library - All operating manuals for the Fleet aircraft, flight encyclopedia, How to read charts, basically anything you need to know about VATSIM flying and a lot more*Online Events - Does several online group flights/events*Dispatch - While sitting at the gate doing pre flight checks, you can enter your DEP, ARR, Equipment type, and submit a Dispatch request. If a dispatcher is online , they will send you a flight plan with some additional info all up to date with current airport operations being used online. If no dispatcher is online, Auto Dispatch will be used, where it brings up a list of routes saved to the system that you can use. During an online event, dispatch becomes ramp control too, controlling your clearance to the taxi way, assigning your squawk code, and the flight plan.*Web Resources - contains links to a number of online sites that can assist you in all manner of flight planning and other ways.*Find a Flight/Browse Schedule/ Route Map - Trouble finding where to fly next? Use these to find a flight that fits what your looking for!*Flight Planning Resources - Includes a route plotter, approach charts, weather center, and more.*Fly any aircraft on any route - As long as you are rated in an aircraft, you can fly your favorite aircraft on your favorite route! Fly a MD11 or 747 on a 1 hr flight or a 12 hr flight! As long as the aircraft can safely make the flight, it is ok to fly it!*Help Desk - The Delta Virtual Airlines Help Desk lets its members communicate with the Instructors and Staff to quickly and easily resolve any issues or answer questions about Delta Virtual Airlines.And I didn't even list all of their features, just the ones that really stick out. Easy entrance exam and great community! Got RW PPL pilots, Military pilots, commercial pilots and it all makes for a great place to learn more about RW aviation.Let me know if you have any questions! Give it a shot! Hope this helps!
  19. I've done this before and it worked but now with the latest AIRACS, for some reason it no longer works. I am way off center line!
  20. One more question. When its time to call "Cabin Crew - Arm Slides" and "Ok to open doors" does that have to be done via the button press or if I press the PA button and speak it, they will understand? Thanks again!
  21. Thanks for the reply! I just finished a flight and found some things I love about it! The other FS2Crew product I had I ditched a long time ago (PMDG 737) and with that one it was the same thing over and over and took away some of the flying. With this voice, I noticed if I hit a switch, say the packs, and when its time for the FO to turn them on, he noticed they are already on and doesn't touch them! THAT is what I was hoping to see! Much improved over the PMDG 737 button control! I love that I can fly and do what I want to and leave what I don't want to up to the FO to do! AWESOME product guys! Really impressed me! Kyle
  22. Hey guys, I just got the iFly 737 Voice Commander (First voice commander, second FS2Crew product) and I am curious if I can do some of the things the FO is suppose to do? For example, I've got a Saitek Flight Yoke and have one of the levers set for the gear. The FO is suppose to raise the gear but if I do it and just skip the "gear up" command, will everything work properly? I love the product, but there is just that feeling that Im telling the FO to fly the plane, and Im not involved much. I hope this makes sense, getting pretty tired here! Thanks! Kyle
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