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  1. I still have to respectfully disagree. It glides better than any aircraft I have ever flown in real life, GA or commercial. There’s no way it gently glides at a slow decent rate when fully dirty and fuel cutoff.
  2. I’d normally agree with that (and still do) but when you drop the gear, flaps, spoilers, and kill the engines it descends way too gradually. It just lacks a feeling of weight to it.
  3. If flight dynamics are important for you, then go Fenix. FBW feels way too light and like a glider.
  4. I’ll be curious to see how performance is with this as nearly every addon they’ve released has been awful with performance.
  5. I’ve maxed out my 3080 10GB VRAM with a 2K single monitor. Most noticeable with DX12. Part of the reason I’m eyeballing a 4080…
  6. Would like to grab MIA but feedback doesn’t seem so great for it.
  7. Not a bad price if it’s the only variant you’re getting. I still believe there should be a discount for those who have already purchased a 737 variant since it’s pretty close to just a reskin. I’ll be sitting happy with the -700 still! It’s been a fun plane to fly! Used to fly the 800/900 since the FS9 days.
  8. Nice post and good read but I personally will never buy a CS product no matter how far they might come. I don’t think they will ever reach the levels of payware quality. And to charge for liveries?? That’s nuts. But will still hang around this thread to see if anyone has bought it, and what entertainment might be provided by reading their reviews 🙂
  9. Hey guys, I've been struggling for hours to get this plane to work so now here I am hoping someone here can help. I load up the plane, get everything turned on, go to the EFB to load in my load data but I get no option for "import" in the Electronic Flight Folder. I've linked my simbiref profile ID to the load manager. I've downloaded a flight plan from simbrief and installed it in C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Maddog X Files\Routes. Instead, it only pulls up a flight plan for "AZA1585" on the EFB. No matter what weights I set in the load manager and the "Save & Sync", that also doesn't change weights in the EFB or plane itself. Same with when I change the panel start up state. The load manager says "connected" too. EDIT: Looks like after saying forget this and doing a complete uninstall and reinstall, it seems to be working finally...
  10. Has anyone tried the new update for the iniScene Los Angeles scenery and notice any improvement on performance? If so, how much of an improvement? They claim they have improved it significantly and I've held off grabbing this scenery due to the current performance reviews. iniScene Los Angeles v1.10 -Greatly reduced VRAM overhead -LODs for all assets have been revised and tweaked for improved performance -Control panel options to allow performance customisation -Tunnel entrance under 25L/R has been completely reviewed and should no longer impact terrain along Charlie or the T7/T8 stands -Added stop points 42 and 43 along Lima and Kilo -Fixed duplicated items have been removed -Guids have all been changed to prevent clashing with other iniScene products
  11. I guess I should clarify that I’m not saying there aren’t many high quality airports, just not many that interest me/are in my area that I tend to fly. On that list, KLAS is the only one that interests me (I do have that one, a favorite airport to visit). It just feels like a ton of the most popular airports from P3D haven’t made their way over to MSFS yet.
  12. I sure hope there’s some good ones soon, I’ve been extremely disappointed with the offerings with MSFS so far.
  13. Hi, I've owned several FS2Crew products for past sims but it's been a while since I've used them and have a question before deciding on the MSFS Maddog. Does this version handle emergencies/failures? Can it recognize if a preflight test actually fails? Or a system fails in flight? Thank You
  14. Kinda off topic ish, but how is the 182 flight characteristics? I used to fly a 182 RW and loved it. Would love to have a good flying 182 in the sim but I know Carenado has always been an eye candy type of addon more than anything else.
  15. Everything might cost more but income certainly is not increasing at the same rate, or even close to. So the spread is widening from what used to be considered fair/affordable. $10-$20 is what I’d expect for the majority of sceneries for MSFS and is what my personal cut off limit is. But that’s obviously just my personal limit.
  16. Hey guys, I've been eyeballing the MD for a while now but the high price tag has kept me away. I loved it back in the FSX days! But I've also noticed I never see anyone online flying it and I haven't seen any topics about it in a while. Is it worth getting? Are there any major issues (other than sounds)? Pretty much just looking for some feedback on it to help make a decision if it's truly worth it or not.
  17. You do have some valid points. The planes in the game (especially airliners) fly like gliders. I can take the PMDG up, shut down the engines, full flaps, gear out, and full spoilers and it’ll gradually descend down at -2,500fpm. I notice the same with the FBW A320. There isn’t a lot of weight feeling to the planes. The mouse scroll is annoying when trying to use on knobs. And the camera system is pretty bad.
  18. Scammer or not, he is pretty horrible at communicating. Of course it’s dead, but why not just tell his customers that? Too bad there’s not a way to tag a website as a buyer beware.
  19. I’d agree the flight model needs some more work. That’s about the only thing that kind of puts me off from it. It definitely is good, but not great. Still way too ‘twitchy/bouncy’
  20. By far the PMDG MD-11. Also miss the dreamfleet 727 and the Level D 767
  21. I'm actually surprised how nice this one is! I'm happy with it!
  22. That video above is not very realistic. Yaw movement is common in turbulence in that small of an aircraft but it’s not as twitchy as that shows and the yaw movements last longer in duration in each direction/more movement to each side. MSFS has a very bad tendency to be “twitchy” in almost all axis vs real flying, especially with the controls.
  23. Hmmm... no improvement for me in DX12. VRAM is still 100% used.
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