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  1. My 3080 was hitting 100% VRAM usage in DX12 which dropped my frames a decent amount. I’ll be curious to see how this new update changes things!
  2. Looks interesting, but hard for me to get behind that price tag…
  3. I'll report back after I get the chance to really play with it. To be honest, I'm not one to usually notice a lot of minor changes between products. I'm definitely looking forward to the automation of it, and the tree size customization.
  4. I've got to say, I'm impressed with REX in this forum taking the time to answer questions and write what they have written. I've been a long time user of Bijan (even longer user of REX from the FS2004 days), and from the videos I've seen comparing the two products, decided to stick with Bijan. However.... after seeing REX being so responsive and continuously listen to customer feedback and suggestions, I'm going to head over and pick me up a copy of Accuseason to see what this is all about. And mostly to support a great Dev who seems to actually listen to customers and provide constant improvements and features! Thank you!!
  5. I’ll honestly be surprised if 1) anyone can get one at retail and 2) it actually makes THAT much of a difference over what we’re seeing with the current cards…
  6. How exactly do you do this? Or is there a simple file you could share? I’d love to take advantage of any frame savings I can get to be able to enjoy these kinds of sceneries and stuff.
  7. I'm super interested in this one, but I still feel like the Asobo isn't really that bad? Waiting on some more reviews before deciding whether to jump on it or not...
  8. I grew up in Utah County and now live just north of SLC. Recently left my job at KPVU and now based at KSLC. I agree, would be great if someone could make a quality KSLC!
  9. This might help. I actually have it opened in another tab when I came across this post… https://airplaneacademy.com/torque-itt-np-and-ng-explained-on-turboprop-engines/#TQ_-_Torque
  10. Well, this kind of stuff is kind of expected with a beta program. Unfortunate for sure though.
  11. DX12 on a 3080 for me still has quite a bit of stutters even in default aircraft.
  12. I’ve noticed this also. Another thing I’ve been somewhat disappointed in is the overall flight model/physics. Planes react in a ‘twitchy’ kind of way when airborne.
  13. Could look into KPVU. It is a smaller airport but it’s exploding as a commercial airport and has a great scenic approach and on the edge of a large lake. It’s got a massive repair facility (Duncan Aviation), home to a lot of business owners with GA jets, and even serves as an occasional “base” for smoke jumpers and military training ops at times (paratrooper jump training, osprey night ops, chinook). It has several flight schools including a large part 141 university, and currently has 30-40+ airline flights weekly between Allegiant Air and Breeze Airways and will be expanding their offerings more this coming fall. New terminal just finished completion and is operational now. It is Utahs second busiest airport behind KSLC.
  14. Oh! And for the cherry on top, the plane has a maintenance issue, delays boarding until it’s deemed ok, then you grab the wheelchairs and load up a few people who you don’t even know how they fit in a wheelchair in the first place, have your legs feeling like jello after pushing them up a “Z Ramp”, get the air start and GPU hooked up (all massive carts because the airline is too cheap to use a jetway), and you’ve loaded the plane with everything listed above, the pilot walks down and lets you know he just timed out and there are no other crews nearby… 🎉
  15. This is what nightmares are made of…. Haha (former ramp and line guy)
  16. Cockpit layout are the same. Of course performances will differ, but in the sim world, it’s not a huge difference. Same with operational procedures, they’re pretty identical. It’s honestly the difference in range that is the main factor. I’d be willing to bet most people will pick up the -800 just because it’s the most popular real world 737. Will still be seeing 1.5 - 4 hour legs in the -800 that any of the other models could do just fine. I personally think the 900 is the best looking variant and I used to only fly the 800 in the previous sims, but I’ll be saving my money since I’ve been happy with the 700.
  17. Good write up! I do have to say though that a lot of these things vary widely between airports and operators. My operator only cares about a 1” clearance between belt loader and plane. As for pushback, that is usually the last thing hooked up, after bags are done. Mostly due to staffing shortages. During pushback, the tug driver is also on the headset and there are two “wing walkers” on the wing tips. I agree with the vehicle paths in sim being a bit bad but meh, I’m not that picky about it.
  18. This is looking to be everything I had hoped for with GSX for MSFS! Can’t wait for it to release!
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