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  1. QW is a thing of the past, unfortunately. Their 787 was awesome in P3D!
  2. I personally didn’t notice any performance improvement/new headroom for TLOD.
  3. Awesome! Figured it was dead too. Now if only we could get KPVU done. Thought about doing it myself but I don’t have the time anymore…
  4. Hmm… so let’s say I have moments where I get stutters and drop below 30fps in heavy overcast clouds (while flying through them), with an RTX3080 DLSS should help in that situation? Since I run an RTX3080 at only 1440p I’m assuming it’s not going to do really anything for me.
  5. I hear this often but it leaves me to wonder, shouldn’t the RTX cards not be the bottleneck in a computer? I always thought the RTX lineup are top tier cards.
  6. Good to see it’s not dead! I think most in the community would just like to be updated every so often if something is still under active development. I don’t necessarily think missing a deadline is much of a big deal (for me anyways) as long as the developer is open and communicates. No need for a discord or anything like that, the simple website news section worked great!
  7. I think VATSIM is awesome! Nothing tops it when it comes to immersive and realism. It’s free, controllers have to complete training, and it’s exactly what I experience when flying real world IFR. It’s such an amazing tool for those who want a taste of RW flying and even training! But yes, there are times where I don’t use it like flying in airspace where it’s offline or completely dead.
  8. A little disappointed it's a Arenado plane... I was excited thinking it may be the first thing I buy from the marketplace, guess I'll be saving my $15 for something else...
  9. I for one appreciate the openness of TFDi on the subject. The MD-11 has always been my favorite airliner, followed by the MD-80. I passed on picking up the MD-80 because of the price, and would’ve passed on the PMDG 737 for the same reason if it wasn’t for the credits I already had. I feel like $60 is the sweet spot.
  10. Oh. Was that just like some sort of teaser thing or something? Are we expecting an actual presentation today? I've never watched one of these things before...
  11. Was hoping the poor animations in the cockpit would’ve been fixed…
  12. I’ve thought the same thing. I’ve found myself not buying as many airports as I did for P3D. Not because default is any good, but these addons just haven’t looked great. Kind of plastic/arcade like feel where the P3D ones felt alive, textured, and just all around looked pretty dang good.
  13. I’m more impressed you can achieve those fps… crazy! And jealous!
  14. I really liked the idea of the program and used it for a little bit of time but like others have said, it’s dead. It’s unfortunate really as it had a lot of promise and filled a empty space in our hobby that’s much needed. Would’ve been nice if the developer would’ve at least let everyone know instead of promising an “imminent release” and then go silent…
  15. I’ve been missing some of their sceneries for the last two years. Top notch! Can’t fly to those places anymore with default, they’ve spoiled/ruined me.
  16. It’s great for staying fresh when not flying much real world.
  17. Dang, of ALL the bizjets out there, they pick the Honda? Looks nicely rendered though.
  18. I’d say it’s a fair reason to wait. It’s just a matter of time until a complex airliner is going to wreck the sims performance.
  19. I guess I’m one of the few who doesn’t think the price is a “steal” but rather a spot on price point. If it were much higher, I’d probably pass on it no matter how epic it’s going to be.
  20. Either way, this set up comes out to be more expensive per model. I used to really only fly the 800 and 900 for years. I picked up the 700 and I’m loving it. I won’t be adding any more to the hanger. To me, the 700 feels similar enough to the 800 that it’s pretty much the same. Just a bit lighter. I’d say grab yourself the 700 (especially if you’re going to get the A320), you won’t really notice much of a difference. And the 700 is still widely operated today.
  21. Perfect, THATS what we need. Thanks for sharing that.
  22. Also not an Airbus guy, but this looks like it will be awesome for all of those who are! Just wish someone like this would come along for either a heavy Boeing or even a heavy Airbus... Can't wait to see the videos on this one!
  23. Same monitor refresh rate as me, but I leave vsync off in sim and use ncp to lock at 38 (experimenting with 40). Seems to be a little more stable on frames. Gsync compatible monitor though.
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