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  1. Always funny to see how much arguing can go on between people over a video game… Those comparison shots are some of the best I’ve seen yet! It’s absolutely crazy how far flight simulation and technology has come. About time!! Love it!
  2. Oh cool! Didn’t know that! Edit: Just tried it, still didn’t work. Maybe browser specific? I’m just using iPhone safari…
  3. Wow, don’t think I’ve ever seen all green in Dev mode before… good for you!
  4. I think we are “obsessed” with a fluid, smooth sim, which most people who have a favorite game chase the same thing. And I also don’t think that is much to ask for in 2022… I’m certainly not chasing 60fps (boy wouldn’t that be nice!), but I do want to have a sim that runs no lower than 35fps. Below that, I do start to notice. I only check my fps when I feel like it’s not smooth to confirm either my eyes are right, or I’m going crazy.
  5. Jealous man…. I’ve got similar specs and way worse performance.
  6. I have the same issue. Also a 3080. Settings are set to balance the CPU with GPU. Many others are having performance issues on the ground post SU9. I’m only at 2K resolution.
  7. I had to settle with 100. Shouldn’t have to considering my system specs…
  8. Anyone notice improvement in FPS? I saw one person stated they did, curious of the others who have been suffering from lower than normal frames.
  9. In cruise I get a perfect 37fps. It’s just on the ground it’s the worst plane I have. I only run 2K also, and terrain LOD at 100, everything else ultra.
  10. I understand that but with FBW I get no less than 37 fps at lax. 23-30 with PMDG
  11. Hmmm, wonder why mine is so bad. Thanks for that test.
  12. i7-9700K @ 4.9Ghz and 3080. I get around 25fps at LAX and FlyTampa KLAS. FBW is 37 locked everywhere.
  13. Everyone is saying their performance is better than most other planes in the sim. I feel like mine is worse on the ground in the cockpit....
  14. This is from a user over at the PMDG forum: "I managed to find a solution! Swap the default binding around as in picture below, then make sure to set both to trigger 'ON RELEASE' as shown. Quick change and works perfectly! You can even select the gear to OFF position with the mouse with no conflict. Hope this helps." Gear up: Button 32 Gear down: Button 31
  15. I’m unable to watch. They mention anything about how accurate the handling feels?
  16. Well on that note, I’m off to bed! Hopefully will be there waiting for us in the morning!
  17. Something to take our minds off of the horrible market the last few days… I’m trying hard to not think about it haha
  18. Same here, but I don’t know if it’s post SU9 or just how it’s always been for me honesty…
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