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  1. I was frankly a little disappointed with the simplified start procedure, but fully understand the design choice. Other than that and a bit of a lack luster external sound (I think half the reason I buy these older planes is for a good fly-by every once in a while), I'm quite happy with the DC-6. In my opinion I think a lot of X-Planers were expecting an NGX/777 level aircraft, when in reality this is more akin to the Jetstream (i.e. a technology demonstration product, maybe with a lot more simulated than the Jetstream ^_^). I have zero knowledge on a DC-6 start cycle, but as I've read it in the manuals could be fixed by: One more line for the settings panel; "Simplified Start Procedure (true/false)". Simplified uses current start method Not-Simplified (with some FS-ism) Safety, Start, Prime, Boost are separate toggle switches (safety and start could still be tied together. Switches are assignable in X-Plane to hardware or keys If safety is in a "released" state all other switches will release instead of holding state Provide some fudge factor, if the starter isn't dis-engaged immediately after catching your starter doesn't blow up immediately, etc. To aid in the starting (as you said it typically requires 4-6 hands) either: Provide a simplified 2d-panel with switches, mag selectors, fuel mixture, and maybe oil pressure. This would allow us to visually watch the prop while operating the start procedure. Have the "FE" provide a prop count and add some fudging to the timing to allow for view changes between that start panel and mixture levers.It's probably not possible to actually count the prop in X-Plane, don't know, but it's more important to have him call out a stalled prop so a simple scripted count with some parameter to call out a hydro-locked prop. This would also need a maintenance entry to clear the cylinder if you simulate that. Having read through this post and being a software designer, I just now realize that is a ton of work... maybe one day -Bryant Martin
  2. My pedals (CH Pro Pedals) used the Z-axis for rudder. E.g. from my INI: J1_X=FlightControls_->sensors.Aileron0_ADC J1_Y=FlightControls_->sensors.Elevator0_ADC J0_Z=FlightControls_->sensors.Rudder0_ADC -Bryant
  3. Not a real pilot, but as I understand: The reduction gears in Garrett geared engines do not like negative loading (i.e. propeller driving the engine instead of the normal engine driving the propeller). By this I mean negative loading can cause severe damage and the need to replace an expensive part. In flight a physical lock is used to prevent the propellers from entering a certain propeller angle, forget the value for the Metro, but let's say something like 35 degrees. The end goal is to ensure the engines are always producing a torque on the props. I'm not sure if Razbam simulated the the lockout to prevent moving the power levers to ground idle power/beta or just to prevent the levers from visually moving to below flight idle. -Bryant
  4. As far as I know, if you are using a weather program that integrates with PFPX (such as Active Sky Next) you don't need the subscription for weather planning. -Bryant
  5. It's a boring day at work so I'm actually going to post! I own both of those products, but not FS Economy. My personal list would be: Majestic Q400 (, had to throw this in) I consider it the best free-turbine turboprop simulation in FSX. I would also say it is the best FSX aircraft (second only to the PMDG 737/777). Add FS2Crew and it's one of the best experiences I've had in FSX, and is quite the hand full in less than ideal weather. Flight 1 Super Kingair 200 Mostly because I have the Q400 for the more complex airline/2-crew aircraft. I wanted a lighter/simpler twin turboprop with some speed, which this provides. PMDG J41 It's third only because I have the Q400. It was basically a test-bed for the current PMDG FSX technology, so it can be relatively heavy on the frames at times. I still fly it all the time as it's a great aircraft and the best, if only, simulation of a geared turboprop. The Razbam Metro has perked my interest too. Might have to buy that sooner or later. -Bryant
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