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  1. voodoo101

    Static ground traffic

    Trouble with your keyboard? No, trying to help out would be to read the post in the first place instead of guessing with half the facts. That way a solution can be found otherwise it goes off topic with no answer. Fault finding is not a case of just uninstalling and re-installing, it is a case of reading the problem, looking at the full situation and then finding a logical solution. The ninth word on the original post says WOAI, so your answer was to talk about UT2. Where is the logic in that.
  2. voodoo101

    Static ground traffic

    thank you #noel gallaghar. It seems like every version has a bug, it is just deciding which but you like the best. #AviatorBimmer. That would be a great idea if I had UT2 installed on my system, but obviously reading is not one of your strong suits as I have already said that I have WOAI.
  3. voodoo101

    Static ground traffic

    Okay, lets put this to bed. If I had traffic selected in UT2 (which I don't have) or FSX, then I would get some movement because they both contain schedules. The fact that there is no movement and no aircraft until VoxATC is enabled means that there is no traffic set if FSX. If you don't know then it is safe to say so instead of re-hashing the wrong answer, trying to look clever.
  4. voodoo101

    Static ground traffic

    Thanks for that, but I have know how to set it up. I have the FSX traffic slider as zero percent and Vox traffic at 40%. Which brings me back to the same question. I see traffic but it does not move on the ground, VoxATC does not control it, it stays parked at the gates. Once airborne I see other traffic flying and Vox talks to them, it is just on the ground. In older versions the traffic on the ground would taxi to the runways and take off.
  5. voodoo101

    Quickly question - OOM and physical memory

    OH no, it is rubbing off.
  6. Just tried the latest version at Dubai with WOAI aircraft. It looked lovely with the gates filled, however no one aircraft moved, there was no AI chatter or anything.
  7. voodoo101

    Cpan on a network

    Navigate to your FSX folder on your network PC. Then locate the mc84cpan file which should be in "Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\cpan". Right click and select "Send to\Desktop (create shortcut). Close the folder and you should have a shortcut icon on your desktop of your network PC. When you double click you get a security warning but just select run, this will come up everytime. You should now see the control panel however it does have limited functionality, although you can set the weights and balance of the aircraft and send it to the flightsim. Hope this helps.
  8. voodoo101

    Quickly question - OOM and physical memory

    OK. A simple search would have found all your answers you are looking for, as VAS has been beaten to death on here, but because I am in a nice mood I will give you a rundown here. As Oliver said above, physical memory will make no difference to FSX once you pass 4gb, however it will allow FSX to use the maximum it can by allowing external programs to have a bite of the pie. VAS on the other hand is virtual memory. A 32bit program will have a maximum of 4gb VAS on a 64 bit OS, less on a 32 bit OS, hence the comment above about a 64bit operating system. FSX is a 32bit program that was built in 2006 and unfortunately that is the way it will stay. Now there are some ways of working round it. The options are as follows; 1. Turn off scenery that you are not using. Photoscenery will load even if you do not fly over it, airports you fly over load into memory and have trouble unloading. 2. Monitor your VAS usage, when it gets high save your flight, reload FSX and your flight and land safely. 3. Use DX10 with the aid of Steve's DX10 Fixer, this will make FSX use you graphics card for some of the work (short explanation). 4. Move to P3D and use DX11 (see above) 5. Move to Xplane 10 64bit.
  9. voodoo101

    Any previews on the 747-400v2.0 yet?

    I thought the angle of the front windows looked a bit wrong, then I noticed the tail livery - CS 747. It's not the PMDG version after all.
  10. voodoo101

    To all Avsim 777 experts

    RC4 is compatible with all aircraft add-ons as it runs through FSUIPC. It does not connect to the aircraft, change anything or add any panels.
  11. voodoo101

    744v2 variations

    This weeks news. PMDG are holding development of all aircraft, whilst they concentrate on their first release for goat simulator, codenamed "PMDG BillyX"
  12. Hope you feel better no Gerald, after getting all that off you chest. It is good to have a rant once and a while. Although you are preaching to the choir here. The main people on this forum are customers who have paid over there money for MCE because they feel it suits there needs better. I myself like the fact that it's not a script and I can use TTS voices which match my co-pilot in VOX. It feels more realistic to have the same voice. I also like the fact that it is not scripted all the way, so I can make some voxscripts with stupid things like chitchat and get a reply. There are some things in MCE that do annoy me, things like the fact that my co-pilot starts switching things without being asked, just because they hear a noise, or the fact that nothing will happen without my say so. I have mentioned this before, that it would be nice if there was an IF / THEN statement that could be used, but I understand the reasons why not. The only reason I mentioned FS2Crew was because they stated it was held up because of problems with the SDK. I know you and your team have ways of working around SDK's and release earlier so I did not know if PMDG had altered the SDK to work around them, something that you was not notified about. The way you have released the new DLL file means that something must have changed but the fact this thread was created, gave you the option to fix something you may not have known about.
  13. voodoo101

    Any previews on the 747-400v2.0 yet?

    NaMcO - You could argue the point that as the 747, 757 and 767 are being phased out, why bother with any of these. After all many companies are moving to Airbus, at least here in the UK. I think the point is, the 747-400 is a popular aircraft with simmers and is the reason why it has been done to death, each one being better then the last (or at least we hope). I agree that it would be nice if somebody made a nice 757 or 767 for fsx, but I do seem to remember reading something about and agreement between PMDG and one of the current 767/757 developers not to make one (although this could be idle gossip). I for one love the shape of the 747-400 and will be looking forward to adding it to my Christmas list, even if it is Christmas 2015. Kyle - I love the Gen Coupes no matter how thirsty they are. I had one for years and had very little problems with it. I now have had to go for a family Jaguar which I think was built on a Friday just before knock off time.
  14. I have not tried this, but with FS2Crew being delayed until the release of SP1C and with FS2Crew being the official co-pilot program for PMDG, I wonder if something in the SDK has changed to accommodate FS2Crew. Maybe the FS++ team don't know about it yet. If so expect a new release soon.
  15. voodoo101

    No outside textures after SP1C with EZDOK

    The installer updates the aircraft.cfg file. This deletes installed textures and any changes made, including Exdoc camera views. Installing textures is easily done with the PMDG control panel and to install the camera view, as David said, just re-run the configurator.