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  1. Hope you feel better no Gerald, after getting all that off you chest. It is good to have a rant once and a while. Although you are preaching to the choir here. The main people on this forum are customers who have paid over there money for MCE because they feel it suits there needs better. I myself like the fact that it's not a script and I can use TTS voices which match my co-pilot in VOX. It feels more realistic to have the same voice. I also like the fact that it is not scripted all the way, so I can make some voxscripts with stupid things like chitchat and get a reply. There are some things in MCE that do annoy me, things like the fact that my co-pilot starts switching things without being asked, just because they hear a noise, or the fact that nothing will happen without my say so. I have mentioned this before, that it would be nice if there was an IF / THEN statement that could be used, but I understand the reasons why not. The only reason I mentioned FS2Crew was because they stated it was held up because of problems with the SDK. I know you and your team have ways of working around SDK's and release earlier so I did not know if PMDG had altered the SDK to work around them, something that you was not notified about. The way you have released the new DLL file means that something must have changed but the fact this thread was created, gave you the option to fix something you may not have known about.
  2. I have not tried this, but with FS2Crew being delayed until the release of SP1C and with FS2Crew being the official co-pilot program for PMDG, I wonder if something in the SDK has changed to accommodate FS2Crew. Maybe the FS++ team don't know about it yet. If so expect a new release soon.
  3. Hi Pero, Thanks for your suggestion, however that was the first thing I tried, knowing that Shade does start FSX. It still crashes.
  4. +1 on the great work. It's a excellent program and is perfect when you have various aircraft. I am able to set one profile for slow and low aircraft, then another for my PMDG 777 that needs various scenery items turned off for VAS reasons. I have different setups for each aircraft, with a saved situation set, my Cessna now does not start at Heathrow airport next to B747 where I start my B777. One thing I did note is that it does not work with SHADE by Mogwaisoft. Before SimStarter I would start shade then that would automatically start FSX. I tried setting Simstarter to start SHADE instead of FSX but then FSX crashes. So I am left with either start FSX with SHADE or Simstarter. I have tried with just a default setting and no changes to any files.
  5. OK. I thought I would add my bit. The PMDG 777 weather radar does not work with FSUIPC 4.929c. It works with the latest version so if you are following the instructions of deleting FSUIPC and then reinstalling, it could be that you are using the wrong version. Just go and download the new one and try that.
  6. I can confirm that the weather radar was fixed with a re-install of FSUIPC. Totally delete the FSUIPC folder and reinstall saved the day.
  7. The ASN module does not crash when it has to be reinstalled. The reason that it has to be reinstalled is because it needs to be last on the DLL list. It checks this when it starts and if it is not it says it reinstalls it, what it actually does is moves itself to the end. The main cause for this is that you have installed another add-on since ASN was installed or another add-on has changed it. This has been documented quite a few times on the HiFi website.
  8. The navdata in the aircraft is updated monthly, this includes update navdata, SIDS, STARS, runway changes etc. This is loaded into the flight computer and enables the flight computer to fly the plane. The update navaids from Herve Sors is to update the navaids in FSX. These do not physically change location on the earth, but as the earth spins the magnetic variation changes. FSX was made in 2006 and as such had the navigational information made for that year, we are now in 2014 so the magnetic variation has changed. As runway heading are magnetic headings, the ones in FSX can be different to the ones in the navdata in the aircraft as. One is old, one is new. So you have two options, find navdata from 2006 to load in the aircraft or update the FSX ones with the ones from the link you have. Some aircraft like the PMDG 737 has an option to over ride the navdata in the FMC with the FSX localiser. If you fly it and set the course set in the FMC you will notice it change by a degree or two on landing. Most aircraft do not have this option, the Majestic being one of them. Now with regards to offset localizers, these are to give you guidance to the runway, not for you to land on. They bring you down close to the runway until you are in visual range. It is then up to you to take the controls and land the plane on the runway. Put it this way. You are walking to a building to go through a door, but it is foggy. Your friend is standing by the buildings window that is just over from the door, he is shining a laser pen light at you and you can see the beam. You follow the beam and when you get close you see the door. You know you have to go through the door, do you; a. Turn slightly off and walk through the door, b, Carry on walking straight, following the beam and walking into your friend. The light helps but is not designed to guide you through the door, merely to get you close enough to see and use your own mind where to go. In and ideal world your friend would stand in the door and you could follow the light all the way as you would follow a LOC all the way on many airports, however that is not always possible, especially on airports in small locations or some that have oceans at the end of the runway. Some airports two runways and one localizer at the end of one of them, then you fly to that localizer and step over the other runway to land. Of course if you get to the decision height and do not see the runway then you go around. In
  9. Michael. What you are talking about is called an Offset Localizer. In this case the localizer is not on the runway centreline, but offset and lined up to bring the aircraft over the threshold at decision height. In the flight sim world you can move localizers but you should check the charts to see if in real life they are offset or not. If the navdata data gives a localizer course and you move the localizer then the course will be off. The only way I can see is to change the course of the navaid in ADS to the runway heading, then change the data in the navdata. Seems a lot of work to do when you can just run a program to sort out the magnetic variation. But each to there own.
  10. Please don't go changing navaids in the AFCAD as these are set based on the airport. There are two problems that bug FSX which I don't know if LM changed in P3D. The first is a corrupt registry entry which causes the aircraft to fly the glidescope but be off centre from the runway, there is a tool for FSX that fixes this, also built into FS2Crew although I don't know about P3D. The other problem is with the fact that the navdata if FSX is out of date and again, I don't know if LM updated these in P3D. You have updated the navdata of the aircraft but not of the virtual flightsim world. Some aircraft override the aircraft navdata and read the FSX/P3D data, some don't including the Q400. There is a tool to do update this at www.aero.sors.fr . If you don't believe on this then you can test this theory as I did. Install Airport Design Studio and load the airport afcad BGL. Then find the airport on Google maps and to a screen save. Load the screen save into ADS and overlay this on the runway, if it matches then the airport is aligned. The theory is simple, they do not move runways by a few degrees each year but the magnetic variation changes as the earth spins on it's axis. Runway numbers change because the world does not spin exact, not because the move the runways. Hope this helps
  11. My question is simple. I have been looking into PFPX and also Simbrief but cannot see how PFPX is better then Simbrief. Both incorporate weather, both have ETOPS planning, both have fuel calculations and on Simbrief they seem to be correct. Both will give me a full flight plan and can save these flight plans, so the question is what make PFPX worth paying £50 for a years subscription and then having to pay more every month after that?
  12. What! You take your time and paint a livery. You release it FREE OF CHARGE and people send you emails complaining about it. I could understand if you was charging for it but they are free. How many idiots are there in this world. If they don't like it why don't they get off there arses and paint them thereselves.
  13. Got plenty of experience with photo programs so the painting was a bit easier. Still having problems with getting joints lined up so it plenty of loading into FSX, then unloading, adjustinging etc. Once the base design was done changing aircraft features was easy.
  14. After my first repaint of Smartwings that has now been done to death, I thought I would build my own fictional airline. My first aircraft was "Charlie Girl" Then came "Kinky Kylie" Then "Kinky Kylie" got a special Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes repaint for the F1
  15. Somebody requested this and I liked the look of it, so I thought I would use it for my first attempt at painting an aircraft for FSX. Still needs some work around the tail area.
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