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  1. Hi The reason for a long Displayport cable is that I want the unit close to the monitorns. There is 1 meter between the computer and the monitors! Let see what the best solution would be? Best Fredrik
  2. Hi I have bought, see: I wondering if there is a limit of the length of the cables between the monitors and the Matrox unit and between the unit and the computer? Best regard Fredrik
  3. Hi I like showing both the inbound and outbound displays. I am thinking buying a 9 or 10 inch monitor that will showing both. I will go for the format 16:9 but is the format to bigg in 9 or 10 inch showing the displays? I am planning having these displays / the display in a panel maybe 50 - 100 cm in front of me. Best Fredrik
  4. Hi I planning a home made cockpit projekt, own style ;) I am wondering if that is some or any function in the cockpit you cannot control by a hardware? (I like to know since I do not like surprises) Best Fredrik
  5. I like knowing what monitor size you are needing if you are going to show gauges from C172 and B737 at the monitor? The monitors I am looking at are 7,8,9 or 10 inch. Best Fredrik
  6. What I understand there is a limit of number of axies in FSUIPCif you are going to have many Rotary encorders and pot..... Mobiflight and arduino seams to be great and easy. Maybe a mixed of this solutions?
  7. Hi I have, I think, a person who can help with the solering :) I hav e work with Arduino 6 yeras ago, I have Mega for a project already. Do you have some Arduino code for: Switches: on / off | on / off /on and so on Rotary Encorder and potentiometers (Axes) Where will I start learn programming for aurdino and that kind of projects? Best Fredrik
  8. Hi I need a plenty of hardware switches, rotary encorders, poten.. ...... The plenty of ready to use boxes are a great alternative but is far to expensive, if you are needing more than one! I hav several components, a lot :) You are stuped if you cannot use the hardware you already have. I needing tips how to start the build? If there are some boxes out there, just frame, is would a greate start :)? Best Fredrik
  9. I have seen it :)
  10. Solved but its seam that you cannot mapp axis. Are you abe to apply it?
  11. I can also confirm that your fix about the dll is working in FSX SE, the fix help me with the box FSX 10 years ago, same fault. Is still working fix :)
  12. Hi I can finally soon begin flying. first I must mapp my Joystick and throttle :) I am glad to get some tips and tweaks and comment about what addon for the scenery I should install? I do have FSGlobal 2008 but I think the addon is past since is 2016 :)? Best Fredrik
  13. Hi I have found the faulty part :) The fault was: I have three monitors conected into the graphiccard. I find that it was not any good idea to have the monitor 2-3 mirror, the solution was having the three monitors as three monitors :) I have also reinstalled the driver but sould I buy Steve's DX10 Fixer anyway?
  14. I am reinstalling the graphic driver now. I will reply when I have tested around :)