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  1. Lets not go here again....... Oh wait! Why not? Even if it's just for a cheap shot.... Consistent with the pre-pay debacle would be to make the new "consistent price" .....even lower than the current sale price.... :LMAO: :LMAO: BTW nobody seems to have told the pilot shop here in the UK about this. As the current download sale has been on they've been offering 3 for 2 on Disc versions of some of the software :Thinking: Geoff.
  2. Well to explain my "method", which is limited to the feedback given of course, I did a spreadsheet with name of field, good, average & poor fps columns and author. From the feedback here there were only individual comments on any field. The most prolific authors gained two fields as good fps and one with poor. Only Anacortes, Harvey and Jefferson got poor fps feedback although one feedback on Jefferson gave it average. Skagit got average too. However I stress this is based on the comments posted. 7 out of the 18 drew no feedback and 6 out of the 18 drew good fps comments. It's pretty obvious though that everyone's rig and slider positions is going to have as much impact as the authors creative input? Without a poll and some knowledge of the specs of machine that folk are running stuff on it's hard to draw any sensible conclusion? Geoff
  3. Can't seem to find an Author(s) credit for Jefferson? Anyone fill me in? I've been doing some analysis of which PNW fields get comments on performance to see if there's a common factor .....there isn't :Thinking: hope that saves the rest of you some time . BTW having your system specs in the signature helps assess your feedback so I must get MY act together on that one :Loser: Geoff
  4. Did I read that right? Vancouver+ vers3 is the city scenery MINUS the airport? Does it use the ORBX version then? Just wanted to clarify that point? I note the links to the freeware improvements anyway and as it looks a good add-on anyway how is it as a frame rate hog? I love detail but it's frustrating when the detail slows the sim. Once you start moving sliders back you begin to wonder why you paid for the extra detail? Geoff Edit due to brain faster than two fingers ;-)
  5. It strikes me that what's needed is a point by point comparrison review. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly in each? Objective, free of "######", "new toy" drivel and looking at any "porting issues" and future development issues? I missed all the debate about EULA's and frankly unless the software is usable by anyone I don't really understand why anyone is wasting their time? I'm assuming that recent revisons of licencing mean that this concern is now dealt with? There's been a history in Simulation Software of upgrades not supporting previous versions add-ons. Unless you've unlimited funds and you've invested heavily in third party add-ons this has to be a major factor in deciding what base software to go with surely? As an interested party I want to know what changes V2.0 will bring? Will the current versions not be supported? Will future development assure compatibility with 3rd party add-ons currently supported? To be honest the screenshots I've seen so far don't look any different to FSX so what any thinking consumer wants is objective analysis of what's better. Geoff
  6. A few years ago, on my only visit to Oz, I was lucky enough to visit when the company then flying the mail to outback towns and stations was taking sightseeing passengers. This was from Cairns. Now as a UK PPL back then I was used to "eyeballing it" rather than any instrument or nav aid navigation. Once we crossed the mountains west of Cairns and crossed the narrow cultivated strip the other side we headed out to the first stip. It was then that the sheer enormity of the bush struck me. This was more like sailing. The sea having no landmarks, if you see my point. Of course with GPS this trip was a stroll in the park for the young local pilot who flew us in a small twin. I did ponder on my old CFI's insistance that nav aids and GPS should be a back-up to a current chart and the good old circular slide rule. "They'll keep going when the others have all failed." So although I bought all of the Oz regions I've hardly ever flown them. Low and Slow there's a lot of what I saw for real. Mile after tens after hundreds of miles of bush with few if any distinguishing features. However if your a jet jock and want a well done region with some excellent airfields it's got a lot going for it. For Low and Slow fans like me it's a bit of a waste frankly although some of the smaller fields are good. I think it shows it's age a bit compared to the NA stuff but that's a feeling rather than definitive criticism. Against that you are getting an entire continent for your buck? Geoff
  7. Hi Stephen, Well I've made use of the sale to buy CRM and a few more NA fields. It's everyones personal decision of course but for me it's a question of not cutting your nose off to spite your face? Frankly despite the damage done by the actions of a few? ...an individual? ....whatever the source, at the official site I look at it from the following perspective. Firstly this unofficial forum allows constructive discussion, free from restrictive rules, and with a membership that collectively have wide experience of the software. Secondly Software is like a book. It has an author/compiler/creator AND a publisher. The actions of sections of the publisher are probably beyond the influence of the author/compiler/creator's who may well be contracted to that publisher? The difference between a publisher of software and literature is the need for support? Despite the silliness that's had the huge benefit of creating this forum section and the annoyance of being excluded without notification or justification from the official forum we still have access to support ....At least I assume we all have? So basically we have quite a few plusses? Good Product, Supported and now an independant and informed forum. The minuses are that to buy the product the few folk who behaved badly (IMO) still benefit from those sales. However the folk who had no part in that also benefit? The creator/developers, the resalers etc. But really anyone of us who's worked for a large or even medium sized organisation has had to deal with colleagues who have been annoying, incompetent, untrustworthy, devious etc.etc. You can list all human failings, sometimes in multiples?! The fact is we just have to get on with our objectives despite them. Usually we contrive to work around them to minimize any interaction. In almost all cases the good guys win. They win because they enjoy dealing with one another? From my point of view the source of irritation has been bypassed and even replaced with a better alternative. However with a limited budget and plenty of other good FSX add-ons to spend it on I'm always going to be looking for special offers to buy any of it. I've said some of this before but I think we've moved to a better place since this thread began. Recent actions seem to have shown a change of heart ...and even if they haven't the prices of the product for the next month are very competitive with other publishers work. As I said it's personal choice? I also like to give anyone at least a second chance.... Geoff
  8. :LMAO: I just wish you could see "Twenty Twelve" a spoof on the Olympic Organising Committee running on the BBC at the moment Josh. Trouble is that like so many spoofs nowadays the reality is often more absurd...... :Thinking:
  9. Indeed with the licenses both for the ORBX stuff and the new license policy of P3D itself I'd like to see a good comparison. A feature by feature, plusses and minuses type review. Sadly Sims seem to attract a rather (IMHO unnecessarily) sport fan mentality. FSX or nothing!!! P3D or you're a looser!!!! etc. If you buy a car you compare features, spec, performance etc. Why folk get so silly over software beats me? There were a series of articles about P3D in PC pilot but it wasn't really a review. More of a report/preview of the project. I don't have P3D so I can't contribute but if anyone who has wanted to point up any specific differences maybe we could construct a group review. It would also have the benefit of being publicly edited... as in the debate above about Track IR? A simple table of features FSX in one column and P3D in the other would be a start. Several comparisons between FS9 and FSX were done like this. Geoff
  10. The Grumman Widgeon (?) in several ORBX fields galleries. Does anyone know whose model it is and if it's for sale? or downloadable? The only Widgeon I can find is an old FS9 model and that has different engines and a different paint job. Any info helpful. Cheers Geoff.
  11. Hi guys, Not a lot of posts of FS screenshots (in fact none from me, haven't done any good enough yet) but I have posted a lot of Train Simulator Screenshots. I have to say, sorry Greenie you ain't gonna like this, that Ron is spot on. However you MUST not take this personally. Your screenshot is a very nice screengrab of an excellent model of a P51. In fact I'd enter it as "Another Yank doing the 180 degree compass error ....finds himself in NZ....?!" :LMAO: ...but my American friends here might not see the joke :Waiting: However the same issue arises in the Train Simulator community. Someone releases a new route, acclaimed for it's scenery and realism and the first one to proclaim "Shots of the new XYZ route" in the screenshot forum invariably posts 20 odd pictures of their favourite locomotive .....apparently taken in the new XYZ route .....only no one would know it. It's not just Sim snappers who are guilty of this. Most Railway/road or aviation photographers are actually just Locomotive and Aircraft portrait snappers. The truly great photographers in any transport category are the ones who take a great atmospheric photograph that happens to have a certain train/aircraft/vessel in it. Don't be so ready to take criticism as a personal slight. I went to Art School and trust me the one thing you learn there is how to take criticism. Given the brief "Take a great shot illustrating the unique strengths of the NZ scenery" your first thought should be "How can I show totally clearly that this is NZ" ? Then as any photographer you might think "When will that location look best? What weather, What time of day, What cloud/sky condition etc.etc." Last you might think what aircraft would be prototypical and really say NZ? Given ORBX's rather bizarre rules on what you can show in the shot (I say bizarre because the stills for there add-ons have loads of NON ORBX aircraft in them?) you might want to look at an NZ reskin of a default aircraft. They can't complain about that. Not telling you OR anyone else how to do it here. That's just the way we were taught to look at briefs when I was at school. That was 40 years ago now but the theory hasn't changed. Posted in the spirit of helpfulness. Hope folk take it that way. Geoff
  12. Well i'm not sure I agree about the regions being artificially low in price. In fact I'd say that they are amongst the better $/£ per sq M/Km of the better area coverage. I have to say that any trawl of Google Earth shows that small regional airports in the US do all have a certain similarity. They DO have an awful lot of small fields compared with other countries.No criticism of PMDg or jet jockeys, but I do feel that us "low 'n slow" virtual pilots are the main beneficiaries of the scenery, certainly as far as North America is concerned. Oz is pretty well served for ORBX's few large airports.Apart from the understandable decision to concentrate on smaller fields because of the time airports take to construct there's also the issue that other developers/publishers have already done a good many of these. It doesn't make sense in such a small market to compete with what's already out there as a newer unique airport will obviously have better sales than one competing with an existing title.The question I'm asking is would folk who do buy these regionals buy more of them if the price were lower?Geoff
  13. As I said Ron the issue isn't really one of the quality or excellence of the product. Obviously airports are highly detailed in a concentrated area and most good add-ons from any 3rd party developer include some surrounding scenery. However the International Airports are the same price as the less complex regionals? I'm sure you'll soon have a load of irate Kiwi's protesting that you've described their land as a "desert" with "not much there" too?! :( ...but more seriously the task of populating a wider area with reasonable autogen must surely be as big, if not bigger task as densely populating a smaller area. I guess the release of the UK will tell how well this can be achieved as compared with the areas covered by ORBX so far a far greater number of folk will be informed "critics" with local knowledge. (Small country, Densely populated?)My real point was that if the regionals sold at prices nearer those of some of the competition would you buy more? Obviously if you bought the lot anyway that's hardly applicable ......but many sim fans have limited disposable income and are not able to do that. Geoff
  14. This looks excellent, but again I have to wonder about the pricing policy here?Publishers can sell stuff at whatever price they like and we as customers will decide whether to buy or not. However with the Entire NZ South Island at Au$40.95 and this release at Au$32.95 that's 80.46% of the cost of an entire region for one regional airfield.At those prices folk will think longer and harder about purchasing the airfields? Similar airfields by other 3rd party developers are closer to half that price.Now this is NOT a debate about value for money. The work is excellent. The issue is would a lower price encourage more sales? Would more sales "grab" a wider audience, gain greater reputation for excellent value for money and encourage more sales of other similarly priced produccts? Put simply if ORBX lowered the price on the regional airfields would you buy more?Academic? of course! ORBX will decide their pricing policy but I'm interested to hear what you guys think?Geoff
  15. Well....... I just followed Ron's link to the screenshots for Canberra (see other thread) and logged in .......to see the shot's ....and just for the fun of it decided to post a reply.Guess what it posted?! Well either there's a change of heart ....or by the time I go back it'll be deleted :( .In any case this section of the forum is far more useful because we can, have, will continue to? discuss things outside of the ORBX forum rules?Before I wax too lyrical we'll see how long my post lasts? Hardly a controversial one.... One word in fact "Excellent" ...because the shots and scenery were just that.If you go there now and see no post...... well it was there right after I posted it.Geoff
  16. Hi Alain,FSAddons are the same folk who bought us Tongass Fjiords and a few other interesting little specialties. Had nought but friendly dealings with them, although some muppetts hacked their site a while back and screwed everything up for a while. Only thing wrong with Plumb Island is that it could do with some other GA fields in the same area to fly to. A few good versions of Boston Logan of course but that's not really Piper Cub territory :( The coast of Essex here in the UK (and I believe a good few areas of your home territory?) have those mud flats and they look totally real when you fly over them. Before the purge that created this more useful forum a good few folk were suggesting New England, The Maritimes and Canada down the St Lawrence as being a great choice for future HD scenery add-ons. It's taken 11 years of Train Simming for anyone to come up with a decent Rail Simulator route for the region so I guess Simulation isn't No.1 in the NE USA gaming leagues?Geoff
  17. One thing that strikes me is the "bunching" of the small airfields, particularly the payware ones. I know they're often by different developers and folk can create what they know or like best but it does seem to show that there's little "control" of a master plan by ORBX?After all if you consider what "Non Combat" Flight Simulation is about, it's about journeys by air, between airfields. Given that FTX sceneries are most admired by "Low and Slow" fans like myself it would make sense as a marketing strategy to model a number of fields all about 100-150 miles apart? That way you'd populate the scenery areas evenly with (hopefully) the more interesting/quirky fields and then they'd be a must have? As it stands in PNW there seems to be "clumps" of fields in various areas and of course almost none in other NA regions.Arguably Oz is better served as the major airports are far better suited for Airliners, Executive Jets etc. and yet with a spread of smaller fields too.When you look at the CV's of many of the developers now having work published under the ORBX banner they mostly have a history of proclaimed successes dating back to FS2004 (or earlier?) and this makes the concept of an "ORBX Ogre" that many seem to have adopted look rather thin? IMO if ORBX are trying to get the maximum sales from each release their library of fields is looking rather random?I love the work, but just looking at the competition I was reminded this morning that Switzerland Professional X (highly acclaimed on release) costs just £110. That's £110 for ALL of Switzerland in Photoreal 3D. That's about the cost of 4/5 single fields from ORBX. Much as I love the ORBX stuff the next spare £100 I spend is more likely to go on Switzerland than a few local field in the PNW.BTW, anyone here got Plumb Island? http://secure.simmar...d-for-fsx.phtml has some nice screengrabs. Note the price. Draw your own conclusions. For those of you who don't know the UK well our most succesful supermarket chain is Tesco's. Lord Cohen, the founder of the chain had a sales philosophy.... "Stack 'em high, sell 'em cheap".Geoff
  18. Just to nip the "Mutiny on the Bounty" Analogy in the bud..... :Nerd:A huge interest of mine and sadly another fine example of "Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story". Holywood has Fletcher Christian as "the hero" and Captain Bligh as "the villain". Almost an exact and total reversal of the facts!I have to say all the films are entertaining ........but the books that tell the facts tell a harder tale and are even more exciting to read. Bligh might not have won popularity contests but he was a good Captain who ended up being treated appallingly by the Admiralty and many of his contemporaries. He saved the lives of many, and achieved a fantastic voyage in the boat he was cast adrift in. The mutineers however found more grief at one anothers hands than they ever suffered from the navy. :( ...so really no comparrison with the Bounty?However one does begin to see parallels with "The Caine Mutiny"? :Thinking:Geoff
  19. Hi Alain,I have to say I've always been reluctant to prepay for ANYTHING. Having said that I did so at Christmas and totally agree that this was handled in a rude and ridiculous manner. Most folk when they "blow it" come clean, man up, apologise and try and make amends .....not insult the intelligence and integrity of the customer. HOWEVER...... lets talk about cars :( ....just to keep it theoretical :( if you get my meaning. Say you like Fords? Say Fords make excellent cars of the type you need? When you got to the local dealer to buy a new model he screws you over on the deal? It doesn't make the Ford bad does it? It makes the dealer an idiot! It makes him an idiot because hey GM make cars too ( :( I know they aren't flavour of the month in the US but their European models are good) .....so sure you can buy a GM instead and probably get a good deal because the Ford dealer's getting a bad reputation? If on the other hand you like the Ford best you'll just get it elsewhere surely? As has been stated here FSS, where I've bought my ORBX add-ons (as well as other publishers stuff) claim to have no influence over ORBX and even if they did other dealers sell the product.In other words great product, generally speaking ....and now we can speak freely without criticism being deleted, SHAME about the "dealership"(publisher)?BTW one of the UK suppliers are selling ORBX stuff at discount at the moment so the huff and puff about no further sales is just more silliness.I too was very annoyed at the additional 15% given immediately on release and for those who lashed out on all the titles it was a massive rip off but that just means I'll only buy stuff that's well reviewed or on sale from now on.The advantage of this forum is that we can post comparative shots between different publishers, we can discuss problems, weaknesses, compatability, faults and tweaks without rudeness or censorship. Don't let the bad apple rot the barrel? No one's ego is going to spoil my hobby.geoff
  20. Hi Howard, Paul, my grandmothers version was "Do as you'd be done by"!BTW looks like we'll have some new members soon as someone suggested ORBX "put up or shut up" on the "Large International Airports" thread this morning. :LMAO:I have to say I'm totally with Ron on this though. Why cut of your nose to spite your face? Anyone who's worked as an employee or contractor for an organisation will have encountered policy decisons from that organisation that they either totally disagree with or think unwise. If you're contracted to work for them you have to bite your lip, protest (usually to deaf ears) or leave. The latter in the current economic climate is hardly an option for most?Lets not loose sight of the fact there are many individual developers working under the one publisher here. Indeed "the subject of our displeasure" announced that he was visiting the UK to talk to developers for the UK scenery. Now these aren't going to come from "the job centre" are they? probably folk who're already involved in UK scenery projects already and releasing stuff under another label? As to how well the FTX style will cope with the UK's dense urbanisation with many familiar landmarks in a small area only time will tell? Whether that is achievable at reasonable performance for the Sim is also an issue? My concern is that a compromise on detail to maintain performance may result in a less succesful series? Certainly for you PMDG jet jocks the photoreal sceneries look pretty good already but for UK GA (we don't have bush pilots because we don't have "bush" :( and thanks to WWII our little island is "littered with old airfields) they're not so good at 1000' ......even with trees added? The standard Autogen for the UK in FSX is just rubbish. Deserted areas are covered with buildings and the inevitable roads running into the sea or rivers and some urban areas seem more like villages.VFR France is a very interesting project but their rather peculiar marketing decision makes it very expensive! Instead of covering geographic areas they chose to do France by it's Administrative Regions!?! :( That means that even to cover the French side of the English Channel you'd need to buy FIVE regions! If you want to go to Paris, an easy jaunt for a GA Twin, you'll need to add more dependant on your inbound route. Prices vary by region but when you start adding them up it makes FTX Areas look fantastic value for money. I've certainly considered investing in the Channel regions as it compliments Earth Simulations Alderney and Guernsey sceneries.Geoff
  21. NO SHAME on Flight1! They just provide some free titles for PC Pilot to give away as prizes or with subscriptions. Not much use to me as I've bought some of their best stuff already! Love their Islander. one of my all time favourites and BTW the first aircraft my daughter ever flew in at 1. A day trip to the Isles of Scilly.The only thing that annoys me is that giving this letter such status in a "forum" where there is no "right of reply" is at best ill-judged and at worst "self serving"?Still gripes over? On with Simming?Geoff No Way! Flight 1 has nothing to do with this other than providing discs to PC Pilot.It's the Editor of PC Pilot that owes a few folk an apology IMHO?Geoff
  22. Indeed I feel that those who are so disgruntled they want to boycott the products should consider again (as has already been pointed out) that there are several different developers/creators here. It's the publisher that seems to be the issue? This was the same with the Train Simulator company that I mentioned. Plenty of good folk developing stuff but for a publisher who refused to acknowledge any criticism or suggestions for improvement. What happened there is that the best developers, who privately were as annoyed by this stance as the customers, left and founded another company. Still going today and with a lot of respect in the Train Sim community.I was particularly disgusted to see a sycophantic letter in the latest edition of PC Pilot got “Star Letter” status (won him two Flight 1 titles) supporting the recent debacle and criticising folk like us for “not showing respect”!!!!! IMHO software add-ons consumers are as entitled to comparison as anyone who buy's a car, a fridge freezer ...indeed any commercially produced consumer goods.Still as I said it's been great to get this off my chest and see that I am in "good company".Now perhaps we can discuss the products sensibly and without any restrictions on discussing or comparing them with other publishers stuff. Most useful will be free discussion about compatability with other publishers scenery and issuses that may arise there? I think that will be constructive and informative? Like a good few in the Sims hobby I'm retired now and have to be a bit more careful with my pennies.Good products EARN respect and acknowledgment from the community. They don’t need to hide behind sycophantic drivel from anyone?GeoffPS Sadly real life isn’t allowing me much time to even look at FSX or MSTS at the moment but I’ve invested a great deal in these hobbies so I’ll not be going away.
  23. Keep 'em coming Ron! :( Our "New Recruit" (and I only found this forum this morning) has hit the nail on the head (see post above Ron's comment...page8?). My "CRIME" was to post that after the Xmas Sale debacle that "The honourable thing to do would be to give those who'd pre-paid a credit note against future purchases". My reward was deletion and banning. No notification, communication and no subsequent response to PM's asking why I can't post. Same user name there and feel free to judge my other posts..... if you can be bothered :( It's sad that a group of talented developers have come together under one heading and yet the reason for this "unofficial" forum seems to be down to a handful (is it that many?) of people.Hopefully, and looking on the more positive aspect this forum will enable discussion of those developers work AS PART of our mutual hobby. Here there will be no censorship on grounds of "vested interest" and any issues that may arise out of conflicts with other 3rd party add-ons will doubtless be resolved more intelligently responded to. I'm convinced of that as after 8 pages of the thread I see so many familiar posters and feel sure that the help that many give freely can now proceed "without let or hindrance"?I've spent over 10 years posting on, and reading, the Train Sim forums. Sims are a great hobby and best of all they are a creative hobby that allow constructive and creative input with support and guidance and tutorials from an international community. There are so many good points as to why the recent actions of a few individuals are blinkered and negative and one can only hope that the individual developers for ORBX will bring some pressure to bear to rectify the enormous damage that has IMHO been done. There is a precedent for closing customer forums and ignoring customer feedback in Train Simming. No names, no pack drill. Suffice to say that if the person responsible for that had taken the opposite path he'd probably have been much more succesful?If anyone involved has "private, personal or health issues" the smart thing to do surely would be to hand over their PR responsibilities to team members better equipped to cope until these issues are resolved?Anyway great to see this thread has support and hope that the word can be spread to other ORBX users.Geoff
  24. Glad someone else spotted this too!Geoff
  25. Probably being dim here but I found a link to a review of OZx's freeware scenery for Tuscany.Where are the freeware reviews on the site?Geoff
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