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  1. I'd agree it's the ultimate solution for the forseeable future ....but didn't megascenery drop the 3D structures recently to cover more areas? Without 3D trees and structures photoreal is a waste of disc space for GA, Bush, Low 'n Slow pilots but for airliners etc. it's fine ....till the approach. I think some of the problem is that between Fast and Slow, High and Low there has to be a compromise for the publisher/creator. Smaller areas done to greater detail would provide Low&Slow pilots with hours of flying whereas any jet will clear the scenery in minutes rather than hours. In trying to be all things to all men the latest FTX ENG area seemed a bizarre selection when all previous attempts at UK scenery have been divided (IMO more logically) by latitude. There was talk on the official forum of discussions with Earth Simulations .....but what that came to, if they ever said (?), I missed. I'm certainly tempted by VFR France's Latest regions as they're an obvious (and Real World) destinantion for many UK GA pilots in the South of England. Not in a hurry to spend more on Europe until I see what they fix in SP1 though. I'm getting into float planes at the moment and the new version of Accufeel has some interesting enhancements for those. Floats means PNW to me? The UK's almost TOTAL lack of seaplane bases nowadays makes it irrelevant for that. Geoff
  2. Well that depends upon what you call "misinformation"? Maybe not everyone has the same experience of STEAM and although yours might be good others might equally be bad. One of the big grouses in the Rail Sim community is that "what seemed like a good idea", automatic patching and upgrading of the software via STEAM was actually screwing up folks custom tweaks to their set up and in some cases rendering their sim unplayable. I think the idea of STEAM is great for gamers but simulation is a hobby as much as a game and offers infinite choice to the end user. No automatic system could ever successfully address such users because there will be thousands of variations in set ups. I ditched Rail Works for a number of reasons and was happy to ditch STEAM with it. In 11 years of enjoying flight and train simming I never needed steam, have downloaded most of my software more recently and had very few problems that weren't immediately sorted by support. I don't see what STEAM "brings to the party" for simmers really? The world of simming is a peculiarly PC phenomenum. Most youngsters grew up with Games Consoles. My daughter has had Playstations, X Boxes and Wii's and only ever uses her PC for surfing. As more and more games are produced for consoles and instant gratification becomes the standard I'd suggest where the next generation of simmers, painters, modellers etc. are coming from is more of an issue than new simulators. Check out the obituaries in Flight and Train Simming. Are as many starting out creating stuff as those who have left us? Still lets not indulge too much in Navel fluff inspection! :lol: . We've got good train and flight sims NOW and if something better comes along that's great .....but if you're obsessed with that? Maybe you need a better hobby? B)
  3. Hi Rob, Christopher, Of course landclass is always going to be an illusion of reality and accurate roads and railways really do show it's weakness. However photoscenery is also really unconvincing at UK VFR altitudes. The colour and seasons are a definite "to do" for photoscenery and some autogen would greatly enhance it. Look at Earth Simulations Alderney. In fact if you fly in the UK or Europe it's worth getting. It's a pretty good example of photreal with autogen ...BUT even that lacks a major landmark, a fort you'll see a flat photo of overlooking the harbour. I think the way to improve landclass is by placing custom 3D landmarks. FTX made much of the masts and transmitters they placed by hand. Only trouble is that if you're fying low enough to see a mast or transmitter in the UK you're probably illegal, in a police chopper or about to crash? From 2000' in the RW they are almost invisible! Even with a chart and knowing exactly where you are they take a bit of spotting! However the UK is littered with Castles, Stately Homes, Power Stations and other RW landmarks. I don't expect FTX to be Google Earth but they could add some custom built models of specific landmarks? I've no illusions about Oz either. having flown over the bush it's actually quite a complex landcover and when I tried to replicate this experience in FTX Oz it was an eye-opener? Why it works better in "New World" countries is because you have a lot of grid road systems, large plots for any kind of building and in some states in the US even rural areas have basically a grid road system. The "Old World" nations are the result of centuries of often chaotic development. Shapes and boundaries set by a lifestyle that long since dissappeared but adhered to by succesive development. Basically the Autogen needs some customisation if Europe is going to look right and little if any of what you have in Oz NZ or the US is usable. We're a crowded tiny island with a large population. Land is premium so buildings are very different from yours. Sure the cities aren't that different but the suburbs and rural areas are completely different. The technicalities are obviously key but without establishing exactly what you're trying to create in the first place they're just part of the issue? At 5000' almost any type of scenery looks reasonable and far better than default. Lets see what they come up with in SP1? Feeling lucky? Geoff
  4. You think we've got influence? More wishful thinking perhaps? :lol: .....and in any case I didn't advocate remaining anywhere. Just developing with some compatability. It's been done with many things succesfully.
  5. ....yeah that will be "Wishfull Thinking Inc." Alain :LMAO:
  6. Outstanding!!!!!! Give me strength.... Have you read ANY of the threads on the UK? Sorry to be so rude but this has been covered in EVERY thread about this scenery right from the start ....and in some detail! ....oh and in most cases you're wrong. We'll see what could have been achieved when SP1 is released ....or not? Other areas are now on their 2nd or 3rd patch.
  7. Yes BUT.... That completely ignores the fact that in an already small niche market in hard economic times the last thing you want to be doing is hacking off your fan base and asking them to buy a new version of what they've already got? You seem to ignore the fact that many folk are still happy with their FS9 set ups? The more Sims out there the thinner the fan base for each, the smaller the market for developers? With P3D carrying on the M$ code and X Plane already gathering fans another development would fragment things further. History shows that the strongest things are created by evolution rather than revolution? What we have might be wanting in many aspects but "don't throw the baby out with the bath water"? I'm sure I'm not alone in saying it would have to be REALLY outstanding to make me toss aside hundreds of pounds worth of add-ons. I'm sure that's why many stick with FS9 today. Geoff
  8. I quite agree Christopher. At least P3D looks like it might bring improvements AND compatability with existing packages. Jury's out until Ver2.0 ? I was a keen Train Sim fan since 2001. When the second MSTS2 was in development the subject of autogen scenery came up. I bought FS9 and then FSX to look at that. Having binned FS98 as rubbish I was delighted to see how FS had developed and was hooked. In the meantime Ace's bit the dust and with it any chance of MSTS2 being released. That meant the new kid on the block was Rail Simulator. Neither MSTS2 nor RS had any backward compatability with original MSTS models so RS became a "Cash Cow" for the developers as you only got anywhere near the diversity that already existed in MSTS by spend ....spend .....spend! I looked at RS when it became Railworks and bought a few add-ons. Then I realised that FSX was much more interesting to me so my money went there. MSTS still survives. It's a grouchy, cranky, old fashioned Sim but it works, has some brilliant models and routes and there's more content than I could ever find time to look at. Any future FS development will have to have backward compatability with existing add-ons for me. Money is tight for most folk nowadays and there's another aspect too. With Train Simming the amount of freeware built up to incredible standards over 11 years of MSTS is nowhere near matched for RS/RW because the programmes used are very expensive and therefore nearly everything is payware. Get too clever with FS and you could have the same... and simming as a hobby flourishes best where both work alongside each other. People are obsessed with THE NEW, when half the time they haven't even touched the potential of the present. When no new Rail Simulator came along the community improved MSTS and achieved some fantastic improvements. Plan for the future but LIVE for the present? Geoff
  9. I agree Rustem. I think the trouble is that many folks are obsessed with a recreation of "their own back yard"? It was the same with Train Simming. Everyone wanted the route and company that ran locally. To me the joy of any Simulator is that you can go and Drive a Train or Fly an aircraft anywhere. I guess some of us travel more than others so take a wider interest in these things but equally the sales figures must speak for themselves? Having said that I'd never heard of the Marias Pass until they made Train Simulator and although I had always had the PNW on my "bucket list" I never realised how diverse the scenery was until ORBX did the region. With Friends and relatives in Oz, South America, the US and Canada my enthusiasm is widespread ...indeed Worldwide!
  10. How do you work that out? Different Teams for US and EU and South Alaska is already in development (?) ...so that makes it next? I'd rather have seen the East Coast prioritised as that has NO regions yet, but the plan gives both within the next two years. We're all going to be flying somewhere till they arrive and some of us who've got "our Region" are wishing we'd had to wait longer for a better finish? B)
  11. I think this is the issue in a nutshell? Those of us who have and enjoy current High detail FTX regions are already "spoilt" for choice. IMHO the NA series is the best overall for variety, airport numbers and choice, enhancements like AI, airfields, strips and airports. Whilst like Simmerhead I'd like to see regions like South America with some high detailed areas this package won't give me that. I don't think the price is that unreasonable for what they're attempting. You just have to be realistic about the use YOU (as individuals) will get out of it? Personally i doubt it will entice me away from the current regions I fly in most. Unlike some posters I never say NEVER to any region, but I'm still more likely to try newer higher detailed stuff. I guess we'll have to see how good this gets with future development?
  12. From The OFFICIAL announcement on compatability and some other stuff for anyone who can't see it. The idea of free upgrades is good. I think I'm still with Bryan though? I'd rather spend the cash on Higher definition areas and/or the odd airport. I see that the NE States is not on next years game plan and that's a drag. Seems that it's always the Cinderella region in any simulation?! Took years for any decent Train Sim Routes for the region to be done. I've had Bill Womacks excellent Plumb Island sitting out there like a beacon of hope for months now! He was working on Martha's Vineyard but then got hooked into FTX's West Coast endeavours.
  13. Where exactly do you fly Simmerhead and in what sort of aircraft?
  14. ^_^ ....indeed Alain! I have to say that the "Showroom" screengrabs look OK and the "Will Have's" is a fair list. The "Will NOT Have" list raises a few questions though? Particularly where it interacts with higher detail regions and the suggestion that these will continue? For instance the Higher detail regions DO have a mesh so if this doesn't how will that work? Will it just sit on any existing mesh you have installed? Until FTX ENG there was a good interface between FTX stuff and other add-ons? Correct me if that's not your experience! For instnace Tongass Fjords, being by folk who now work with FTX, blends perfectly. In FTX ENG (despite other issues) it's seemless with my current "Global" cover. However there are a lot of quite expensive "regional" sceneries out there that others will have. If they have any interest in this it must work with them? The full Time development team means we'll be paying for something and that's fine. It's fine if they improve their customer feedback response. As has been mentioned in other current threads the best developers embrace feedback and criticism whilst keeping customers informed of problems, successes and developments on upgrades and updates. Banning folk from your forum is not how a mature organisation should respond. As Dale Carnegie put it "Don't think for a moment you've won the argument merely because you've silenced your opponent" That BTW is from his book "How to win friends and influence people" ^_^ Time and reviews will tell? Geoff
  15. Bloomin Eck Dylan what are you flying? A U2 or an X15? :LMAO:
  16. I think you're right as far as the psychology on the expenditure but the difference is in the detail? If the regions are adjacent, as FTX regions have been so far, then the total (albeit bought piece at a time) cost would actually get you a much higher detailed area (FTX's words) that's still thousands of square miles, with hours and hours of potential flying at all flight levels and speeds. Simmerhead says he doesn't care about the detailed regions because he doesn't fly there, and yet there are numerous scenery add-ons of varying types for many specific areas already. FTX aren't the only folk doing them. Even the existing "Global" meshes and textures are a huge step up on FSX default. The reality is that until we see what FTX come up with in total, because IMO a few pretty screenshots don't make a package as we've seen before, and can compare that with existing sceneries we can't really judge it's value for money. After all if you've got a decent car and someone brings out a new one that has some extra features do you rush to the new car dealership and buy a new car and scrap the other one? Remember with most software that's your choice because you can actually SELL your old car. Well you might if you've more money than sense :lol: ? As I mentioned before on these forums comparative reviews seem to be getting rarer than hens teeth nowadays but there have been plenty on scenery, meshes and AI packages in the past so lets hope we can get an objective review when it's released? Geoff
  17. You need to re-read my post a little more carefully! That's NOT what I said. Further more, if you bother to read it, I gave several reasons why I thought this was a change of direction for FTX and pointed to the existing stuff you have mentioned that was previously mentioned by others in the thread. Did you actually read that I have ALL the FTX area coverage and a good few NA airfields too. I'm not trying to rain on anyones parade here. Just suggesting you consider the wider and full implications of this proposal. Geoff
  18. If you don't mind my suggesting it ......well actually i don't care if you do mind ...Some of you are showing signs of "Gold Rush Fever"? Personally this is the totally opposite way I'd like them to proceed. Let me explain that. Yeah we all want to see our bit of turf in high detail in FSX. Yeah we all want to fly from local airports we know well. Yeah it sounds great that it's GLOBAL. BUT .......It's not going to be the same as the current regions. It's going to be a compromise. It'll be different but as Bryan points out there's other stuff out there already. Then there's the issue of Tubeliners and Long Haul. A recent thread revealed that many leave long haul running whilst they sleep or do other things. On a REAL flight from Heathrow to Houston once I flew from Canada right down the centre of the US and saw NOTHING but cloud cover the whole way. Many Long Haul FS users actually break or accelerated their flights to "cut out the boring bit in the middle". Why have I concentrated on Tubeliner jockeys? Well that's the only thing with the range and speed to make "Global" a plus? FTX's areas so far have really come into their own for GA and regional flights. That's where you can fly for a couple of hours at lower altitudes or even VFR and then the detail pays off. What I'd like to have seen is SMALLER areas at HIGHER detail. What this offers is EVERYWHERE at LOWER detail. Coming from Train Simming where your virtual world is as high a detail as possible 2km either side of the track, I'm used to having to wait for somebody or some team to get together and create a specific route. There IS NO Global solution. Even there the longer the route the poorer the scenery usually. It just takes too long to do it as well as the other funcionality that's required. This is not as dissimilar to FS as you might think. Hours of flying to land at an airport that's basically "generic" (albeit a step up from default FSX) is not that great a leap forward. At present the "Regions" FTX have created mean that in the NW US you can actually fly for hours over pretty high detailed scenery. Same in Australasia. (BTW NZ & Oz are in Oceania FTX Region) and with NZ covered now, a Flight from thw West Coast of Oz to NZNI would be a good haul even in a tubeliner? Their (ORBX) other game plan is (was) to start on the US East Coast. Perfect for GA pilots like me and it would mean Long Haul fights across the States would all be in one Region too climbing out and descending in high detailed areas. So really I'm not sure why, other than some sort of greed (?), anyone would actually want GLOBAL at lower quality? That's not what FTX WERE about? In reality many FSX users will already have other packages mentioned already. FSX default was just SO bad. I wonder how many when they stop to consider and compare this new entry will consider it worth the money? I've bought every area they've done so far and if the forthcoming patch for FTX ENG fixes it's many issues then I'll look at the next detailed region too ....but $190 when I already have hundreds of square miles to fly in ...It will have to be utterly amazing? Geoff
  19. Despite JV's comments on sub-contracting and apparent "horror" at folk having a two week break (see official thread) :rolleyes: I personally would rather they spent as much time as necessary to not only fix the bugs but address some of the issues on content that have been identified. Those who see no issues in that regard must be happy with what they've got? ...so those who are unhappy want to see some improvements. I'd rather have time to wait for it with that, than time getting frustrated because they've "rushed out" a patch that could have been better with more time spent on it and not addressing half the issues. Rushing out a patch because you rushed the initial release is just asking for dissatisfaction from users? :huh: They've two "earners" released for the UK now so, unless the boasts about sales figures were exaggerated, they ought to be able to address some of the fundamental issues on landclass before releasing any further UK regions. Certainly I hope to see more landmarks and some more custom built and placed buildings for those. London's landclass needs some serious work on the central areas and all traces of suburbia should not appear in central areas. Some serious work on the coastal scenery and it's placement too. Patience is not a fashionable quality nowadays though ...so doubtless I'll be in a minority of single figures B) Geoff
  20. I use IR5 with the basic clip that it comes with. Don't have (or want) a headset so the extra clip price is saved. Not mad about wearing a baseball cap for the clip but find it so much more realistic to be able to move and look around within my seat in the virtual cockpit. Only use 2D pop-ups where the virtual cockpit click spots are poorly implimented. I think the essential thing is setting it up right in the first place. I agree that the external view limitations are irritating but as a GA Low and Slow virtual pilot it's essential IMHO for realistic approaches. It maybe less use to PMDG jockeys established 9 miles out on "short finals" on the ILS but hauling a 185 over some trees into a tight strip there's just no substitute? BTW I've read lots of articles about using it with EZDOCK so that's just a set-up issue. I am interested in EZDOCK but I'm less convinced that that is useful for my type of flying. I'd say I use it 90% of the time. Only reason not to is quick checks of add-on reskins or taking shots of scenery where easy use of outside views is more useful. I must RTFM and sort out these "pause buttons" because then I'd use it even then. The "set-up" screen that comes with the software is excellent for making sure you have a centred and "normal" view and head rotation. Very easy to use and you can save customised set-ups. I bought mine from the main distributor and phoned to check if I needed the extra clip or reflective spots. They were very helpful and saved me the money on those as they were not useful for me. Put it this way my throttle quadrant, yoke and rudder pedals each cost about the same and sit gathering dust (I still use the logitech joystick I first bought to fly with). The Track IR I wouldn't be without. Geoff
  21. Whilst listening to controllers is an interesting experience for hobbyists FSX has little or no intelligent ATC so just studying the paths taken by individual aircraft on Flight Radar http://www.flightradar24.com/ in conjuction with your STARS and SIDS might give you an easier 3D picture of what actually happens? Note that if you click on the aircraft you get just about every detail apart from the 1st officers name and the number of children the woman in 23D has. This is also available as an Android App if you're out and about and wonder "what that is, where's it going and come from". The payware App has add-ons of different aircraft type symbols as well as the data you get for free on your PC. It's interesting that many folk who demand PMDG's level of authenticity as far as the aircraft are concerned don't bother to simulate prototypical flights? (well if some screengrabs are anything to go by?) A more intelligent built in ATC would be a big step forward in any new flight sim. As a PPL in the London area my WWII RAF pilot uncle was baffled when I showed him my 1:500000 charts. "What are all these lines? ......and numbers .....and frequencies?" When I told him that most flights I made were below 2500' because of that controlled airspace and that these were flight levels for that and ATC contact frequencies, he considered that "Low Flying" :lol: and pointed out that most basic trainers didn't even have a radio then. Even GA flights in many parts of the world would be more realistic with proper CTA's and a semi intelligent robot ATC? Geoff
  22. Is there ANYTHING that AVG doesn't think is malware? :LMAO: Not rubbishing it completely .....but from Train Simming Days it caused SO many false warnings on installers and various files that you had to question how in the end you could pick the wheat from the chaff? "The boy who cried Wolf" and all that? Geoff
  23. What on Earth are you all squabbling about?! :unsure: Accu-Feel is a great little add-on. You don't HAVE to buy it. If you do and it doesn't work with some aircraft you can SWITCH IT OFF for them. In fact you can switch it on or off for any aircraft although if you do that I fail to see why you bought it in the first place?! The video A2A posted is excellent and could not demonstrate it's benefits, effects and use more clearly? A2A and Milviz are in my top 5 any day. There is NO ISSUE here? I'll be buying more from both of you guys. Now get off the computer and enjoy the Holiday in the real World :Party: ....and have an excellent New Year :Peace: Happy Christmas Geoff
  24. A great add-on and arguably one of the best of the last year? What else has enhanced everything in your hanger? Geoff
  25. Actually Christopher I bought the DC3 before the review but it's one that's sat at the back of the hanger waiting for me to find time to divert to it. There's a reality there we as enthusiasts lose sight of too? So many add-ons and so much else to do with life rather than Simming :lol: Not sure why some folk here and on the "regretful purchases" thread have such a down on it? I guess the fact that the articles are written by freelance enthusiasts makes consistency difficult but at least they don't seem to have edited out any criticism here? It also keeps "hobby horses" under control :huh: ?
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