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  1. Well if you don't understand the many and various constructive criticisms that have been made of this package, most of which have been presented in a detailed and articulate manner by many people, then feel free to start a pointless flame about "bashing". "Bashing" seems to be an "over excited user"* cover for any criticism. I can't think of any other consumer product where critics are accused of "Bashing" but if it makes anyone happy to dismiss considered and constructive critics by name calling there's nothing I or any other sensible user can do to stop those who want to do so. BTW please link me to an official announcement of a service pack for FTX ENG because I can't find one. As I have (repeatedly) said I do expect them to come up with one because they do support their products ......but some of the original official reaction included banning someone from the official forums for over a year when he wrote a very detailed feedback of where he considered some faults might lie! B) It has to be said that several ORBX regions have had several service packs to address issues. The review this thread is about is based on what was released. The fact that it reiterated several points already made in these forums was IMO relevant. Geoff * some will appreciate this rather silly code for a forum edit <_<
  2. Me too. I know how to get under the hood in MSTS but much of FSX is still new to me. Knowledge is power and all that.
  3. A point somewhat negated by the small screengrabs of the faults that they found illustrating that it wasn't a good representation of England. In fact the main article illustration had me reeling with disbelief ......but then I know the Lake District and anyone who'd stood by Wast Water and looked across at the Screes would understand my confusion. In fact the two larger sets of comparative shots of London had me reading the captions to see which version was default FSX and which was FTX! :huh: It's a bit like advertising a second hand car as in "Show Room Condition" alongside a picture showing it has a huge dent in it? :rolleyes: Still as you say their "scoring" and Awards in their reviews are random in the extreme. When I was at school and we had to sit tests and exams 70% would have been a pass. If anything gets 70% in a PC Pilot review the "code" in that message is don't even think of getting it! Nothing gets 100% but bizarrely things with lower %'s get "Awards". It's not a bad little rag and it does cover just about any flight simulator, has some nice little tutorials, comparative articles between real flights and simulated ones in the same aircraft etc. but with so many reviews as part of it's content it needs to look at setting some sort of "levels" for anyone to give them any creedance? :unsure: In fairness what they actually said is ....and yet that gets 90% Personally I think that folk who've never flown anything other than a simulator will "spot the difference". We're not all as unobservant as the reviewer seems to think! .....and his comments about only photoreal packages comparing with what you see on Google Earth (whilst true in the strictly photographic respect) don't do justice to some other regions FTX have covered IMO. Of course articles get edited before publication and magazines survive on their ad revenue so we have to read between the lines and in this case believe what we see in the supporting images?
  4. This sounds like the basic problem that many are suffering from with FTX ENG itself? This is covered in one of the official FTX support threads? No solution last time I looked. Too busy with Christmas chores to look at it now but I think I spotted some myself last flight in the UK. Thought it was just my box misbehaving but maybe not? I've looked forward to a viable alternative to the photoreal sceneries for a long time now. I really wanted to be impressed? Sadly it'll take a good bit of work from them for me to reach that. Even the printed review in PC Pilot magazine (despite an "award" and 90% "score") criticised the same things that many of us are unhappy with. I really hope they'll pull their finger out and come up with an update. IMO it's about beta+ in development terms. Apart from too much unmowed grass (check real photo's of Goodwood against the 3D grass) Goodwood looks pretty good but at the same sort of money as ALL the airfields in the South of England from UK2000 it will have to be a field that you really want to spend time at to justify that amount of dosh? For most of us that is....... some seem to have endless resources. BTW what's a "spawn point"? Do you mean "starting location"? When FSX is throwing one of it's "hissy fits" I often find that runways are the only option! Just looked at Sim Launcher. Check that out on the P3D forums. Works fine with FSX as well as P3D and has quite a nice friendly user interface. Sorry if I got the Spawn Point bit wrong but check it out anyway. Cheers Geoff
  5. Nothing to add really. Not really sure why of all the interesting fields the UK has they chose this one? had to start somewhere I suppose. Nearest the office? Want to see some patches for FTX ENG before I buy anything more for the UK. Geoff
  6. ....er well I've actually been looking at the "locations" on posters in the thread ...and they have mainly been overseas if they don't understand why anyone wants a gun. Check for yourself. I'm well aware that plenty of Americans equally share that view B) indeed as i mentioned in an earlier post ^_^ It's the ones in stockades and bunkers that worry us! Well now that just shows we're all the same! :lol: . I never worked with you did I? Sounds like my old management team. Every committee meeting they collectively agreed that their differing individual opinions and objectives had somehow been a united policy and we'd all agreed to it....... :lol: Geoff
  7. Ronan, If that's aimed at me I've failed to make my point completely! My whole point is that it ISN'T (or at least SHOULDN'T be) USA v Rest of the World. My last point was to get folk to consider that having a huge arsenal doesn't make you safer. Geoff
  8. There's even more irony in that since when were all foreigners on "The other side"? During my visits to the States I've been amazed at how little overseas news coverage I've been able to find. Here in the UK our News is international. Here there is pretty much universal horror at the incident itself, unreserved sympathy for the families and that small community AND and immediate analysis of how each state handles gun ownership, deaths caused by guns per state and how exactly your government can do something to reduce the risk of further episodes like this. Because we don't have guns and don't see them as useful doesn't make us "the other side" does it? When you start to take advise or discussion with those who're friendly towards you as "taking side against you" where do you go for counsel? Where do you go for friends? The invasion that the 2nd Amendment was a precaution against never happened. However in the last century, and sadly into this, some of you guys and girls have served with your forces in countries around the World where they had been invaded. It's too late to ask the Doughboys. They all went to another place. Some of your Grandfathers will remember WWII in many theatres. I don't need to list the areas your forces have served in since I hope. I doubt you'll find a vet that wants to talk about the results of the violence that they saw or perpetrated? If you find one listen to what he has to say. We're burying young guys and girls here at the moment and where they were serving they outgun the enemy with massive firepower. They're still dying though? Geoff
  9. Got my copy today. An "Airliners Special" edition :lazy: ....sorry guys :lol: I know some of you'll be as excited as I wasn't. If and when I ever get interested in bus driving there's no end of info for me here though. Anyway in the middle of al this heavy metal is a review of FTX England. As per usual they lead with an award ("Classic") follow with a review and then a % score. They give it 90 which, with a "Classic" award, seems a tads high for a review full of screengrabs of bits they notice aren't very good or wrong or unrepresenative?! Oldy enough opposite the review there's a FULL page ORBX ad for this very product... :rolleyes: Still at least they've identified issues that many of us have already highlighted. Trouble is they've found more I hadn't found yet. :unsure: Well more support for a patch or two as I see it, once the other issues a few folks seem to have found are sorted. Geoff
  10. Got a Name? ...just that it's friendlier. Didn't take your post as panning but if you're running it OK why leave it off your machine? Those having problems being looked at right now have posted shots on the FTX forum. Looking at those you either HAVE the problem or you don't. Until they identify the cause of the problems folk are posting it's hard to see why it's not affecting everyone. I'm tied up with some rail sim testing right now but I had been running FTX ENG without any obvious problems. I tried a few tweaks and the last thing I did was to make some alterations in scenery heirarchy. Only after that did I notice what might have been the same issue but it might just have been a GPU lagging behind. Until I get a chance to get back and try some tests I can't be sure. Geoff
  11. The whole point of a forum is that anyone can have their say. If you don't want to read it you don't have to? BTW the "tv tax" is actually a licence fee. It funds the BBC. It was set up so that the Radio and later Television service in the UK could be funded without the influence of advertising. The "######'s" are merely checking that everyone pays their licence. If we had more "######'s" checking that corporations paid their fair share of tax we'd (that's ordinary joes like me) not be getting shafted by cut backs in services and welfare for those who really need it. Sadly our "wired CCTV" nation does not do much to stop crime. It often records it, less often helps catch perpetrators. Like anything else that's not working well here we discuss it, lobby our MP's etc. and things change. There are "revolutions" in the UK but they're slower and quieter than some. Never stop debating, never stifle opinion. Remember every one who agrees with you is not necessairly your friend, and every one who disagrees not necessarly your enemy. Geoff
  12. Whilst you all shout "2nd amendment", stay in denial that gun ownership has anything to do with the statistics and insist that guns have a reason other than killing things you STILL don't answer why most of the civilised world doesn't feel the need to own an arsenal in their home ? Have you ever stopped to think about that? I'd be asking how come these "foreigners" don't feel the need or the slightest desire to own a gun? What's wrong with my society that I feel that need? It's your country and your problem. You have systems in place to decide your own nations fate ...but you have sections of your society arming themselves against other sections, sections arming themselves against the very government your "revolution" put in place! Time for some reflection on putting your own house in order perhaps? The rest of us are too busy trying to do just that. On all my visits to various parts of the States I've met a bunch of friendly, polite and welcoming people. You are what you are because of that. Not home arsenals. Like I said before. Your call. geoff
  13. Just visited the FTX Support forum, and I have to say it's an impressive array of questions and answers! It appears that there is still an outstanding issue or two with FTX ENG,(no solutions yet so this is a precis of ideas there) either the FTX Europe switch (?) OR with some clash with UTX etc. Lots of folk both side of the counter looking into it. Right now an MSTS Route that I had a small part in putting together has just arrived on my HDD after SIX YEARS Development. Kind of puts some FSX developments in perspective? Working hard on helping some final pre release testing on that so no time to recheck stuff I've read on the FTX Support forum but as far as I remember you only need your order number to register? Awful feeling looking at a few screen grabs there that I may have some issues after all. Need to recheck so I'll report back when I have the chance. Geoff
  14. Is that because there's a code/number you can't access without unwrapping it? If so that is a bit of an issue :unsure: . Most of my purchases nowadays are by download so the relevant details are all in e-mails. I guess you could e-mail FTX and provide them with what details you have and explain the issue. Can't see why they couldn't give you access or a workaround? Might also be worth contacting the folk you bought it from and explaining the issue? Whilst I fully appreciate publishers anti piracy concerns I sometimes think that they hinder legitimate customers rights? ...and often when what you've honestly bought is found in numerous torrent sites with a simple Google. I sometimes think folk lose sight of these realities whilst dealing with customers :huh: .
  15. :blush: Ooops My bad. been looking at too many preview threads! :rolleyes:
  16. There's a thread on FTX support forum specifically about problems that some folk are having which MAY be related to other scenery packages. When I read it they were having problems reproducing the reported issues. As someone who worked much of my life as a technician I have a lot of sympathy with anyone trying to fix an intermittent or inconsistent problem with anything is always the hardest. Given that there are so many different set-ups, installations and tweaks out there and many have had no problems with running this I guess this might take a while. Can't criticise the support for effort. :lol: ...well it seems to have a lot in common with Marmite? Love it or hate it? ^_^ and one of the issues is the nature and placement of the Autogen :unsure: It may be that the randomness of Europe and the UK's urban development is going to need a rethink on that area of autogen? Holclo, I have to say that so far I've not experienced some of the running problems others have reported and my criticisms are "artistic" rather than any malfunction with the software. I guess if I were you I'd follow discussion in the FTX support forum to see what they come up with (may have already come up with ...check it out) before installing it. I suppose the most helpful thing we can post for folk thinking of buying it is "Do you have previous FTX titles? Did any of them cause any issues on your system? Are you able to run those on your system with recommended slider settings?" I'd have to answer "All of them, No problems and Yes". That's no guarantee if there's a yet to be found issue but it's better than nought? BTW my PC specs are on the FTX forum if you want to check them. I'll update that here later in case that's helpful to anyone. Mines a reasonable set up but no cutting edge supercooled overclocked wonderbox :lol: . Put it this way I sometimes get low fps and stutters with certain aircrfat in certain areas but mostly flying Low and Slow I get acceptable performance. FTX has few areas that have challenged my box, or indeed grabbed my attention for poor performance. A couple at most in several thousand square miles of landclass! I'd be amazed if FTX don't come up with a fix, a solution and some patches so personally I'd hold off on a refund until the current issues are addressed?
  17. Scott you misunderstand me. I'm not accussing you of being an "overexcited user" :lol: ...and indeed I'd be the first to say there are at least two sides to every argument <_< . Merely trying to explain why there were a number of issues with this release, it's usability, level of finish etc. that a few folk are unhappy with. As I said I personally have had no issues with previous releases. I have opinions as to how some of them could be improved, why some are better than others etc. Much of this has to be to do with the chronolgy of their release, the teams involved with developing them and the inevitability that most folks later work is an improvement over their earlier stuff. That said, and again this is not aimed at you but a general observation, there are a few folk who post on these forums who's reactions to others problems are "...well I don't have that problem". Hunky Dory but not much help to those who do? Steve I suspected that your choice of shots was as you state. IMHO The landclass alignment with roads, in areas with towns and villages in SOME areas is worse than the fact that the roads plough randomly through a few hedge rows. The boundaries with airfields I can't comment on because I had UK2000 fields active from the word go, and for me personally they "fitted" reasonably well if (as I am) you're happy with minor textural differences. The issue from my perspective with Dover is that it is a major landmark. Being a very large landmark it's inadaquecies are very obvious but there are quite a few "significant landmarks" that are either missing or badly represented. As you rightly say this isn't a question of custom scale buildings (unrealistic over such a huge area) but just better use of "generic" autogen in speciific locations. Power stations that are major landmarks are not particularly architecturally interesting? Many are missing or just a random chimney apparently growing in a grass field :huh: . This is a new team, they learnt "on the job", they were tutored by visits from existing teams and online (all of that from the official ftx SITE) and they've done (IMO) a very large area in one go. I have to say I didn't expect to be even looking at this until early 2013. A few of us think it needed more work before release. I for one hope they'll tweak, patch and improve weak areas and release a patch as and when. Personally it's in my library and it'll stay there. I've still a few thousand square miles of the NA region to explore as well as Tongass Fjords so no hissy fits from me. :lol: I'll just enjoy that region and come back to others as and when the interest leads me there. Maybe my real world experience makes me hyper critical and maybe my less detailed knowledge of the PNW makes me happier to believe in it? I always thought The UK and Europe would be a greater challenge and if they improve on what they've already achieved it's got to be better for everyone hasn't it? Geoff
  18. Well there are parallels to this from Train Simming when more than one team of developers produced models of the same locomotives. In some cases there I bought both. As I've stuff from both A2A and RealAir that are amongst my top 5 aircraft I may well buy both too. The Milviz Aerosoft AN-2 developments both look good so I might find the CC getting a double hit there too. Suddenly we're spoilt for choice?
  19. Scott, I own all of FTX's landclass scenery areas, all of their freeware airfields and several NA airfields. As yet I've not had cause to use ORBX's support but whilst I wholeheartedly agree that their forum approach (which means others can search problems and benefit from earlier advice) is good the "jump through hoops" and provide various numbers and submit verifications is obviously going to get the backs up of folk who've been struggling with errors that have appeared. FTX are not unique in requesting this, and indeed it's not unreasonable to ask for it BUT perhaps a friendlier way to deal with it would be to allow folk to post their problem and then acknowledge that they're looking at the problem. Such notification could "ask" that the customer look out the details whilst they're sorting out a solution. A mute point? Too touchy feely? Well in my book just good psychology? The customer knows you care. They know you're on the case, they know you'll get back to them and whilst you await that support you can then dig out the details. Same result. Friendlier approach? As you point out you don't have FTX ENG yet. Well a lot of us who are FTX fans have and a good few of us are pretty dissappointed. Much of it is good but a lot needs work. Ironically Steve's screenshots show some areas that could be improved. Criticism of the area has been constructive and specific. Unfortunately much of it has been shouted down by "overexcited users" with little regard (interest) to detail either in the software OR the specifics of the criticism. A view of the FTX support forum shows that there are bigger issues that a few folk are having (which many of us don't have ....or maybe haven't found yet) and they are working on this. I haven't had any issues with the FTX stuff I own, but, IMO this is the weakest yet. FTX have a history of development and support and several areas have had a good few upgrades and patches so for me uninstalling isn't my choice but if I were having some of the problems some folk are having that might be me. If you're a tube driver you'll love it. If you like Low n' Slow you may be less impressed. Geoff
  20. :LMAO: :LMAO: ....I did only say OUGHT to be with your friends and families ....and if you think peace and quiet comes with retirement .....well I've got some VERY bad news for you :lol: My concern that was something might be rushed to meet a deadline. The nice thing about Christams presents is when you DO get the peace and quiet to enjoy them. BTW Have a good one everybody.
  21. Don't really see the point of Christmas as a deadline?! You can't give a download as a gift? ....and even if it were on disc it's way beyond distribution dates. You ought to be spending time with friends and or family? and rushing stuff to meet artificial deadlines nearly always means later patches? If the tweet was THAT recent how on earth can it be tested in time, and by that I mean thoroughly beta tested by a variety of folk using different set ups? I'm really looking forward to the A2A C172 but I just don't see the point in trying for such a random deadline :huh: Geoff
  22. Others have identified the latest 3-D grass as a killer. Have you (can you) turn that off? I see that they've turned Goodwood into a "Nature Reserve" with this grass! Don't get me wrong I love the idea but it isn't right for Goodwood and IF it is a frame rate killer it's the first thing I'd Lose. BOB may like watching the grass grow but I'd rather not have frame rates collapse on finals personally? Thanks for posting your findings so far Scott. Keep us posted. It's on my list but with Christmas and all that ...the Sibwings An-2 has reserved a slice of my dosh ^_^ . Geoff
  23. This thread was started as a mark of sympath to the victims of yesterdays incident. It's not the best environment to discuss the wider issue but perhaps the fact that many in Europe have had to defend themselves and as a result today do not support gun ownership as some of you do in the States is worthy of some deliberation over there? It's a debate for you as Americans. Perhaps you need to ask why when people here have faced real threats they've shunned gun ownership? There will be plenty of support for the right to bear arms over there but you must understand that the idea is not going to get support this side of the pond. That's pretty well demonstrated in the posts here. Further more I'd point out that we're aware that not all Americans think differently to ourselves. Geoff
  24. Last year Handguns Killed: 48 People in Japan, 8 Great Britain, 34 Switzerland, 52 Canada, 58 Israel, 21 Sweden, 10,728 in The United States. That's nearly 11000 too many isn't it? Born in London in 1946 the destruction from WWII was still visible when I'd grown enough to remember it. My family's get togethers for years after always harked back to the Blitz. Today we'd call that therapy for PTSD? I understood how easy and total destruction is. How fragile life and our societies are. The reason I like Simming is because it's about creating and making things. It's about imagination and creativity. It's about sharing. Of course any thinking human being is horrified at these events .... and they will probably always happen, but there's nothing creative about handguns. Your societies and those above are democracies. You do the math. Your calls at your ballot boxes?
  25. Great Links! ....to links ...to facebook and a banner shouting BUY X-PLANE. I'm not sure you realise it but there have been a few ads, videos, screenshots, an entire forum section .......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -_-
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