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  1. I agree, but then I have also had many flights where it hasn`t happened. Im sure this will get fixed as its an obvious issue with the current DX12 implementation.
  2. Its more likely that some people don`t notice it as much. I would think that everyone would be affected if they took the effort to induce it which can be done quite easily by zooming around with the drone cam and making rapid view movements.
  3. Has anyone raised this with the dev of Vpilot? seems that it should be easy to detect this behaviour and ignore the pitch increase? It might also be worth seeing what is output in the debug window for VPilot when this is happening. If anyone wants to jump onto Vatsim and do a pushback, happy to jump on and see what data vpilot is seeing.
  4. This used to work with frame generation (albeit with a lot of latency introduced) until the nvidia driver that fixed vsync for DLSS3. I used to use the exact same technique to lock at 40 fps in RTSS but get 80 fps in game. the affects were similar to what Noel is showing with a massive reduction in frame time variance.
  5. The latest nvidia drivers for the 4 series now support vsync with Frame generation. it`s easier just to enable this now rather than rate limit.
  6. Its set in the "Compatibility properties" section in the setup menu. Its the drop down next to "Enable Framerate Limiter". As an aside this also allows you to use RTSS with frame generation on the 4090 but does induce some noticeable latency.
  7. very little difference for me and its quite an increase in VRAM usage between High and Ultra, this setting does not seem to affect the satellite textures, as these have their own LOD which is affected by the Terrain LOD slider.
  8. Here you go Bobcat 4460210, Thrustmaster TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition | Box.co.uk Extra 10% off with the code as well
  9. You're looking at the wrong frame rate counter, look in the top left!
  10. It only inserts one frame, in between each rendered frame. It`s unlikely it will never be able to generate more than one "fake" frame due to the amount of latency this would introduce.
  11. At the end of the day the sim is still heavily CPU limited, so you still need to balance settings. I`m flying airliners on Vatsim mostly so I don't really need a TLOD of 400. You are still going to stutter etc when loading scenery, AI etc. Just the nature of the sim unfortunately. The DX12 bug is where some airport ground textures are not loaded or flicker, it happens randomly and can be annoying at times!
  12. As FlyingGoose said, it`s the top left number that`s important. The video is mostly at ultra settings (TLOD at 200 etc) Regarding the DX12 airport texture bug, yep I get it but have learnt to live with it. One tip to reset them is to use the developer mode and turn on the Options->Airports -> Draw Debug option, and then turn it off.
  13. Certainly is a game changer. Here is the fenix at EGLL with full FSTL traffic at 4K. Never went below 60FPS 4090 + EGLL + FENIX - YouTube
  14. Its an issue with the WASM compilation. Plenty of users including me are having the same issue
  15. Hey Ian, Track IR is fine, minimal artifacting with frame regeneration (in the Fenix anyway) . The main issue is getting the frame pacing sorted as frame capping using the Nvidia control panel doesn`t work as it used to (it seems to sync the mainthread to the frame rate) as apposed to having a lower main thread frametime as I used to in SU10. I think I have found a possible solution using RTSS however it does introduce some latency.
  16. There is a known bug with HDR not activating in the sim properly with SU10. Try Alt-Entering to go to windowed. move the window on your screen and then Alt-Enter again. This should re-enable HDR. Its fixed in SU11
  17. Hi KornDog, Just dont run the script after landing with the engines on and the flows wont be run
  18. Hi All, Thought I would share my V-Speed Calculator/Setter LUA script. It can be found here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/h8btvrixzcxiwf2/Q400VSpeeds.rar As an added bonus it also runs the after landing flows for you, so you can concentrate on talking to ATC and the taxi Cheers
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