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  1. Has anyone raised this with the dev of Vpilot? seems that it should be easy to detect this behaviour and ignore the pitch increase?


    It might also be worth seeing what is output in the debug window for VPilot when this is happening. If anyone wants to jump onto Vatsim and do a pushback, happy to jump on and see what data vpilot is seeing.


  2. 16 hours ago, alepro21 said:

    Really good information on this issue on this thread. I am running a 6800 XT and have the issue as well and consequently keep to DX11.

    Question for 40xx owners: I was considering switching back to team green for frame regeneration, but I believe that is not available under DX11, correct?

    Thats correct DX12 only.


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  3. 3 hours ago, turbomax said:

    just tried RTSS limited 40 fps, 4 K resolution on 60 Hz TV with NVidia RTX 4090 frame generation ON, VSYNC OFF, frame rate limiter OFF in NVCP.  total stutter mess. despite very even frame times.

    This used to work with frame generation (albeit with a lot of latency introduced) until the nvidia driver that fixed vsync for DLSS3. I used to use the exact same technique to lock at 40 fps in RTSS but get 80 fps in game. the affects were similar to what Noel is showing with a massive reduction in frame time variance.

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  4. Just now, Noel said:

    TBH I've not been very impressed w/ the diff between TLOD of 200 and 400, and sometimes even 120 and 200.  In fact, I'm not sure what TLOD is supposed to do.  What kind of 'detail'?  

    It appears the main hero here arguably is frame generation.  If the CPU plays no role in each generated frame (it doesn't, does it?) then the pathway to best performance may well be aiming for a MSFS frame lock of say a very easily handled be recent CPUs of 20FPS, then bring in next gen frame generation 4X to take that to 80FPS.  I'm imagining a generated frame just follows an algorithm to create and deploy and intermeditate image.  And if you can do that once between sim generated frames, why not 4X?  It may well happen some day down the road.

    It only inserts one frame, in between each rendered frame. It`s unlikely it will never be able to generate more than one "fake" frame due to the amount of latency this would introduce.

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  5. At the end of the day the sim is still heavily CPU limited, so you still need to balance settings. I`m flying airliners on Vatsim mostly so I don't really need a TLOD of 400.

    You are still going to stutter etc when loading scenery, AI etc. Just the nature of the sim unfortunately.


    The DX12 bug is where some airport ground textures are not loaded or flicker, it happens randomly and can be annoying at times!

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  6. On 10/20/2022 at 11:33 AM, Ianrivaldosmith said:

    Interesting, I wonder how it is using TrackIR as that pans the camera really fast, and if you have minimal distortion or stuttering you’d notice it. I suppose I’ll find out soon enough. 

    Hey Ian,

    Track IR is fine, minimal artifacting with frame regeneration (in the Fenix anyway) . The main issue is getting the frame pacing sorted as frame capping using the Nvidia control panel doesn`t work as it used to (it seems to sync the mainthread to the frame rate) as apposed to having a lower main thread frametime as I used to in SU10.


    I think I have found a possible solution using RTSS however it does introduce some latency.

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  7. 1.You get OOMS because the Autogen is not freeing the address space. It is being fixed for 2.2 coming in the following weeks.


    2. It is not the exact same code as FSX, they have cleaned up a lot of the cobwebs. Rendering is done differently. Know before you say.


    It's bound to be buggy. You're taking a badly optimized, old engine and cleaning it up while using the dx11 API. There will always be teething issues. Which is why I know that p3dv2 Will be the go to from fsx.


    Not right now.... Eventually. It takes a lot of time, further impoovement from L.M., and more support from 3rd party devs. It will take time. But I can tell you for sure that it is getting there and I can't wait.


    The main difference is, we have human beings working on it, while fsx will eventually fade. She's got some life left in her though.


    Fsx didn't get such a massive addon market as soon as it got released.


    Unfortunately LM doesn't have the Entertainments License, which might put people off developing / buying it.


    Dont get me wrong I want it to succeed but its not there yet :(

  8. This epitomizes 'Head in the Sand'...


    you do understand that even P3D Will OOM eventually? its still a 32bit app and until that changes pushing it with large amounts of scenery and memory intensive add ons will cause it to run out of VAS.


    Updates in Hardware cannot overcome the 4GB VAS limit, only X-Plane has that going for it at the moment. Considering how hard we are pushing FSX I think its doing rather well, there is some life left in the old girl yet!

  9. @Chris

    Ad 2. I was not preciselly, sorry. I know that limit fps is necessary, but which way is better: in fsx options or via Inspector? Many people says: via fsx options.. but in my opinion via Inspector is smoother effect.


    Hi Lucass


    MY advise would be to use the Internal FSX limiter and use the FIBER_FRAME_TIME _FRACTION config entry to gain back some of the FPS lost.


    As i said this loss of FPS isn't a bug, its Time being given to the Rendering loop to render Textures.




    Is it


    1. a [bUFFERPOOLS] (NickN; Word Not Allowed)

        b [bufferPools] (Avsim Guide)

        c [bufferpools] (NickN)

    2. a Usepools=0 (NickN; Word Not Allowed)

        b UsePools=0 (Avsim Guide)



    Im not sure if the cfg entry is case sensitive, however mine are 







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