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  1. snave

    Bouncing aircraft, ground vehicles...

    Hopefully this will show others how to fix this problem, which has a different cause to the one which caused the same effect in FS9. Why ANY developer would recommend 1m mesh settings when no-one - not anyone - supplies a mesh to that resolution is daft and beyond comprehension. One might charitably offer that it is the result of mistranslation and what they are referring to are TEXTURE resolution settings, which DO benefit hi-detail scenery addons designed for it. But if that is the case that is also erroneous as the `best` resolution setting is 60cm - as well as making better use of the higher resolution texture it also allows the vector roads to display at their true resolution and can even offer BETTER average frame rates. In either case then the competence of the developer MUST be called into question.
  2. snave

    Bouncing aircraft, ground vehicles...

    Yes, and it has nothing to do with AES (except that it adds more vehicles to bounce) or GEX. It's the MESH setting that is causing the problem. You could have set the mesh level to a point where it is `averaging` the lines between trig points. As the sim recalculates, the effective altitude of the ground changes, even by only a few centimetres, and stuff bounces.Just adjust the mesh setting to a slightly lower or slightly higher level, and the problem should go away. If you are using addon mesh then the problem is always exacerbated when using higher detail mesh as the differences in the calculations are more pronounced, leading to a larger altitude change as the sim calculates.