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  1. 23 minutes ago, Chock said:

    You sound like the kind of customer Captain Sim would like 🤣

    Haven't bought the CS767 II if you mean that, i love 757&767's though 😄 Maybe when they have some "sales" 

    MD-11 is another story, i just want IT, missed this bird so much since PMDG MD-11 was last good addon of this type 😍

    With TFDI i truly believe they will make a masterpiece out of the mighty MD-11. 717 had it's rough start but look at it now, it has come a long way and has gone better at every update 😉 

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  2. Hope they will reconsider this, not interested about airac+charts bundle.

    Ended my subscription also after receiving these news about upgrade which IMO i consider as downgrade...

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