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  1. Great work PMDG, waiting to finish the nightshift so i can try this update 😄 Thank You!
  2. I have Macau and it works just fine on P3DV4 🙂
  3. Waiting for the PBR support to show up 😁 That would be…amazing.
  4. FSL is not compatible with 4.4. Uninstall FSL and wait for new update..
  5. Win1803 and experimental beta versions enabled in the chaseplane. It has to have something to do with chaseplane because if i start without chaseplane, autogen loads just fine from the start to the end of flight.
  6. Same problem here aswell. As soon as i close chaseplane, autogen starts loading normally. Win 1803 P3DV4.3
  7. I tested this too and found out that textures were ok when loading the flight but after some 30 minutes went blurry. After landing to ENGM i closed chaseplane and what did i find. Textures started to load normally. So something to look for
  8. NDA seems to be lifted on this beauty 😍 https://www.facebook.com/fselite/?hc_ref=ARS-CDsTlSpvDP83mIvAgAuJm1fK94AF6ChebXd5yXmkU0sKAy5UN-SxHT3l5veTmzw&fref=nf
  9. Same here, my sim takes over 10 minutes to launch, i think it is caused by lots of sceneries, ai-traffic, Orbx stuff etc. Patience is the key it seems 😉
  10. Here's a collection of airports in Finland http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/pilots/airports/finland/ EFKS Kuusamo https://library.avsim.net/login.php?Location=%2Fdownload.php%3FDLID%3D200339 There is also an EFTP Tampere-Pirkkala but i couldn't find a link for it
  11. I'm not on my sim computer right now but on this topic you can see some shots http://www.fsnordic.net/discussion/index.php/topic,114035.40.html and P3DV4 http://www.fsnordic.net/discussion/index.php/topic,114035.msg1560817.html#msg1560817
  12. I have used it from the release and haven't seen any problems with it so far with P3DV4. There are handy configurators within the addon to tune it to work with FTX Global/Vector etc.
  13. I have comodo set up as: Auto-containment enabled HIPS (host intrusion protection system) set at safe mode VirusScope enabled Firewall is at safe mode Dxfixer is excluded from every scan and every setting was disabled before installing fixer
  14. Yes, no problem , i think i can help you littlebit with translation. Thank you for your efforts solving this :) Finnish on the left, English on the right Salli=Allow Järjestelmänvalvoja=Administrator Käyttäjä=User Täydet oikeudet=Full access Muokkaa=Edit Lue ja Suorita=Read and process Tämä kansio ja alikansiot=This folder and subfolders Vain tämä kansio= This folder only Vain alikansiot ja tiedostot=Only subfolders and files Luoja-omistaja=Creator-Owner Kaikki sovelluspaketit=All application packages Kaikki rajoitetut sovelluspaketit=All restricted application packages
  15. I turned comodo off as much that i possibly could, fixer controller just gave me same error. Here are my permissions concerning SysWOW64 https://imgur.com/a/suwZi
  16. Same thing happening on V3.3 https://imgur.com/a/pU7Xf
  17. Ok, i'll give 3.3 a try. I have Comodo internet security premium 10 as an antivirus software
  18. Yes, those dll's aren't in the FSX-folder and FSX runs in DX10-state
  19. After trying to install libraries, it just gives same error than before
  20. And the FSX did start in DX10 after removing those dll's
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