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  1. These are the dll's that exist in the FSX-folder https://imgur.com/a/GcADt
  2. My FSX has been running DX-10 for years but i can try to change it to DX9 and see if it works. EDIT: It wont start even when setting DX9 in the cfg so this is something else now.. I'll try to repair the installation to see if it helps
  3. FSX is installed in that directory. Maybe there is something screwed within my FSX installation or something. Since i have P3DV3 and 4 also installed so it won't be a big problem for me not having FSX working :D
  4. Fsx directory on the fixer controller is set to D:\Flight Simulator X
  5. I could find Dxdiag and it shows DirectX12 is current version. Also did check SYSWOW64-folder and there are d3dx10_34.dll and many more of those also
  6. Hi! I did installation the same way as i have been updating in the past from fixer v2.x, i disabled comodo internet security(virus, auto-containment etc) , i did run application as administrator. Then there was notification that Visual C++ 2010 is being installed, it was followed by notice that i already have newer version of C++ 2010 installed. I launched fixer and it showed that libraries aren't installed, after that i tried to install libraries and then the error did show. OS is Win10 Home 64bit.
  7. I have following problem after updating fixer into V3.4. When i try to install libraries i get an error stating: Error copying real file d3dx10_34.dll (0) System Error was 123 Previous install with V3.3 worked just fine. Also FSX won't start anymore after this problem.
  8. Thank you so much for these updates, have been waiting 737/600/700 to be available for P3DV4 😃
  9. By the looks of it and knowing earlier PMDG developments, this will be an instant buy when released
  10. If you can afford then buy both, they are incredible machines. You won't regret
  11. FSUIPC 4.961 also compatible with P3D V3 HF3 http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html Now waiting for Orbx..
  12. In order to get gsx menus working you have to update the content-package. I think that scenery-package is the one that overwrites ftx global files so after updating all three packages i simply reinstalled ftx global and everything (Global,Vector,LC etc) except orbx flow is working at the moment.
  13. I bought this addon, it's a brilliant tool for addons without proper vc lighting B)
  14. No it doesn't work like PMDG at all. Youl'l be able to enter FSX flight planner route thats pretty much all there is.. To get more functionality there is ISG merge available.
  15. There is already one Kenya Airways 777 painted, can be founded on Avsim Library.
  16. MPL

    PMDG777 and IVAO

    I use 777 in IVAO and haven't had this problem with radios. I'm using latest version of IVAP.
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