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  1. On 5/31/2021 at 1:24 PM, The Moose said:

    Did a flight last night and both the oil and radiator temp gauges stayed on 0.  Couldn't for the life of me work out why.   Can anyone suggest something i might have forgotten to do in my sleepy state before i go and report it as a bug?

    Same problem here.  I think it must be a bug.

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  2. Excellent service again.  Thank you very much for Rev 1.5 with its much improved RMIs.


    Sadly, I am very disappointed to find that the Wx500 radar only comes with the GTN750 panel.  I do not own the GTN750 (much too modern for me!) but I do own the Wx500 and was looking forward to being able to use it in the 441 :(



    Brian W

  3. I can confirm Apollomaker's problem with the GPS400 display. The top half of the display goes black intermittently. I couldn't tie down the exact circumstances but the problem occurred mostly at medium to high altitude in the climb/cruise/descent. Seems mostly OK in the airfield pattern. Could be a gauge overlap/overwriting fault?



    Brian W

  4. Agreed. With the C90 I would not have thought Mach would play a big role. I was merely trying to explain the FSX warning that HighFlyer310 got. It might be worth looking what "max mach" is set to in the aircraft.cfg file. BTW, I believe the ASI would have a painted red line at Vno if the flight envelope did not permit Mmo to be limiting under some circumstances. Barber's pole ASIs are more expensive!

  5. As the King Air does not have a Mach meter, the barber's pole should move down in IAS terms to show Mmo when it is limiting at the top of the flight envelope. I think HighFlyer310 is experiencing a sim overspeed warning generated by exceeding Mmo or Mne. Hope this helps.


    Brian W

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