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  1. Hey Carl,


    Full names in the forum please - first and last.


    The first items I'd check are here:


    My bet is #1, but #2 could be possible, especially if you didn't know there was an update that allows it to install into 3.1 natively and are trying to shoehorn it in with a migration tool. Speaking of, if you have a migration tool installed, this can interfere with the NGX even without using it directly on the NGX, as those tools are built to play games with the registry to make things believe that they're being installed in different versions of a sim, while telling it to install in the new sim directory. If that sounds confusing, keep in mind that computers are pretty simple machines: without specific and clear instructions, they're pretty worthless and bad things happen.

    Yes...that worked.  Thank you.

  2. Good morning...just wanted to let everyone know that I upgraded to Prepar3d 3.1 last night via first deleting the client and content portions of Prepar3d and then reinstalling the updated 3.1 client and content MSIs.  All went well, except now the 737NGX is not responding to several "click spots" and I can't release the parking brake either w/ the keyboard, the click spot, or my saitek rudder pedals.

    Everything work great prior to the 3.1 update.

    Any suggestions?



  3. Did you try reversing the pedal polarity in the controller settings inside P3d? I had to do that with my CH products pedals. Hope this helps.

    Sure did...all other aircraft the brakes work as advertised...just not the PMDG 737NGX.  Just discovered that I'm also have some "click spots" that no longer work....

    I know it's probably a stupid question, but did you remove the chocks?

    LOL...sure did.  Seems like the 3.1 update certainly messed w/ the 737NGX.

  4. Strange, I have updated to 3.1 and have no issues at all in the PMDG737? The wave animations are so worth the update and LM have made it simpler than ever this time around in my opinion.

    Are you using any Saitek products?  If so what drivers are you using to control them?

  5. Last night I installed the update for 3.1 (only client and content) and everything seemed to go big issues to speak of.  Then I attempted a flight in the PMDG 737NGX and was going through the preflight process and once I was ready for pushback, I attempted to release the parking brake and it would not turn off.  The cockpit click point is there and works, but the brakes will not release, additionally each time I press the brake pedals (Saitek) the brakes (red letters) will flash but immediately come back and stay on.  The brakes and everything else works great in all my other add-on aircraft.

    Any suggestions?



  6. Howdy all,


    Seems like I've run into a bit of a problem and am not sure as to what's causing it.  I mostly fly the iFly 737 and have recently updated my AIRAC data to 1411 through Navigraph and it worked as it always does.  Now, however whenever I fly I notice that my aircraft heading and the magnetic heading of the runway assigned do not match up...sometimes off by as much as 10 degrees or more....and it doesn't just happen w/ the happens w/ all aircraft, just more noticeable in the iFly due to the FMC route is off quite a bit.  I have since changed my intersection data and magnetic variation data by changing the magdec.bgl from the latest back to the original off the FS9 CDs.  The crazy part is once I change it...everything works as advertised for that sim session only.  Once I quit and restart flight sim, the error comes back no matter which magdec.bgl or AIRAC file I'm using.

    The workaround I'm using now is to change the magdec.bgl prior to each sim session in order for things to function correctly--I've never had to do this before and I'm not sure as to what's causing it.

    Any ideas?