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  1. Hey thanks Keven! I'm Kevin with an "i" lol
  2. I'm thinking of getting an oculus rift headset to use instead of my track ir. Are there any plans to use the rift instead of the track ir? I love the way I can control the view in chase plane with the track ir but I am thing more into the future.
  3. OK love this Product but just updated chase plane to Version 0.1.627 and it seems like chase plane is blocking any key commands going to the Track IR software. For instance pressing F12 always re centers my TIR camera and pressing F9 pauses it. In the sim pressing any of the keys to center and/or pause has no response. only if i bring up the trackir windows does it work. also this is the same if i map both center and pause key to a joystick button. So it seams to be a blocking of the commands to the TIR software.
  4. OK i Think I solved it. I uninstalled and reinstall a 4th time as administrator then rebooted the computer. Presto Like magic everything worked Flawlessly. I may have had a fluke thing running the installer the first few time. the 4th time is a charm :smile:
  5. Im getting multiple errors upon loading this aircraft. I've installed it in its default location. then in the sim directory. it makes no difference were i put this. anyways here is the error. Error Encountered MMSystem - Unspecified Error Full Error Code 0x88780078 Location 10 File Its pointing to either the RASLegacy cabinet file or the RASLegacy_Sound_V2.gau file. I cant tell because the window size cuts off before i can read it. I am running windows 10 I7 6700k 4.6ghz 2x 980ti asus maximus VIII extream 16gb ram at 3200 mhz SSD for windows SSD Prepar3D v3.1 Maybe i did somthing wrong but i have reinstalled this 3 times.
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