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  1. Very sorry if I missed this but I have UT2 installed nicely in P3D v If I go to 3.3 will I have to re-install UT2 following Poppet's excellent instructions?
  2. Elaine thanks to you I am back in business with UT2! The only problem I had was doing a copy/paste of <Launch.Addon> when it should have been </Launch.Addon>. Even that was easy to fix because of the useful UT2 error message.
  3. I for one completely understand feeling offended. All of us, myself included, have benefited so much from the hard work of the talented painters in this thread and elswhere and I am often embarrassed and annoyed by how demanding and entitled some posters are. On good days I think maybe it's just a language thing, or maybe the one of the inherent problems of communicating in forum speak, but on most days I think some posters "requesting" repaints just seem rude.
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