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  1. hovercrafter received reputation from basys in CLOSED: Take our survey and have your say in shaping the future of flight simulation (plus there are prizes to be won!)   
    Worst on-line questionnaire I have ever started to use. Lost patience and interest in it as well as Dovetail. PR disaster.
  2. hovercrafter gave reputation to Henry Street in Improving Performance with Scenery.cfg   
    +1 scenery config editor
  3. hovercrafter gave reputation to ant_1984 in P3D V2 Pre Release Questions for Lockheed   
    Running dual GPU's in SLI is not currently of much benefit to FSX.
    Will P3D v2.0 take advantage of SLI at release and if not is this likely to be implemented at a later date?
  4. hovercrafter gave reputation to RelaxX in P3D V2 Pre Release Questions for Lockheed   
    Is there a multiplayer function with shared cockpit mode available? Is it different to the solution in FSX?
  5. hovercrafter gave reputation to DarkstarF16 in P3D V2 Pre Release Questions for Lockheed   
    First let me say a huge thank you to the whole team for extending the future.
    I remember reading that v2.0 will make better use of multi-monitor setups. For those using multi-monitors who spread a single view across say three screens horizontally. What if anything, has been done to compensate for the fisheye distortion that is synonymous with stretching the view in this way?
  6. hovercrafter gave reputation to Airline2Sim in P3D V2 Pre Release Questions for Lockheed   
    FSX's biggest drawback to me is the lack of realistic ATC. As I understand third party add-on ATC has to work without reference to AI traffic as the SDK is closed.
    Are there plans to open up the ATC SDK to third party developers to allow development of a truly immersive ATC program that is up to the standards we've come to expect of the top tier scenery and aircraft releases?
    ETA seems great minds think alike!
  7. hovercrafter gave reputation to vololiberista in P3D V2 Pre Release Questions for Lockheed   
    Are there any future plans to have a more robust ATC? That controls separation and that follows ICAO rules also. And, perhaps using different accents.
  8. hovercrafter gave reputation to Manny in P3D V2 Pre Release Questions for Lockheed   
    Our weakest link in FSX Today with all the amazing addons we cannot do without is the limitation of the 32bit. OOM limit.
    How much of the issues of OOMs has been addressed directly and/or indirectly?
  9. hovercrafter gave reputation to HighTowers in P3D V2 Pre Release Questions for Lockheed   
    Im in total agreement with the rest. Thank you for this opportunity to be open to avsim members and the FSX community!
    One of the most annoying things in FSX is the wind and pressure shifts that have been long touted as a bug. While 3rd party weather programs have surpressed it, it hasnt eradicated them and its usually at the cost of less realism from the actual real world weather. Have you been able to address this?
  10. hovercrafter gave reputation to pmb in P3D V2 Pre Release Questions for Lockheed   
    Have airports / navaids been updated to the current state?
  11. hovercrafter gave reputation to Aamir in P3D V2 Pre Release Questions for Lockheed   
    Has the mouse cursor bug been addressed?
    (The one that causes a drop/loss in FPS when the mouse cursor is visible on screen.)
  12. hovercrafter gave reputation to jcomm in P3D V2 Pre Release Questions for Lockheed   
    What modifications did the World mesh and landclass get for V2? And regarding Maps and Navaids, has any update to the World navigation and airport databases been included?
  13. hovercrafter gave reputation to Christopher Low in P3D V2 Pre Release Questions for Lockheed   
    Does P3DV2 have superior memory management to FSX? The latter seems to struggle to remove scenery from memory that is no longer required, and I would like to know if this significant cause of OOMs has been resolved.
  14. hovercrafter received reputation from Henry Street in Saitek BIP wont work FSX   
    Try running it with SPAD (Saitek Panel Advanced Driver) dump the Saitek software first - hopeless in my experience. SPAD also has more tile choices. Free software that works. Massimo is a genius.