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  1. 6 hours ago, Sims Smith said:

    Change log?

    Major new features:
    - Major sound rework
    - Native M1 support on iMac

    Minor new features:
    - Oil temperature indication on ECAM now changes according to logic specific for the given engine type
    - Increase landing gear tire resolution for a rounder experience
    - Added console lights (XP12 only)
    - Increase number of possible simultaneous faults to 20
    - Added PRED WS OFF memo
    - Automatic reversion to arrival or departure ATIS request if regular ATIS is not available (via Hoppie network)
    - Added animated sunblinds
    - Added animated stairs on the left side.

    Bug fixes:
    - Fixed ISCS not working correctly on multi monitor setups
    - Corrected oil temperature speed of change
    - Corrected the logic for the required cooling time on the PW1100G engines
    - Inhibit of EGT OVERLIMIT warning following an engine shutdown due to fire
    - Brought the REV SET ECAM Caution back
    - Adapted belly fairing shape
    - Improved tire rotation animation
    - Fixed the missing inner flap track fairing when multifunction runway lights are selected
    - Fixed UV mapping issue on the outflow valve
    - Improved wing scan light visibility at daytime.
    - Fixed upper beacon position in XP11
    - Fixed mouse wheel function on WX Radar System switches
    - Fixed XP11 librain rain effects
    - Fixed FBW behaviour in case of loss of both FAC (no reversion to direct on L/G extension)
    - Fixed FBW upmode logic to allow automatic upmode to normal law if conditions triggering a degenerated law are gone.
    - Fixed link between APU start capability and battery availability
    - Improved VLS computation in dual hydraulic cases with slats frozen in the retracted position.
    - Improved rudder authority for VMGC and Beta target
    - Improved MCDU and FMGC startup sequence on ground
    - Fixed a crash in PDC/CPDLC messages if there are space characters in the wrong spot.
    - Fixed a bug with fuel consumption during 200NM jumps

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  2. 24 minutes ago, cagarini said:

    I believe we all wish we could have a merge of:

    - The flight dynamics in XP (some aspects) DCS World and IL-2 Great Battles (globally, because both more fine tuned than XP)

    - The details of systems, weather and functionalities in custom simulations like those of Aerowinx PSX, Airlinetools A32x, Condorsoaring...

    - The scenery and some aspects of weather depiction in MFS 2020...


    That would be perfect! 

    4 minutes ago, MrBitstFlyer said:

    Install AutoOrtho, and you have similar streamed Bing worldwide satelite scenery. Not only that, you get the option of choosing map provider.

    It’s difficult to use? I’ll give it a look. 

  3. Hi friends,

    I’m testing the XP12 demo and thinking about buying it. I have MSFS with the PMDG 738 and Fenix A320, but I was a heavy XP11 user and I’m curious about 12. 

    I have this PC:

    AMD 5800X with 32Gb 3600 RAM, AMD RX6800XT 16Gb, 1GB SSD with W11 and dedicated 256Gb SSD for XP. UWQHD monitor. 
    All drivers and W11 up to date. XP12 demo 12.04r3. 

    These are the settings I have now in XP12. With these settings, with Zibo at KPDX sitting at runway, I get about 32FPS in VC. I notice some microstutters here and there, not brutal but still noticeable. Do you think it’s normal? Or I should get more performance? 


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