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  1. New update is very good. 1GB free in Genoa for example. AS16 + Asca + Envtex + PTA
  2. I am having some problems with PTA 2.04 and this preset. Don't know why. Light suddenly change when move the camera. For example in the VC or exterior if i move the camera there is a point where the sim goes suddenly too much or too less bright. Will try to make a small video. I have latest PTA and latest Tophat. Settings as suggested. AS16 + ASCA (not Envtex).
  3. I was flying the FSL A320 in FSX SE with very good performance and no issues. Using DX10 fixer and only FSX and ASN because i installed FSX only for this bird. Before Christmas i uninstalled FSX because i use P3D and i saw the post on Facebook saying that P3D version was on final. I will wait to P3D version to be released and won't install FSX again but i enjoyed the A320 in FSX without problems.
  4. How do you like this monitor? I am thinking about to buy it. Thanks
  5. http://www.simforums.com/forums/ezdok-camera-version-2-first-release-now-available_topic57230.html $12,50 for V1 customers
  6. Video looks great! This aircraft reminds me the old PMDG MD11 times...
  7. Why you do not ask in the official FsLabs forum? The team will help you
  8. Thanks guys! Waiting for the preset for 2.0 Any recommendations to shadows setup?
  9. I love XP10 and will fly XP11 also...i love to fly helicopters on XP and also some GA like Airfoillabs 172 and IXEG 737. But...I also love P3D and will stick with it until addons like PMDG NGX, Fslabs A320...come to XP.
  10. I want to test PTA. Never used it. I have a few questions. I need RSP or URP? Only PTA? A good theme for start? I fly in Europe with HDR on. Will i need to touch any setup in sim? Thanks
  11. Only uncheck or need to restore the backup and install a theme again?
  12. Hi guys! I recently bought ASCA to use with AS16. Do you use REX together? For sounds? Water? Or is included with ASCA? Thanks
  13. New version new crashes? Very bad... I am in 3.4.9 before Hotfix without any problems.
  14. +1 Seems that NI limiter is doing a good job. P3D is a new sim for me now. Completely smooth stutter free sim. In the past i only can get this with X-Plane 10.
  15. Tested with Dxtory and seems more smooth than Rivatuner, but for me NI is completely 100% smooth and Dxtory is 95%. Need to test a bit more. Seems that limiting to 31 is better than 30.
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