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  1. I have this PC:- AMD 64 Phenom II X6 1055T 2,8Ghz (6-core)- Asus M4A87TD/USB3 AM3 Socket- 4GB RAM DDR3 PC2000(O.C.)- WD Caviar Black SATA3 640GB- ASUS Matrix GTX285 1GB DDR3FSX haven't got enought with it .... With a tuned fsx.cfg, runs good, but it can run better.I'm thinking to change processor and motherboard:- Intel Core i7 950 3.06Ghz - Asus P6T Deluxe V2Do you think that with this change, FSX will run faster?Thanks, and sorry for my poor english. I'm spanish!
  2. Many thanks for this hard work PMDG Team!!! The manuals are a fantastic add to the NGX. Too expensive (for me), but i understand the hard work made, licenses, etc.I'm thinking about buy the QRH only ... And let others to pdf included.Jose Fco Ibañez
  3. Waaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!I can't wait to fly this add ... :( ... Preparing my VISA card for purchase!!! :( Thanks for this hard work team.Regards from Spain_______________________________________________________________________Jose Francisco
  4. Airbus A32X Series (318, 319, 320 and 321)FS World needs a good Airbus!!! The Airbugger :( will be released on 2030, and it will have 320 bugs ... :( I think that PMDG can make it ... PMDG is the best developer Team of FS :( RegardsJose Fco
  5. You are very graceful ... But it does not do grace to me :( Limit yourself to helping in what you could and not to laugh of the others users.No more to sayRegards
  6. Hello TeamThanks for this update!!! PMDG is the best developer for FS ... You have the best aircraft simulations in FS world. NGX will be the king of adds ... You're the best Team!!!I'm not sure if i'm silly :( , but i have a question. In before posts, a few months ago, i read that you're thinking about FS9 release of the NGX.Will be the NGX released for FS9 too? Or only for FSX?PD: PMDG Team, you might consider to develope addons for X-Plane too ... :( Thanks in advance, and sorry for my poor english, i'm Spanish.Jose Francisco
  7. Finally, will the NGX be released for FS2004 too?Jose Francisco
  8. I don't like CS 757 and 767 ... They aren't proffesional addons ... I like to see a 767 and 757 PMDG. For me, PMDG is the best FS addon Developer in the scene. Their products are perfects, proffesionals, FANTASTIC!!! But too we need an Airbus A320 in good quality. Airsimmer? ....... When? In 2020? :(Jose Fco. Iba
  9. Will be the NGX released for FS9 too?
  10. ok, sorry! The same question please.Jose francisco iba
  11. Hello Team!!!I'm interested in how is the progress of the 737NGX ... :( Any notices?Regards
  12. I also can confirm this ...Today, i have flown from LFPG to ENBR to test 1.20 update. The aircraft climbed to G/S when it has received signal.
  13. Very good work!!!Thanks for your work on this excelent addon ... I'll print the tables!!! :(But for diferent temperature and pressure?Regards
  14. I use some ...- FsBuild 2.3- Routefinder free......
  15. Jeppesen Jeppview 3 It is used by Real World Airlines! Is the best software for Charts ... It updates every 14 or 15 days with a new Cycle ...
  16. Thanks thanks and thanks ....I need to install the old update, or only this?
  17. Yes! I also would like a Fuel Planner!
  18. Hello to all!Sorry for my poor english, but i'm Spanish lolOk, go to the question!Does exist any Fuel Planner for MD-11? Tomorrow i go to Fly from LEMD to KJFK, and i need know the fuel needed!I read about calculate with FMC, but i don't understand ...Help me please!Regards from SpainBuenas noches
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