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  1. You need to activate this option and then scroll down in normal FPS Limiter section until you see entire numbers.
  2. You're right. Testing it now. Seems as smooth if not more than 30.5
  3. Yes i have Off in P3D. No tearing here. Will test. I have GTX 1070
  4. Latest versions of NI and drivers can only limit at 28.5, 29.5, 30.5.... Anything change. But this setting along with the others here provide the same effect and smooth stutter free sim.
  5. Same here! Finally i have a smooth and complete stutter free P3D! Steve is the king.
  6. Thanks The benefit of running 4K monitor is the 30Hz and Vsync with solid 30FPS. This will run smoother than any other setup...
  7. I have the same hardware. 6700k 4,4Ghz and GTX1070. But i always see microstutters. Do you have any special setup in NI or NCP? 144hz?
  8. You do not have stutters or micro stutters? What is your setup? I have good hardware, and using PMDG 777, As A320 on As Airport got 50-60 Fps with some drops to 35-40 but i get stutters.
  9. Bump the post to say that after a month of use i can't fly smooth with Gsync envaled. Panning and movement at 144Hz and Gsync are better, faster and smoother, but i aleays have microstutters. Don't kmow if Gsync is a good paur with P3D.
  10. And also Use the 3D App Setting do the same. Now i have: NI: FPS Limit to 30.5, Vsync Use the 3D App Setting. P3D: FPS limit to 31 (31 is smoother than 30), Vsync and TB to Off. Pretty smooth and stutter free sim.
  11. Yes i use 1/2 but Force On do the same job. The key is limit the FPS to 30 externally (NI) and internally.
  12. I think i will stay with my actual monitor for a few months more... Actually i have a stutter free experience with 60Hz, 30.5 FPS limit in NI, Vsync 1/2 and 31FPS limit in P3D. This is the smoothest experience i had in P3D, it remembers me the 1/2 FSX old times. My monitor is 144Hz Gsync compatible, but i can't get smooth experience using Gsync even with 50-60 average FPS...It always causes some microstuttering... Will consider a 4K 27 monitor in a few months...
  13. Thanks you. I will consider 27? 32? 40 is too big for me. My monitor don't have 30Hz option via DP and it don't have HDMI. The principal reason for a 4K monitor in 24 is the 30Hz option.
  14. Thanks again. My actual monitor is a Gsync monitor, but it does not provide a smooth and stutter free experience in P3D.
  15. Just saw the AOC U2879VF 28". Very good price for 28". What do you think?
  16. My Pc is in a normal desk table, i think more than 27 will be too much for the distance i look at monitor.
  17. Thanks! But the main question is...They will run at 30Hz? How? What cable?
  18. Hi! I am considering to buy a 4K 30Hz capable monitor to my PC. The size i want is about 24'. I see the Dell P2415Q or the BenQ BL2420U as two options. The BenQ is 30Hz capable but don't know if the Dell is. Another models? Is the response time important? I don't see movies in the PC, only normal use and P3D/XP. BenQ is 7 ms and Dell is 8ms. Also see the AOC U2477PWQ. I think is 30Hz capable. Is HDMI needed to run at 30Hz?
  19. My monitor is not 30Hz capable... Tested Dxtory but it causes stutters to me. For now the smoothest for me is 1/2 and 30.5 limit in NI and 31 limit in P3D with Vsync and TB off in P3D. If i leave unlimited in P3D is less smooother and FPS are not stable. I am thinking about buy a 4K 30Hz monitor in 24' or 27'. What models do you recommend? What about Dell P2415Q?
  20. Yes this setting. And i have Smooth AFR to Off (not tested in ON). Can anyone help me with this strange behaviour? (Look at that line on the water)
  21. 1/2 RR Adaptive Vsync in NI. Vsync Off in P3D. Triple Buffer Off in P3D. Frame Limit to 31 in P3D. Frame Limit to 30.5 in NI.
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