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  1. Thanks! Now i have a smooooth P3D and i love it...i tried all in the past with no luck, always stutters...For people with 60hz i can only recommend to test this setup.
  2. For me the only way to avoid stutter/microstutters was to use the setup posted by SteveW in the last post...Use 60Hz but limiting FPS to 30 in NI. If i don't limit the FPS i always have stutters. Tested also with Gsync and 144Hz but no result, always stutters.
  3. Thanks you!!! This post just helped me to have the smoother P3D flight experience ever... 60Hz Monitor, 1/2 Vsync Standard in NI, 30.5FPS limit in NI (newer versions have only 29.5 or 30.5), 31 FPS lock, Vsync and Triple Buffer OFF in P3D... This gives me an smooth experience like the old times 1/2 in FSX. Thanks you again!
  4. Will try to deactivate Gsync so...I can see it working very good with default aircraft and scenery at 100FPS but in payware no... What options do you have configured in NvInspector? Vsync to Adaptive? At the same setup, Vsync 1/2, Gsync off, 60hz, i have a solid 30FPS and smooth like butter X-Plane10...I think P3D will never run like this...
  5. Yes...but i am testing my new rig on P3D 3.4 and trying to get it smooth. I can't for now...I always have stutters but i don't know whats is the cause. I have NCP at 144hz, and for P3D Gsync, Vsync ON, Max power, Single Display... In game i have Vsync ON like the tip here but tested also without Vsync on. Now i am testing Process Lasso, assigening Cores 0 to 5 to P3D and 6,7 to addons but i have stutters also... I think is impossible to have a smooth like butter P3D experience... Seems that AM=85 and Gsync on and FPS unlimited gives me the best experience, but always note a bit of microstuttering
  6. I am a little lost reading this post... I normally run P3D along with AS16, and a charts program...not many exe. What is the best AM for my 6700k HT on? And how i can know the best setting for the AS16 bat? How do you use the program? Any special setup?
  7. Guys what AM are you using while using Gsync? Any special setting?
  8. One thing, if you are going to overclock, then buy a good Z170 MB. Skylake don't have integrated VRM so the MB do the job. If the MB is not top the voltages can cause issues.
  9. Tested the tip by the OP and it works very good. Now i have a pretty smooth 3.4 with payware airport and aircraft. Only see some minor stutters when panning to one side while flying, but i think is impossible to get rid of these in P3D?
  10. I have a weird problem in P3D 3.4 I just fresh installed it on my new system. Tested with no addons and all is good. But now, if i opne P3D and start a flight FPS are 10-15. If i open another windows, like Task Manager, Chrome etc FPS increase to 60-70 (Aerosoft A320 and LEMG)...If i click in P3D window to use it FPS decrease back to 10-15. Any idea? EDIT: Solved by a reboot.
  11. Useful info for me. Will test these values for AM in my 6700k HT on.
  12. I have an 6700k with an AsRock OC Formula MB. My plan is to overclock it to 4,5 what i think is a moderate oc. I had my 2600k overclocked to 4,6 for about 6 years with no problems at all, and sold it like new. My cooler is Noctua NH-D14.
  13. Good news here! Just finishing tune of my new rig! i7 6700k and Asus Z170 Gaming Pro. Now my 1070 feels better. What an improve on overall P3D experience! With no cfg touch, only max power and single display with Gsync On in NCP the sim runs very very good. At Aerosoft Malaga and 777 at ground FPS are 50-60 and smooth experience.
  14. Today i will receive my new i7 6700k with an Asus Z170 Gaming Pro and 16GB of Ripjaws V 2400Mhz...
  15. No. I lock in P3D. Tested many numbers but always unlocked resulted in a more smooth sensation No i am testing in Malaga. 20 Frames is not a little bit? Even, think that limiting Frames with Gsync is an error. Also my monitor can't run at 30Hz. I have about 35-40 Fps in ground with 777 and As, and the sim is smooth, but some stutters because frame drops below this values. Maybe i need an 6700k.
  16. When i lock FPS i get poor stutters.
  17. More tests. Seems that with Gsync i have a pretty smooth sim, but noticed that sometimes FPS drops below 30 and possibly cause stutters. Is normal that FPS drops with my system and Aerosoft scenery and PMDG 777?
  18. Thanks for this post. I am fighting with P3D to get eid of the microstuttering and can't. Will test tonight.
  19. Wow. I just purchased a Gsync monitor. It's painful Would be better to have a 30Hz for sim. What monitors are 30Hz capable?
  20. I just read it. I have tested many things and read many posts here and there but no luck. I had installed P3D 3.3.5 before and unistalled. Maybe the files remaining that i does not deleted are possibly causing issues?
  21. Hi guys. I try mamy times to have a smooth as my X-Plane 10 P3D but never achieved the objective. Recently i upgraded to a 1070 and a 24' Gsync monitor. The other specs in my signature. 2600k 4,6Ghz HT Off and dedicated SSD. Many many tests with in game settings but always results in a non smooth sim at all even with good FPS. I have a very smooth sim with default ac and scenery and about 100Fps. Gsync works very well. But when i load an Aerosoft airport and PMDG 777 it have micro stuttering always. It have about 40Fps on ground but with some drops below 30. I tested many many setups but can't have smooth as silk. Now i have NI only for SGSS 4x. NCP with max power and Gsync. 144hz. Can you help me to get rid of those stutters? Thanks
  22. Take a look at my System in the signature. Now i have a 24' Gsync monitor. I have very good performance with Gsync and default aircraft, but with PMDG 777 i have microstutters with all settings i have tested. I down the sliders, put high, tested all. Fresh cfg. No NI only for SGSS. In Aerosoft airport and PMDG i have about 40 Fos on ground. With default aircraft and scenery i have about 100 and very smooth sim. No AM. HT off. Can you help to identify my cause of microstuttering? It's a good performance sim but with micro stutters.
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