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  1. Just bought the AOC G2460PG. Seems that it is one of the best monitors in 24 with Gsync, if not the best.
  2. Hi guys! I am looking to replace my Dell U2311H monitor to a new one with GSync technology, but don't know how to select one. I saw Acer XB241H, Acer XB271HU... I want a good one but no the most expensive...only want smoothness in the sim. You can see my system specs in my signature. Thanks
  3. I am on holidays until 9th September so i will wait for P3D version. An insta buy for me. Will reinstall P3D only for it (now i am on XP10 only).
  4. P3D Ok, think that i am near to find a solution. Was testing limiting frames with Rivatuner and i see some improvement. Sometimes i see complete smooth sim but have stutters remains. I made: Limit FPS to 30 with Rivatuner Set Vsync ON and Triple Buffer ON in Nvidia Control Panel I am testing now different AM but cant find the good one. See that sometimes when load the flight the sim is complete smooth but after a few seconds when i am taking off stutters starts...
  5. Seems that P3D is not for me... I can achieve 50FPS easy with complex aircraft and scenery but no 60 even with low sliders, and i have a 60Hz monitor. Will come back to X-Plane again
  6. Thanks for all the asnwers guys...will continue making tests. I have a 2600k with HT Off
  7. Tested disabling REX with no results. I can achieve 50 FPS average in Aerosoft LEPA Evolution and NGX, and the sim looks smooth but not as silk... Some minor ¿stutters?...not smooth at all. Can Windows 10 cause this issues? Just seen this: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=113543 Another question. My monitor is a Dell U2311H and is connected with DVI. Will improve to use Displayport cable?
  8. Tested with 3 and 2 option but no results... It's strange, view span is perfectly smooth but from the cockpit the scenery stutters a bit. Will test to disable REX textures, but don't think this can be the cause. I have 1024 clouds and all options enabled.
  9. Testing contunues... Do a driver clean with DDU. Testing with default scenery and aircraft and with 100-140 FPS, i don't have the smooth sensation i want...
  10. I'm testing P3D V3 again now, but i think there are many possibilities that it does not remain in my SSD. Can't achieve the smooth as silk sensation.
  11. I have tried 30 locked in game but also no smooth. My monitor is 60hz
  12. Ok now i am in this setup but can't achieve the smooth sim in AS LEPA and NGX for example. 2600k @ 4,6Ghz with HT Off 1024 32bit REX Clouds Adaptive 1/2 Vsync in Nvidia Control Panel My cfg:
  13. Yes enabled HT and was putting AM 85. I ran without anything also but i don't achieve smooth sim
  14. That was the solution! Now runs. But if i add Affinity Mask to cfg it does not start...strange
  15. Ok, tested! Even with the three in True P3D does not start. Can i delete this file and let's P3D generate a new one?
  16. Thanks! Will test. But i does not installed any new addon now. This is my dll.xml:
  17. Please i need help...have a problem. Was testing enbaling Hyper Threading in the CPU, and now all times i open P3D it doesn't appears. It shows the first loading windows but after anything appears, but P3D task is running if i open tasks admin.
  18. I have a 2600k @ 4,6Ghz. HT is off but can enable ir. What AM is good for me?
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