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  1. So today I decided to capture a video showing my experience. However, Murphy had boarded the flight and in this flight it was working flawlessly!..... both PBE and FBW version recognized my voice accurately for the first time. The only thing I changed was using the home airbus FBW a32nx livery. is it possible that it is a livery issue?? I mean, all my previous attempts were on custom liveries downloaded from flightsim.to. I'll complete this flight, then make another one with a livery and check back here
  2. Hi Brian Yes, I did all that as troubleshooting after first time experiencing this. Moreover, this wouldn't work on pbe as well if if I wouldn't do this troubeshooting, right? Including clean Uninstall and reinstal of fbw and fs2crew and pbe. No help. Should I open a ticket?
  3. I am positive.... I have had p3d v5 installed and used many fs2crew products with no issues with it until lately uninstalled and currently only msfs (after factory setting and reinstalling win 10) So to me it happens only in this fs2crew version.
  4. I tried both the open mic and ptt. I definitely prefer ptt which is working great with pbe, but in fbw version it's so hard to get it to understand me. And my spoken English is fluent....
  5. I trained and refrained my voice several times. It's not the case. I fly with zero ambient noise and with my headset on. Something weird is going on because in pbe it works perfectly. With the fbw version I am forced to use button control😒. Annoying especially when flying vr. The assist is on, I need to repeat myself several times and rarely it understands me....
  6. Hi. I am experiencing issues with my voice recognition in fs2crew FBW a32nx version. Its works perfectly in PBE...... but in a32nx it rarely understands what i say and i have to repeat myself many times or move to button control which is very annoying since i fly parts of the flight in VR.. I'm using LifeChat LX-300. Please advise.
  7. Hi all, These are my findings after around 10 flights: 1. fs2crew doesn't detect that I have config 1+F (identifies as 0, and saying "are you sure about that?") during before takeoff checklist. same goes for ADIRS - its on NAV but fs2crew asks "are you sure about that?". same for signs on/auto. 2. fs2crew doesn't operate the seatbelt signs. just voice. 3. fs2crew doesn't operate the strobes. just voice. 3. during descent, FO doesn't start LS although selected in settings I did uninstall and reinstall both a32nx and fs2crew without luck. Is it just me or these are known issues that I've missed?
  8. I can confirm that I also am observing severe fps lose and stutters with 1.3 + FS2crew 1.0A + Navigraph. Closing navigraph charts increases the fps a little bit. With other aircraft addons i get normal FPS. Hope this gets fixed.
  9. Hi guys, After checking again, regradless of REX SkyForce 3D - it happens only with QW 787-10.
  10. Hello, Any update on this issue? I have CP and QW787 (and other add on aircrafts) and AS for p3dv4 and REX skyforce 3D. in all other add on aircrafts no issue. its only in QW787, where it becomes unresponsive for 10-20 second sometimes more sometimes less, but not only in the exterior cams but also the interior/VC ones, making my flight un-flyable. I don't want to revert to EZDOK..... Suggestions?
  11. I have the same with QW787. Works perfectly with the other planes e.g. FSLABS A320. any conclusion?
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