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  1. Hi again I would also let you know that I have been in dialogue with Balthasar on this issue, and he is looking into it. It seems to me there is an inconsistency in the transition between ground traffic and airborne traffic. Let's hope as you say he can find a solution. That would be great 🙂
  2. Actually I came here to start a topic on this very issue, and noticed this. I use RealTraffic as provider. For the time being I'm testing both versions of PSXseecontraffic (MSFS and P3d), and this behaviour is rather consistent now in both versions. The aircraft taxi to rwy, and when takeoff rolling a little and then suddenly disappears, and then reappear when the aircraft is airborne. I cannot say if this is because of the aircraft is lost in the traffic stream, but of course that could be. Just thought I'd report it, in case I was not the only one experiencing this. BTW I just tested this on KDEN, and the ac taking off rom rwy 08, there was a gap in the stream from about a couple of 100 meters down the rwy until airborne. Then again, other aircraft is displayed all the way on the very same rwy. This is a strange inconsistency EDDF rwy 25C is another example of this behaviour. I guess this is as it is, and not better than the data fed. Maybe just the RealTraffic stream is getting of less quality now than earlier days. Anyone know if the RT stream update has longer intervals now than before?
  3. This version finally made me jump to 5.1, from 4.5hf3. I had bought a new PC this fall due to MSFS2020, and never installed 4.5 on that. After being stuck with MSFS2020 and A320 mod for some time which honestly is very buggy, I came to miss P3D and all it has to offer, as I have a lot of investments in add-ons for that platform already - namely PMDG aircraft, Activesky (real weather as opposed to MSFS weather being not so real), add-on airports, GSX ,PSXseecontraffic etc. First flights in 5.1 HF1, and I'm very impressed. Think the lighting was very good at default - not at MSFS2020 level, but more than enough to enjoy. Better frames, less stuttering also than MSFS2020. Now I think I will move back to flying main time on P3D, leaving MSFS2020 for a while until PMDG get their ac released for that platform whenever that will be.
  4. Very nice, will test it out as soon as possible 🙂
  5. I agree but a lot of labor to keep updated 🙂
  6. I guess this is the solution, then. I better set up a generic white livery for the B738.
  7. OK, so now I've updated all the changed Norwegian reg-numbers to keep up to date 🙂 Guess that is the best solution! And now, onto Ryanair who has changed a bunched of aircraft to malteese register
  8. So if Realtraffic report reg-number as callsign, there will be a random spawned aircraft, why?
  9. I don't, only trying to find out if any settings cause random spawned aircraft. My setting is default
  10. Come to think of it, would the hidden parameter RANDOM=false prevent this from happening?
  11. Actually no such lines, here's the log with lines before and after: 19:17:40 Live: 3, Parked: 34 NAX775 LN-NGM TRD ->OSL B738 =r= NRS B738W Norwegian Air UK G-NRWY WIF57D LN-WIB OSL -> DH8A =r= WIF DH8A SE-RPG SE-RPG OSL -> B738 =x= RAM B738 CN-RGH 19:22:17 Live: 5, Parked: 33 SAS286 LN-RRH BGO ->OSL B738 =R= SAS B738 LN-RRH
  12. OK, here's the matching line from the log: SE-RPG SE-RPG OSL -> B738 =x= RAM B738 CN-RGH The reg number SE-RPG did not appear in neither the AI-liveries.xml nor the data/regcodes.xml
  13. Yes, I am using the "real time parking only" feature. And I think restricting this function to only real is perpaps a good solution for users like myself. I think the most important for immersion is the aircraft at the right gate if I had to choose between the two options. This is because many airlines use the same gate all the time, also at smaller airports. Take my home airport ENCN, the KLM always is parked at a specific gate, the same for NAX, WIF and SAS. At larger airports, as ENGM, the domestic terminal does not have KLM, DLH, BAW etc. parked. Also WIF DHC is always parked at the end of the domestic terminal (smaller gates), not the ordinary A320/737 gates, so the soft options kinda ruins this. The WIF often become soft because transponder is not on until gate. Time is not of the essence, I think 🙂
  14. In my case, this is how it used to be (I think). However, yesterday I experienced again the follwing. SE- regged NAX flight from ENGM, no callsign only reg - was matched with a Air Maroc 737, log showing -x- Many LN- NAX aircraft have been re-registered in swedish register lately, and my ATC-ID= in flightsim section is not all updated. I think this is not the correct behaviour. If no reg is found, the Air Maroc should not be spawned. About a minute later, the traffic stream had a callsign of NAX, but still the RAM 737 taxied and took off. If no matched reg, there should be no ac spawned until a callsign identifying the airline apperar in traffic stream. I am using Realtraffic
  15. I have noticed a bug in the later versions. Previously, the aircraft with no callsign spawned based on reg number, if the reg number was found for that particular air-frame. If no reg number was found, it only spawned once the callsign appeared. Now in latest version the ac spawns with the log showing =x= even if no callsign or reg number is found, I think this is a bug.
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