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  1. I did a complete install, so I don't think that matters
  2. I have the same issue. Hope there will be a fix. Tried installing previous version, same issue. Back to reinstalling the latest version, issue still there. Seems related to this file: "eham_ground_v5.bgl"
  3. Hi Nico I just installed PSXT for P3D new version 5.4 (have not used P3Dfor a long time). I noticed there seems to be a bug in the P3D version which makes defined special liveries show up anyway as static parked, when they are defined and should be treated as special livery in the regcode file: Example from log, initial load: D10 : CXI10_ CXI B738 =2= AIGAIM_Corendon Airlines Europe Boeing 737-800WL - SN 1. FC Nuernberg logojet From regcode file AIG_CorendonAirlinesEurope_Summer_2022v3: AIGAIM_Corendon Airlines Europe Boeing 737-800WL - SN 1. FC Nuernberg logojet;9H-CXA
  4. A year has passed since P3D was removed from my system. It was fun flyring the PMDG 777 again on v.5.4. Worked flawlessly. Only thing not working still on 5.4 is Flytampa EHAM, which has strange ground textures. Has not found the reason yet, but perpahps some layering issue.
  5. Same problem here ATM, seems like a server issue
  6. I know it's not perfect everywhere. What I wonder, is why some aircraft land perfectly and the next one doesn't. It seems to me there are some strange issue in the data stream. I've reported it to Balthazar This day, the QNH was 1023 at LPMA at the time I made the observations. I did notice the QNH turn red at some point, but after a restart the issue was still there. This airport has been tricky before, but sometimes they land perfectly with PSXT, and when they do it's very immersive with that special approach 🙂
  7. There is still some inconsistencies in live data: Spotting at LPMA today with these observations: LPMA 2023-04-15 TIME PERIOD UTC 08:00-08:40 EJU17MZ OE-IVM LIS->FNC Landed perfectly, no lag EDW284 HB-IJW ZRH->FNC Too high on approach LGL71FN LX-LGQ LUX->FNC Pause on downwind, reappear to high on short final TAP1699 CS-TJR LIS->FNC Lag/pauses on approach, too high on short final TRA7T PH-HXA AMS->FNC Lag/pauses on approach, too low on short final
  8. Maybe related to this: https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=41842.msg395371#new
  9. Then I suspect you have not updated to the latest AIG Southwest package with the One Click Installer, which would remove older liveries. My regcode-files are normally only compatible with the latest release (you can check with the year/season tag of the file). AIGAIM_Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700WL - OC Maryland One;N214WN was in the 2021 package, but not in the 2022 package released by AIG in february of this year.
  10. I hope AIG will re-do SAS soon. This is a package missing a lot of models, A320, A321, A321 neo, new livery 737, Star Alliance A319's. The 2021 package simply does not have the correct livery for A319 at the moment, so the regcode file is based on that reality.
  11. I would add to this, that the AIG-packages is not always complete coverage of all liveries of a particular airline. Sometimes a model or livery is parked when the AIG-package was released, and then they skip that livery. In the meantime, the airline resume using that aircraft and livery, but real time update of the AIG-packages is obviously not possible. They are updated one or two times a year at most. Some of the packages are still from 2019, and there could be much changed since then. Also, there are some packages that has bugs in the livery mapping of a aircraft liveries, or there are simply no repaint available for that particular livery.
  12. The AIG regcode-files included in PSXT is made only to match latest versions of AIG aircraft and liveries from the AIG Manager, not FSLTL. If both packages is installed, naturally there will be inconsistencies.
  13. Great that you found the problem and thank you for the fix!
  14. This issue seems to have re-appered in latest version. Now inline-regcode overule my regcode-file instead of the other way around as it should: As you can see here, these two reg-codes are on the same line in the regcode-file, but calls two different liveries. From log-file: AVA9722 N426AV CLO->BOG AVA A320 =1= AIGAIM_Avianca Airbus A320-200 - CFM - Old Livery AVA9759 N481AV CTG->BOG AVA A320 =1= AIGAIM_Avianca Airbus A320-200 - CFM From regcode-file "regcodes\AIG_Avianca_Summer_2021.txt" AIGAIM_Avianca Airbus A320-200 - CFM;N230AC,N253AC,N281AV,N345AV,N401AV,N411AE,N411AV,N416AV,N426AV,N4304,N446AV,N451AV,N481AV,N538AV,N567AV,N664AV,N763AV,N862AV,N950AV,N951AV,N954AV,N955AV,N961AV,N980AV,N992AV From AIG aircraft.cfg: [fltsim.61] title=AIGAIM_Avianca Airbus A320-200 - CFM - Old Livery model=AVA-Avianca_CFM - Old Livery texture=AVA-Avianca_CFM - Old Livery atc_id=N426AV atc_airline=AVIANCA atc_parking_types=GATE,RAMP atc_parking_codes=AVA ui_manufacturer=Airbus ui_type=Airbus A320-200 ui_variation=Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia S.A.(Avianca) ui_typerole=Commercial Airliner ui_createdby=Provided by: JB Filename: FAIB A320 Avianca Columbia FSX.zip description=FAIB_A320-200_CFM-CFM(fs20) isAirTraffic=1 isUserSelectable=0 icao_airline=AVA
  15. I have noticed this as well, but not nescessarly on the latest release. Some airports seems to mirror the ADSB radio signals, oftentimes in the corner of the terminals. KBOS and LOWW are examples. When you check the same aircraft in FR24 you can see the same aircraft move around alot. Another explaination could be less accurate transmission/radio-noise from that particular aircraft.
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