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  1. Lorenzog

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    For me, no problem with P3D.
  2. What your job??? 🙂
  3. Lorenzog

    X-Plane Developer Q&A

    Vulkan: End of year window is going to be a very tight deadline; great for increasing CPU usage and reducing stuttering; addons that draw in 3D (not objects) will need to be adjusted for Vulkan (planes, scenery and 2D addons should just work); Vulkan does not use the current .glsl shaders 11.30: New shaders that will work with Vulkan; private alpha should be released this week; cloud transparency bug fixed last night; jet engine wind milling to be improved SLI/Crossfire: Unlikely to ever be supported as it's just a waste of time; not very effective; hard to get it working Particle system: Windshield effects unlikely to be modelled without 3rd part hack (because they aren't really particles in a 3D sense, so hard to add); scenery support is on the roadmap, but may not ship in 11.30 ATC system: VFR and real-world procedures biggest requests; will be an ever-evolving thing; work has begun by re-doing the voice system, which has unearthed a lot of unknown bugs; will use Text-To-Speech to do voice, then post-process it in FMOD -> faster to code; bugs will then be fixed and also flying into mountains Scenery: To have FMOD and particle system eventually; to become compatible with things such as IVAP Seasonal textures: Likely never going to happen (it's just too time-consuming) Night lighting range: Still unknown due to performance issues Citation X: Discussed, nothing new mentioned Sea planes: Austin (Founder and King) will get seaplane rating soon, then he'll get the data he needs Brown tiles bug: [A bit like the XPLM bug] Hard to reproduce, but DO FILE MORE BUG REPORTS IF YOU GET THEM Water: To be improved at some point Tail dragger ground handling: Now better in 11.30 due to better aerodynamics World Editor (WED): Next version to include OpenStreetMap and other data Mobile: Update this autumn; aircraft will be improved, but much the same as desktop: time-consuming
  4. Lorenzog

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    I hope not the B757
  5. Lorenzog

    Any news on 4.2 update?

    A missing feature is PBR.
  6. Lorenzog

    Revisiting FSW...

    Every time a new version of Prepar3D comes out, all developers must update their products, this is absurd!
  7. New flight simulator? http://deadsticksimulator.com/ fb https://www.facebook.com/DeadstickSimulator/
  8. https://www.gearbest.com/pc-headset/pp_423476.html?wid=44
  9. Lorenzog

    Update 8: Truesky (1.2.19365.0) Now Live

    The SDK is in development.
  10. Lorenzog

    Update 8: Truesky (1.2.19365.0) Now Live

    As part of Early Access we have made some dramatic changes to the skies. By integrating trueSKY technology, Flight Sim World now has an immersive advanced weather system. Volumetric fog and haze add extra challenges to your flight experience, while magnificent sunrises and sunsets wait for you above the clouds! nothing 3d clouds?
  11. Lorenzog

    FSW scenery

    https://forums.dovetailgames.com/threads/ny-city-anyone.1591/ ;-)
  12. By chance on Facebook, I found this Russian flightstick. There is also a version available for left-handers. In DCS it's a must i have. ttps://www.virpil.by/en/ https://www.facebook.com/VirPilControls/?hc_ref=ARRvvfdoPVut8Z62YipJv4v_ilXU_-5igfqX4jcOyVEU1yqQvyFiHk_ePI-L1swMxaE
  13. Lorenzog

    FSW and its future

    The last few updates have been relatively small in comparison to what we have planned. We are looking to drop some huge updates later this month. https://forums.dovetailgames.com/threads/update-from-stephen-hood.1520/#post-9628