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  1. Have latest upgrade on all 3.P3d 4.4.16, fsuipc 5.15. FSRealTime 1.99cThe loading terrain data when flying on offset on FSRT with auto update on keeps popping-up and trying to revert back to local time and FSRT then re-sync to offset time.fsuipc fs clock sync'd and system time are unchecked.checked various forum and still unable to find solutions...tks for any help
  2. claude217

    P3d v4.4 / fsuipc / fsrealtime conflict

    this am, completely removed FSUIPC, clean-up, re-boot.did an offline flight in Alaska time zone PST, re-set FSReal time to offset my time zone EST.did a local circuit for approx 30min. FSReal time maintain the offset.Should have done that before creating topic.will fly more flights on line and see.tks to all.
  3. claude217

    P3d v4.4 / fsuipc / fsrealtime conflict

    this am, just found out at the start, selected world, time season changed to Alaska time zone. (Z-8)Double check FSUIPC FS clock sync'd and system time = unchecked.after 5 minutes, P3d v4.4 returned to my local time zone Z-4 (CYUL)No FS Real time at that time.Therefore believe the conflict is between P3d v4.4.16 and FSUIPC 5.15.tks