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  1. I will be launching my new photography website sometime next week, stay tuned!

  2. FSX is running like a dream, new system has been built and she's working better than ever!!

  3. Finally a new system in the works, this one is going to be a BEAST. Specs are on my profile.

  4. Why I only just upgraded to an SSD is beyond me - SUPER fast!! #840EVO

  5. DX10 - super awesome, never seen FSX look and perform so good! :)

  6. Space Grey iPhone 5S - much better than my old 4S. Love it!

  7. iOS 7GM is Really Awesome! Public Release Sep 18th.

  8. WOW! She is a beauty!

  9. Release? "gets down on his knees and prays"

  10. Are we there yet? #PMDGT7

  11. Norwegian Air Shuttle, easily one of the best airlines I've flown!

  12. Copenhagen, only word is: beautiful!

  13. Copenhagen, Denmark (EI626)

  14. OMG....This heat is insane!

  15. 17°C and going up to 20°C during the unlike Ireland!

  16. Never knew FSX had shooting stars. So cool!