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  1. You can back these up onto an external drive if you have one. This product has made FSX feel like nearly a new sim. It's great. USA looks good, Europe looks good, and the border of FTX England and Global Wales blends reasonably well. Slight colour difference and there were clear differences between the FTX landclass and default. China Looks 100 times better, and Japan looked much more believable than default. I thought I would go somewhere remote, so loaded up in iceland and at this moment was completely blown away and felt my $100 were well spent. It was amazing. the colours, autogen, everything made it look and feel like iceland. based only off seeing it in images and videos.
  2. hmm Shame on the fps, I wouldn't expect it to change from changing textures. The night lighting I expect to give a small hit, but not half. I struggle enough with fps as is, and I just purchased. WORRIED.
  3. Use the Long Turn and Short turn panel states. Normally at the start of the day, engineers will go in and power up the aircraft, the crew will then come along for the first flight of the day with the aircraft in a long turn state. If you are starting the flight over a turn-around, use the short turn where all the initial set up has been completed.
  4. Having just recently tried flight I was VERY impressed. It looks beautiful, smooth, exactly what FS11 should have been. This sim, with the features of FSX such as AI, ATC and world coverage, 64bit, would be the perfect modern successor to FSX. Good work trying to improve the experience for those who find enjoyment in the platform.
  5. Actually it has been over 3. The project showed promise, but completely fell apart from the day they released the basic. The Aerosoft and upcoming FSlabs airbus have made following this project completely irrelevant if you are a FSX user. For FS9 user's it is likely the best bus available. And with the flight1 30 days policy there is no harm in giving it a go.
  6. Look's great, But is anyone else getting textureless (jet black) windsock's? This seem's to be the only bug I have found.
  7. YAY! And now with the Orbx AU regions been so cheap, I can complete Australia and have nce freeware airports to enhance it.
  8. Good work guys! The new AA looks great, Can't wait to have it in my hanger.
  9. Thanks. And yes its an open page. Click on the link in my signature to have a look.
  10. These are great! Does anyone mind if I upload these to my Flightsim memes facebook page? (link in my signature) You will be stated as the author.
  11. Hello Avsim. Some posts in the PMDG NGX forum gave me the idea to make a Flightsim Memes page on facebook. If you have a facebook account feel free to like the page, and if you wish, contribute. https://www.facebook.com/FlightSimulatorMemes Thankyou.
  12. Chris Exelent Southwest paints, Bring on some more. I need my fix :P I downloaded all of them last night, and they are stunning. I was extra surprised when i went into the cabin and the interior was even colored in!. Is it possible to add the colored interior to other paints? Or is that texture linked to other parts of the plane?
  13. Seriously? You are saying you are happy with just the LR. No one is saying you cant have this. The MAJORITY of potential customers will like the option to buy the 200ER expansion, Showing to PMDG that it will be a worthwhile investment to model this variant. If i'm honest, you need to grow up and stop been so selfish.
  14. As I said in my post above, maybe not very clearly. People want to fly in the sim the aircraft they see when they are at the airport, or the aircraft they have flown on. Im am sure very few of us here have actually flown on the 200LR, It is very rare in real life. The ER or A models im sure most of us posting in this thread have flown on as a passenger. The LR and F are the only T7 models I haven't flown on Also, as im sure your aware, PMDG users like to be very realistic in their operation of there aircraft, so operating the 200LR for an airline on a route operated by the classic models wont sit well for some users. Obviously there are those who will be happy with just the base pack. but many more will want the expansions. Slightly veering off topic now, and going into a little speculation. I know and understand the reasons for the 200LR been the base pack and I think this choice will work in PMDG's favor profit wise as the least popular model is the base so people feel they need to buy the expansions of the more popular models. I can see there been 2 or 3 expansions to the 777. The 200LR base pack, which may or may not include the LRF, The 300ER package, and a classics package which includes the 200A/ER 300A. The F could be included in any of those packs or be a standalone package.
  15. WOW, ONLY 7700nm! :Hypnotized: Seriously, Thats huge. I cant think of any flight I want to simulate that is longer than that. As some examples. Dubai to Melbourne is 6400nm, This is a Loooong flight, as anyone who has flown it can confirm. Dubai to San Francisco is 7625nm, So right on the edge of the ERs envelope. This is a Very Long flight! Singapore to London is 5923nm, Hong Kong to New York is 7431nm Melboure to Los Angles is 6902nm. This is just an example of some Very long flights that are doable in the ERs 7700nm. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it is obvious the community demands these models, (9 in 10 PMDG users want the 200A/ER modeled) as they are the ones they see and fly on when they travel. It is very rare to see a LR. In my personal opinion they should do the 300A as well. This is my favorite variant, I don't know why, but it always has been. Even more so after I enjoyed a very comfortable 6 hours on one a few weeks ago.
  16. Shanghai Airlines 737-800 B-5316. Flew on her last week. Would appreciate it if anyone would be able to do it for the NGX. Thankyou.
  17. Is anyone able to do a Shanghai airlines 737-800? I flew on them the other day, and would like to recreate the flight when I get home.
  18. Chris Your work is fantastic. I wouldn't think it will be long until some professional developers start banging on your door asking you to paint for them. And in those latest pics, do i noticed customized colors on the seat???? Amazing!
  19. Just look through the CDU options menus to see what the plane is equipped with. You can see on the first page what approach setting it has.And just a little pet-Peeve, why is it when people request liveries for the classic 737s they seem to ask for it on a 600?? FYI the 400 is closest on size to the 800 the 300 is the same size as the 700 the 500 is the same size as the 600
  20. Mitch, with so many ngs in the KLM fleet it is likely there is variations between the different aircraft. The star probably means it's accurate to that particular registration. Have a look for cockpit photos of the Regos pmdg painted and see if they match the NGX options.
  21. Why was this thread unpinned? It was a great reference to see what repaints where cooking. Now it's just going to get lost in all the other threads.
  22. John Its up to you, its your repaint. I don't care that much "Airline of Virgin Blue" defiantly looks like a patch job livery, you can see the different colour of red along the fuselage where the PB titles once where. And James, regarding VUD, I mention in my original post that it was re-registered as ZK-PBG, not PBJ as you had.
  23. John, For the Pacific Blue, I actually have some specific rego requests.As you would know, there are PB aircraft registerd to both Aus and NZ. (A small number of the australian fleet are in PB colours, and it's funny that out of 5 flights on DJ 800s 4 have been on a PB painted aircraft. :) )Anyways, I would like to seeVH-VUDZK-PBG(The same aircraft. Was transferred to NZ when they started the domestic flights there. I got to go in the flight-deck and sit in the FO seat in 2006, that's when I made up my mind 100% that I wanted to be a pilot, a historic moment in my life :) )Not as important, but would also like VH-VOX, I flew on it the same day as VUDI hope you consider my silly suggestions :(
  24. Chris, that looks amazing. You certainly have some skill!
  25. Anyone wish to do Oman Air. Beautiful livery.
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