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  1. All I can say is that I have used the bcdedit switch on my Vista 32 bit system for years without problem. And I do video editing on this system, also.The OP has a nice system. It won't help with OOM, but I think his computer would benefit from the low prices on better GPUs. I have run an 8800gt (pretty much the same as your 9800gt) and my current GTX 260. Subtle, but there is improvement. And you can get much more GPU now for much less than I paid for mine.While a 64 bit system may be the best way to go, it is not the only way.
    Just a small suggestion...FS....FSX or FS2004, will work just fine even on 7600GT series cards, or ATI X1800...even older one will work just fine with FS. In FS, it's not problem in GPU, CPU is one that counts.With 16GB of memory, and, for example GTX590 the world best graphic card, but with some old dual core processor, you can be happy if you can run FSX on LOW settings with 15fps max.

  2. Adding 3GB switch to x86 system is not a very good idea, it will only "delay" some things so to say. Installing a x64 system, as someone said, and adding to FS exe file LARGE ADDRESS AWARE is different thing.Generally speaking, adding 3GB switch to x86 system will not help at all...There is million reason for OOM...scenery, add on aircraft, etc...After 10 years, i've never had OOM in FS. The only thing that make my FS "memory leak" was CLS planes. Because they put textures in wrong place and double them, but they learn a lesson so there is tutorial on their forum how to fix it.I never see FS using more than 1GB memory, with PMDG, lvlD, IFLY, Overland...even after 14 hours of flight, FS act like it was started after 5 minutes ago.

  3. In Win7 the first thing I did after I installed Win7 was to turn UAC completely off and I have never right clicked on any program and installed as "admin"
    Man is right...turn off UAC, the thing is totally useless and just make things worst. Press win logo or start, and in search programs and files, enter UAC and press ENTER, than just move slider to the bottom to "Never Notify". After that you will always have admin rights, without "run as..." thing.

  4. Thanks for the reply...Well, that's the problem...i can't see what the problem is. It just stay black after alt+tab back to FS. Yesterday i leave it for two hours...it just stay black. In task manager, there is no "not ressponding" or something...everything is "normal", but it's not. As i said, work fine in windowed mode, but full screen...no way.It work if you don't touch alt, to bring up the menu, or alt/tab to do something else, browse the internet for example. If you bring the menu, it stay black for a one minute maybe, back to normal, but than your cursor change color to BLACK, again, and than...what should i do with it when i can't see it in the dark.

  5. Is it possible that everyone have this problem on win7 x64, and there is no solution for it?In full screen, when you press Alt for menu, everything goes black, and your mouse become black too. Alt+Tab, switching back to FS, black screen than CTD. Even those compatibility things on exe file, don't work. Same thing with or without them.I know that everything work in windowed mode, but why not in full screen? I'm really seconds away to turning back on XP...

  6. Here is some examples of mesh resolution's that fs2004 can support :Terrain Max Vertex Level 19 20 21 22 23Max Terrain Display Resolution 76.4m 38.2m 19.1m 9.6m 4.8mMax Terrain Mesh LOD RequiredLOD 9LOD 10LOD 11LOD 12LOD 13 So...basically, if you're mesh resolution, from FSX is not higher than LOD13, 4,8m, with MVL of 23, you can use it in FS2004.But, if you want to use high resolution meshes in FS2004, you must made some corrections in fs9.cfg.For example, if you use LOD13 mesh, under "Terrain Max Vertex Level" you must put value of 23.Hope this can help.

  7. I have to reinstall the system, so i have few questions.If i make a backup of fs9 folder from documents and settings, and place it back after reinstall, will FS9 work again? With registry fix of course...And, my FS is right now on other partition, but compressed, *windows compression* ( Opa's suggestion ) will it stay compressed after reinstall ? Thanks in advance.

  8. First, please don't throw rocks on me...but i don't like VC at all. It's just my opinion...instrument panel, both of them, main and overhead, are great...but those windows and front windscreen are huge. On fourth picture, look from a captain seat, is not even close to real one. It was way to better on the old model, than on the new one.Again...that's just my opinion. Cheers!Dalibor Stanojevic

  9. Another suggestion is, NOT to listen default ATC. Cause their vectoring is real comedy, as someone said, you will fly through la la land to capture ILS.I use RL flight plans for example, and RL Sid/Stars. All i need from default ATC is permission to take off and land...sometimes not even that. It's better when you listen Real Life ATC, from LiveATC.net, for example, than default ATC telling you, turn left, turn left, turn left...and than ATC services terminated... :(

  10. If some scenery, airplane, or AI traffic, not working, FS usually tells you that g3d is the problem. g2d is usually relates to panel error, planes 2d cockpit.For some reason, some, not all, ATI cards can cause problems with g2d.Take a look at here, you will find what kind of error you may expect to see in FS, and with what those errors are related to.Hope this can help.http://www.adventure-unlimited.org/faultfinding.php

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