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  1. I wonder if the second advanced tutorial is still in progress, do not hear much about it. Im not asking for release dates, I just want to know if it will be released or not. Thanks in advance
  2. Worth the wait.......Im speechless :(
  3. Flight operations center is also very good, although is not cheap
  4. Thanks Rob for your fast reply. I assume this alert will be displayed in every takeoff unless you select PACKS ON in the MCDU.Asier
  5. Hi allIn the last 2 takeoffs, I have noticed that a level 0 alert is displayed on the EAD showing BLEEDS ALL OFF and dissapears when engaging AUTOFLIGHT. I haven`t noticed about that before, so in the case that this alert appears every time, would be normal, right?Looking at the QRH, it tells, All three bleeds have been turned off for a bleeds off takeoff. Problably this alert will be of no consecuence, but just to ensure.Thanks Asier
  6. Ok so the approach is to the rwy 4R, thats what I wanted to know :( Thanks for your reply MarkusAsier
  7. Hi In the advanced tutorial there is a SEC-PLAN with a different approach to JFK, I would like to know which is the selected approach, as it is not specified in the tutorialThanks Asier
  8. HiCould somebody explain me which is the function of the packs and when are used for takeoff and landing?Thanks in advanceAsier
  9. We NEED an Airbus, does not matter AirSimmers A320, it only will be another choice at the time of buying, IMHO this is not a serious reason not to make an A320. If PMDG finally decides to make the A320 would be fantastic!!, then each one will decide which are they going to buy, maybe both... :( Asier
  10. Hi allIs there any way to know the active runway when landing without using the ATC?Asier
  11. Hi John I think you are talking about the number which appears in the Final Index/Trim, right? If you look at the green band in the centre console you can see three diferent numbers which are 10, 20 and 30, if Im not incorrect, you have to adjust Final index/Trim number in the green band between 10, 20 or 30 depending on the CG calculations.Asier
  12. Hi SamIt would be great if you could post some Easy Fly (Colombian airline) flightplansRegards Asier
  13. Ok thanks guys, forgive my ignorance. It is very obvious, but I have not noticed....sorry :( RegardsAsier
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