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  1. 29 minutes ago, oranjeman said:

    I hope mr Randazzo is still alive and not hanging in a tree....left there by his team because of the company policy 😋

    Or even tied up to a chair and silenced by duct tape... That should explain why he didn't apologise for the delay. LOL!

    I'm LMFAO just thinking on these so called assumptions... Oh... This was a good one. I'm on fire!! LMFAO!!

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  2. 7 hours ago, rsrandazzo said:

    I broke company policy last month and said something along the lines of "oh, yeah- see  ya all on monday with this new update!"

    <insert animation of the PMDG team stoning me for breaking company policy>


    Well, Randazzo... The last post of mine you were crossed at me... you had your reasons and I had mine. Let's forget that over the season and break some policy of my own... The one I myself created stating that "Don't reply or comment on any thread regarding PMDG". Swallowing my pride. That's bad!! 😉

    From you Randazzo, I want a Christmas present: Please don't put your word on something you might not comply. Remember Murphy. He might be dead. You might not see him... But he's always there waiting to see you (and me!) "Crash and Burn".

    This can't be just you changing. In return, I won't give you any more of that hardcore stuff. 

    Putting aside the war ax, and smoking the peace pipe (some powerful "sh*t" that is) 😉 , I wish to extend to you, your team at PMDG, along with my fellow captains, and families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Regarding the update... we are all very anxious (go figure!), but I'm sure we all expect the best.




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  3. 4 hours ago, Olympic260 said:

    Cameras is not standard equipment in the -8 indeed. It seems that Lufthansa like to do all sorts of modifications 🙂

    They may think planes can take everything like their cars. But... Mr Newton is always there to take a bite.

  4. 7 minutes ago, rsrandazzo said:

    2: No estimates.  We are working on the 747 right now!


    Yeah... Some years later I'd say!! Better;) 😉 😉 late than never, some say... 😄  😄  😄 From you and your team, I don't expect less than "AS REAL AS IT GETS". All the best for this new product. I know the simmers will love it. I have an ocean in my mouth.


    After this release, which we all believe will be successful, and added the new features for the 777... Perhaps starting to work on other Boeing, such as the 777X! 😉

  5. Hello PMDG.


    First of all, thank you for making my life more pleasant. Your airplanes are like... should I say what?? REAL?? 😄  😄  😄 Love them! ❤️❤️❤️ 


    Now the 748 (about bloody time!! 😉 )  is here, blunt question:


    WHEN the EFB will be a feature in the T7? Just to to say it should be there from the beginning!! 😞 😞 

  6. Taking advantage of this topic, without going off... You can call me distracted, or something but I do have a question to the PMDG 777 "factory" (like the touch??? ;) ) designers and management:


    Are there any plans of following Boeing's recent developments, indeed taking advantage of the technology on the QOTS dash 8, and creating the next generation T7-9 and -10?? YOU BETTER! :D


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