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  1. Prices are becoming absolutely insane.. Yesterday however the prices fell almost to half (about 450 euro for the gtx 1080ti) and went high again. Does anybody know why?
  2. Hi all, I am planning to go for a 4K monitor. What graphic card specs are esential in order to have a good monitor display? Thanks, Christos
  3. Thanks RichioFly, I use my computer mainly for flight simulation. Going now to P3D v4. In this regard, are they differences in performance between gtx 7700k and 8700k?
  4. Hi all, I am about for a new computer mainly for P3D. 1. Considering the 8700k. Is there great difference with the 7700k? 2. What m/b would be suitable? Thanks, Christos
  5. Thanks for the tip GSalden. I will give it a try. Are there any known problems with fsxwx at P3D v4?
  6. Hi, Does P3D v4 have by default a real-world weather option as in FSX? Thanks, Christos
  7. Hi, I want to go from win7 to win10 for P3D v4. Should it be the pro edition or is the Home edition also ok? Which updates should it include? Thanks, Christos
  8. Hi all, I would need some advice about what motherboard to use in connection with: CPU: Intel i7-7700k and GPU: Nvidia GTX1070 Memory: DDR4 3200 Mhz CL15 Thanks, Christos
  9. Hi, Is it possible to have full screen without the bar on top (with the LM P3D logo)? Thanks, Christos
  10. Hi all, How can I see the version of v4 I have installed? Thanks, Christos
  11. Hi all, I am new to P3D. Where is the "Client installer" located, which is needed to apply the latest hotfix for v4? Thanks, Christos
  12. How have some simmers manage to use the MD-11 in P3D?
  13. Hi all, Ground textures, especially roofs of houses, appear as washed out, too whitish with no vivid colours on them. How can this be improved? Thanks, Christos
  14. Thanks for your reply. Yes I mean v4. Simply speaking, does this mean that we can not add any third party mesh?
  15. Hi all, I am new to P3D. Where is the "Addon scenery" file in P3D? And does it work as in FSX? I want to add some mesh there. Thanks, Christos
  16. Hi all, Re: Pricing of aircrafts for P3D. Do we have any discount when already possessing aircrafts for FSX? Thanks, Christos
  17. Hi all, Is there any way to migrate the MD-11 to Prepar3d? Thanks, Christos
  18. Hi all, Upon installing the Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals cause screen stutters and slow the system down. Terrain looks much more blurred than without them. Is this a known problem? Any solution? Very annoying. I disconnected them and stutters, blurries dissapeared but I would like to use rudder peddals. Thanks, Christos
  19. Hi all, I want to ask if a 3D joystick is a good (or better) substitude for rudder pedals for FSX. Does anybody use them? Comments? Thanks, Christos
  20. Hi all, There are gigantic spikes near the borders of Guatemala and Mexico. Is there any fix about it? Thanks, Christos
  21. Hi all, I wonder if there is any way to display the (physical) thrust levers position as is the case with the 737 and 777. It is very important when disengaging the autothrottle. Thanks, Christos
  22. Hi all, I can not download the direct links.. The result of a "download" is a file that is not a zip file and can not be opened. I need help to download them. Thanks. Chris
  23. HI all, How can I fly a VOR radial? Thanks, Christos
  24. I believe I found what it may cause the problem. The A/P and A/T were not disengaging correctly.. I changed their assignements and it seems to work now.
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