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  1. HI all, I could need some advice on an issue just before touch down. With just 30 ft or less remaining to touch down the plane floats very long or even gains altitude! The speed indication increases and the plane touches down halfway on the runway... The approach speed is correct as well as the configuration. Green box. PS. The latest version of the MD-11 is the 1.20.0055 correct? Thanks, Christos
  2. Hi all, I would like some info if there is any good freeware to display the FMC on my tablet during flight. Can it be used also with the MD-11? Thank, Christos
  3. No I mean the Autothrottle disengage.
  4. Hi all, How can I assign the A/T disengage in a new keyboard assignement? Thanks, Christos
  5. Is there a key for Autothrottle off? How do you deactivate the A/T in the MD-11? (Except the button on the throttle sides).
  6. Hi all, How can I assign some keybord functions for some actions such as A/P and A/T disconect? Thanks, Christos
  7. Hi all, I experience a problem when disconnectiog the A/P at final approach. I press Z twice but the A/P seems not to disconnect. What is the right procedure? Am I missing something? Thanks, Christos
  8. It was directly from PMDG. What should I do to be able to see all my previous orders again? Christos Ourgas
  9. Did it. There are no orders of mine listed at "previous orders". Christos Ourgas
  10. Hi all, I have been away for some time and lost contact with this forum. Need some help to download the new, less memory using, 777. How do I go to eCommerce to download it? Thanks, Christos
  11. Hi all, Flies great but I have a problem slowing her down after passing T/D. The 777 seems not to slow down enough and as a result I am at a much higher speed when reaching finals. I know this a slippery plane. I use speed brakes, enter desired speeds into FMS but I just can't get it right. Any others having the same problem? Thanks, Christos
  12. Hi you reapeinters!Could someone please do an IBERIA fictional 738?Thanks,Christos
  13. I would very much like an Iberia (-800 winglets, fictional).Does anybody know if something is on line? Thanks,Christos
  14. Hi all,Updated the magnetic deviation but still at many airports I am not coming down centerline following approach procedures.The approach line is in many cases to the right of the runway's correct centerline.Is this so or is there a problem? Thanks,Christos
  15. Thanks Domingo,Nice to hear someone else's experience on this matter.I guess there is nothing more we can do about this now.Thanks,Christos
  16. Hi all,Installed it as instructed but still for many airports problem seems not to be fixed.Approching these airports (for example LGTS or TNCM) I am not centerline on final approach and have to correct heading.I am using and older AIRAC cycle (8 months ago). Does this affect it?Anything I may miss out?Thanks,Christos
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