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  1. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/123801-panc-update-for-v4/
  2. It never ends
  3. Patients Grasshopper Patients, it wont be long
  4. LOL! Roadburner
  5. https://youtu.be/nmefnkTvWIw
  6. In P3D v4 i can spawn right in 747 if the fsuipc isnt installed, if its installed i have to spawn in on the default plane first then switch to the 747, i've read that there's issues with fsuipc that they are hopefully working on
  7. i think XP11 looks better without ortho, i deleted it and dont miss it. besides i'd rather have more autogen 3d objects then outdated blurry photo scenery
  8. does any have or know where i can get a Bluebird Cargo livery for the Wilco 737-300 P3D version? or if anybody could make me one i'd pay you for your time thank you
  9. There's nothing you need to add to that Aircraft except the Livery of your choice
  10. It says right in the t7 manual not to map your controls thru fsuipc because the issues your describing
  11. Well i tried :rolleyes: maybe i'll try to see if my buddy Steve Hoffman can come on here and explain it you
  12. The sound files are recorded in 2 channel stereo and are cd quality 16bit /44.1khz if you want to mess with all those files you would have to individually edit them with a program like Audacity For "real" 5.1 sound you would start with a multi-track recording. The tracks can then be "panned", "filtered" and "delayed" to the appropriate speakers to create the desired spacial effect. If you are starting from a stereo mix, the best that you can do is to create a kind of "pseudo" (fake) 5.1 effect. For the centre channel, mix the left and right channels to mono and reduce the bass. For front Left/Right, try the "widen" preset in the Channel mixer plug-in. http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Nyqui ... nnel_Mixer For the rear left/right, try the channel mixer plug-in, You could also try applying a little delay to the rear channels - insert about 40 ms of silence at the start of the track. For the LFE channel, mix to mono and apply a low pass filter. You will need to adjust the levels of the tracks to get it to sound right. For the correct channel mapping, search Google, Different file formats use different channel mappings LOL good luck