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  1. I beg to differ, I think you are totally wrong about that. At my software company we allow piracy but controlled piracy. Piracy is actually the BEST form of marketing and word of mouth. Since we released our 'cracked' version of our software, sales have gone up by 200% I kid you not.
  2. Rotocraft.... Gliders.... Montgolfiere and Zeppellins.... Jetpacks attached to butt.... SpaceX... Ultralights... yes indeed there is a lot missing!
  3. Yes, with my super-duper accounting calculation (hurray for tax declaration day!) The thing I do find a bit misleading about the store is the fact that VAT is not published right next to the price tag and sales button , so I made the purchase with an assumed VAT but I would have appreciated it if they had marked what VAT I was paying. What I don't appreciate is that they forced me to go to the Europe store based on my location. Even in the US, sales tax is different in each state and in Europe VAT is different in each country, so it would be nice if they were to mark the product base price and then show us the calculated tax based on your address or bank details or something else. They make things very complicated for us expats. But then again, if I take todays exchange rate and base a 21% VAT on 78 Euros, then I should have payed 94 Euros instead of 90 and MS lost 4 Euros on todays purchase.
  4. yes, but it is also 119.99 Euros on the Europe store, which comes out more expensive than if you could buy it on the US store. 119.99 USd as of today is 104.8 Euros. This is not for Deluxe, it is for the Premium Deluxe! I only bought Deluxe because that's all I want to invest in it for now.
  5. Ok then I'm completely confused about the pricing and the exchange rates on the store. Especially that I was trying to purchase it in dollars since my bank account is in dollars but I am an expat in Europe, so it forced me to buy on the Europe store and the price seems higher in euros than in dollars. I thought that the higher price could be down to some sort of sales tax issue but the sales tax in the country I am in is about the same as in the state I am from and after having done the accounting math, I figured out that there is actually 8 euros (9 USD) which have vanished somewhere into thin air.. or in someones pocket?
  6. Is this a rip off or what!!! If you order the Deluxe from the US Store, this price is 89.99 Dollars which is 78 Euros at the time of writing but on the European store, I had to pay the price of 89.99 EUROS!!! I'm already feeling scammed.
  7. At least they're not pigs because the day that happens.....
  8. Not sure why people seem to care so much about visuals. Sure, it makes the sim soooo pretty but then again, the only time I actually used a Level-D sim was for my IFR and my MCP / ATPL ratings where 90% of the time I was staring at instruments, checklists, charts and communicating and generally being a good "office manager" and button pusher rather than looking out of the office window and admiring the (mostly non existent) IFR view. A Level-D sim seems like a rather expensive option for VFR training, an hour on one + instructor usually ends up by costing more than an hour flying around in your C172 or whatever GA aircraft you use.
  9. Seriously, what happened to all the parking positions in v5?? How do I get them all back like they were in v4? Any setting I overlooked? I have Orbx on both v4 and v5 and no additional AFCADs on v4 but somehow v4 has a lot more parking positions than v5
  10. Seems like this is becoming a very expensive hobby. MSFS 2020 might be the best entertainment since drugs (I don't do this but I'm sure some people need the money for it), sex ( even if I don't get any of this and I blame technology for this, some people might be) , football, rock n roll, smartphones but sorry, if it is going to start to cost me more than what I pay for essentials ( food, water, drugs , sex, football, church, books, rock n roll, smartphones, cars and petrol, lots and lots of petrol so I can drive around uselessly and waste the planets resources, etc, etc, etc... ) then MS is not getting any more of my money. Gates is rich enough as it is geez!!! All this money just to feed my simming addiction. It's ridiculous!!
  11. HD space, oh definitely a lack of it 😞
  12. ... and if you ever feel like trying X-Plane out, the ZiboMod 737 is simply the best. It is free and a lot more immersive than the PMDG one.
  13. Is it just me or is there just one type of cloud which looks the same everywhere?
  14. That's true... I do recall a few years ago a certain MS Flight.... Everybody was so excited about it and there was so much hype and marketing about it.... but.... Well, we all saw how that turned out. 😄 If MSFS 2020 succeeds, than good on it and jolly good show Asobo, well done but honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be a mega-flop.
  15. Ok, my apologies, this might start getting out of hand... so I withdraw what I said. Lockdown is getting to me too. Still disappointed about the JS41 though 😞
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