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  1. Have you tweaked your FSX config file and lower your settings? You can expect any PMDG plane to get lower FPS just because of how complex its systems are in comparison to just about any other addons in FSX. PMDG planes are probably one of the most complex and realistic virtual planes you can buy for a home simulator. I look at it this way: If you get x fps in FSX with the default 737, you will probably get a third of that fps with PMDG planes.

    Don't forget... this is a flight simulator, not a fast-paced shooter, like Counter Strike or CoD. Smoothness and consistency should be your priority, not a high framerate. To give you an idea, I get about 22 fps at all times in the NGX with FTX Global, FSDT KJFK v2, and REX Essentials+OD (1024 clouds) with a locked 30fps in the skies. Most flight simmers, including myself, are satisfied with 20-30fps... even those with overclocked i7s.


    As I said before, you'll need to edit your fsx.cfg file. There are dozens of config file tweaking guides online and on the forums. If you're too lazy to read up on tweaking go here: http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html

    Another thing to note is that FSX likes quad-core Intel CPUs over 3.0 GHz. I recommend an i5 if you want to maintain at least 20 fps in any PMDG plane. If you list your specs, we can help you with tweaking if you'd like.


    EDIT: Just saw your system specs. They're pretty good. You should be able to maintain at least 25 fps in the T7, but you still need to tweak the fsx.cfg if you haven't already.


    I have - editing the cfg was the first thing I did after installing FSX. I followed Word Not Allowed's tweaking guide and did it all by hand. Settings are high enough for it to look good, but low enough for the framerate to stay at 60 everywhere apart from the most densely populated areas. The only reason I'm trying to achieve 60fps is because 30fps looks TERRIBLE with TrackIR. But I guess I'll just have to live with it.

  2. I just did a complete FSX reinstall a few days ago in an attempt to get the sim to run better, and while it seems that I succeeded (it runs at around 30fps near large cities and airports, and at a steady 60 everywhere else - using various GA aircraft), I just can't get the 777 to work properly. In the exterior view, it runs perfectly, but as soon as I switch to VC view, my framerate drops to somewhere between 10 and 20.


    Now, I do understand it's a very detailed cockpit, but I didn't expect it to be quite THAT detailed. Even with ALL of the graphics settings either unchecked or turned all the way to minimum and with no traffic, I'm struggling to reach 60fps when sitting at some remote dirt airfield in the middle of nowhere. I've even tried to adjust the FMC's performance settings from 15fps down to 5 but didn't see any difference.


    Is there anything else I could do to get it to run better?


    Edit: PC Specs in my profile.

  3. I *think* I might be having the same problem. I was flying from Newark to LAX at 8x time compression and the aircraft was unable to stay on course.


    Also, for some reason, after I disabled auto-cruise after the problem occurred, the aircraft got stuck in a shallow left turn, but the navigation displays were indicating a steep right turn. I tried switching autopilot heading select mode on but it just kept on turning. As a last ditch effort, I disengaged the autopilot and autothrottle in an attempt to regain control, but the aircraft was completely unresponsive. It did, however, appear to hold a constant bank angle, altitude and speed even with A/P and A/T off.

  4. I may be a bit optimistic here, but yes, I believe I could - assuming there were no serious system failures. I know where all the important buttons/switches/other things are located and know the basics of operating the most vital systems (flight controls, FMC, autopilot).


    I've only logged a couple hours in a real airplane (ASK-21 glider) and flown 5 or 6 flights with the PMDG T7, but if I had ATC guiding me to the nearest airport and making sure I did everything right, I don't see any reason why I couldn't do it. It flies just like any other airplane, albeit with a bit more automatization, doesn't it?

  5. Additional information / shameful self bump (as I'm not sure whether the original post and/or this whole thread is visible to others):


    So I just noticed that I had accidentally installed FSX in C:\Program Files, and though it might be a permission problem. So I uninstalled everything (I followed the PMDG clean install guide), reinstalled both FSX and the 777, but I'm still not getting the activation window, and the plane is still messed up.


    I've been googling a bit, and apparently once you have entered the activation key once, you can reinstall the plane (on the same computer, of course) as many times as you want and it should still work just fine. This leads me to believe that something must have caused the activation to fail as this is not the case. Could this be caused by the fact that my FSX installation was in the wrong place as I loaded the plane for the first time?


    Is there any way to completely remove the activation from this computer so that I could enter the key again? Should I file a support ticket to PMDG?




  6. I remember reading somewhere on the forums that the plane can be installed and activated on up to 2 computers at the same time. I tried installing it on my laptop, however, I ran into some trouble:


    On the first install, everything seemed fine, but despite having been activated successfully, there was no landing gear or PFDs (I think this is the anti piracy system kicking in, right?). So I uninstalled the plane via Windows Control Panel, removed all of its files from the FSX folder, deleted its entries from the dll.xml file, and removed the fsx.cfg file. Then I started FSX to make sure all the changes took place - so far everything seemed to work as expected.


    Then I reinstalled the plane. Once I fired up FSX again, it asked me whether it should load the various .dll files it needs. I clicked "yes" on all of them. After selecting the T7 from the menu, it asked to load one or two more .dll files. I know it's supposed to show the activation window when the plane is selected for the first time, but it did not. I've tried reinstalling multiple times but still can't get the thing activated. Everything worked brilliantly when I installed it on the first computer (my main gaming rig).


    TL;DR: Activation window won't show up despite several reinstalls. Halp.



    Running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit with UAC disabled.




  7. Thanks for your help, guys. I'm still not completely sure about it, but I'll just upload the repaints once I've finished them. If someone wants them taken down for copyright reasons, I'll make sure that it happens. I'd tell you more but I want to keep it to myself for now - I don't want anyone copying my ideas and releasing their own versions before mine are ready  :lol:




  8. First of all, my apologies if this is in the wrong place, I couldn't quite figure out where it belongs.


    Anyways, something regarding the use of images on repaints - if I make a repaint that contains images (such as logos) that I've saved from google image search, am I allowed to upload said repaint to AVSIM? Do I need to state in the description and/or the readme file that none of the content belongs to me? I've searched everywhere but I can't find any information about this.






  9. Having a problem with the T7 - the CDUs won't allow me to reset brake temps after a not-so-good landing. I assume it's done by going to the failures menu, then selecting "reset brake temps", changing the "active" field to "no" and then hitting the execute button, right? Because it doesn't seem to be working. I've tried everything but the brake temps are stuck at 10.




  10. My Saitek Pro Flight pedals appear to have come to the end of their life, and I'm now looking for a replacement. I'm particularly interested in the Saitek Cessna pedals, but i'd like to hear actual users' experiences. I have a couple questions:


    1) Is the movement smooth? The Pro Flight ones were a bit sticky, not enough to prevent me from using them, but annoying nevertheless.

    2) Do the pedals have any sideways play? Again, the Pro Flights do, and while it isn't a big problem, it's pissing me off as well.

    3) Are they reliable and do the axes stay exactly where you leave them? Also, how are the deadzones? My pedals' rudder axis has a tendency to start drifting to the left if left untouched (this is actually the reason I'm looking for new pedals -  the rudder axis pot is broken in some way) and the brakes have huge deadzones at the beginning of the range, requiring me to set them up with FSUIPC to avoid the jump from 0% to 25% or so when coming out of the deadzone.



    Of course, I'm also open to suggestions - pretty much anything that costs less than, say, $250 will do as long as they work as expected.

  11. I've been editing the FS KBT Lockheed L-188 Electra to handle better on the ground. Initially, it accelerated way too quickly the instant I even cracked the throttles. I got that under control by adjusting beta_min to a lower value. However, I'm still having some trouble with the thrust reversers - the prop pitch rate of change is way too rapid, and this results in some rather aggressive.. should I say, maneuvers, when activating or deactivating the reversers. It's like slamming on the brakes or pushing the gas pedal all the way down in a high performance car.


    What parameter do I need to change in the aircraft.cfg to make the transition to reverse and back a bit smoother? Or is there a way to put the props to negative pitch and then use the throttle to adjust the amount or reverse thrust, instead of it automatically applying full power?

  12. I hope you're aware that the AVSIM Forums (http://forums.avsim.net) and AVSIM Library (http://library.avsim.net/) are completely different systems. They require separate accounts. Your forum account (if you have one) will not work in the Library area, and vise versa.


    If you have accounts for both the AVSIM forums and library make sure not to confuse the log-in details between the two.


    Thank you, that confirms my suspicions. The fact that I have the same login on the forums and in the file library just fooled me into thinking they use the same account but have different passwords.

  13. I just noticed this odd behaviour a few moments ago - For some reason, I've got 2 different passwords for my account - one that only works with the forums and one that's only for the file library. It's not really a problem because I can save passwords, but I don't think it's supposed to do it and therefore it should be fixed. Is there anyone from the AVSIM staff on here who could do something about this?




  14. I've noticed that the FSX AI system is completely unable to push back from gates or parking spots. Instead, the planes just turn around in place and taxi out - and it looks very, very stupid and unrealistic. Are there any addons that fix this annoying behaviour?


    Running FSX SP2 w/ Acceleration.


    Also, sorry if this is in the wrong place. Feel free to move.




  15. I have a set of Saitek Pro Flight rudder pedals. I'm having a problem with the axis sometimes slowly creeping to the left. This is very annoying as I can't taxi straight for long distances without touching the pedals - the aircraft will make quite a sudden turn to the left and veer off the taxiway if left on its own. A little bit of left or right pressure centers the axis again, however, I have to keep moving the pedals back and forth a bit to avoid the creeping. This does not happen only in FSX, it looks like it's a hardware problem because it shows up in the calibration settings of the pedals and in Saitek's software as well. What's wrong?


    That's that. Then, another problem, which really isn't a problem but annoying nonetheless: The pedals' rudder thingy is a bit sticky. I find it difficult to make very slight adjustments because the rudder axis sticks to one place, and after increasing the pressure a tad, becomes free again but causes me to "overshoot" the amount of deflection I want. FSX isn't sensitive enough to be affected by this, but I don't really feel like I'm in control of the aircraft because of this. Is there anything I could do to make the movement smoother or should I just throw these in the garbage and get new ones, CH maybe? (The warranty is most likely long gone, due to stuff I will explain below)



    In general, I have not had a good experience at all with Saitek products. First of all, the yoke - its pitch axis was sticky as hell, and despite various modifications and greasing all the stuff inside, it was still sticky. So I got a TM HOTAS Warthog instead, no problems whatsoever with that. Money well spent. Then there are the pedals. The first issue with them was caused by a deadzone at the beginning of the range, it resulted in abrubt brakings when the values jumped from zero to the desired braking value. I got rid of this with FSUIPC calibration. Finally, the toe brake spring connector inside the left pedal broke. I opened the thing up, and after 3 or 4 times trying to fix it and having it break after a few times pressing the brake, I made a new connector out of steel and bolted that on the remaining plastic bit. It's been solid as rock ever since.


    Hell, after all this crap I'd build my own pedals if I had a CNC machine!  <_<




  16. Ok. Post here if recording with 2.1 and rendering with 2.18 could be the solution for us  :wink:


    Actually, I only tried recording the replay with 2.18. It worked it 2.1 but not in 2.18. Anyways, I had a go at 2.16 and guess what - It works! The flaps move, AND it can render the replays  :wink: Off to test 2.17, and I should probably also tell the FSR devs about the problem so that they can fix it.


    Edit: And 2.17 works as well. Here's a quick summary:


    2.1 - Works, but no rendering.

    2.16 - Works, has rendering.

    2.17 - Works, has rendering and even more stuff than 2.16

    2.18 - Does not work, but has even more features than 2.17.


    Works, as in "records and plays recordings correctly".


    So, it seems that if you want to record the 737 NGX, you're probably better off using 2.17 since it has rendering, stuff works and apart from the very latest (small) additions it has everything you'll need. It'll get the job done.


    Oh god. That's a lot of version numbers.




  17. Update (sorry for the bump): I shut down my computer for the night and uninstalled FSR 2.181 Alpha today. I then installed FSR 2.1, which is the latest stable version, and it appears to be working now. I have no idea whether it was the restart or the reinstallation that solved the problem. I think the latest alpha version wasn't compatible with the plane. Thanks for your help, Gareth.  :smile:




  18. I was about to render a video with FSR when I noticed the flaps aren't moving at all during the playback. I checked all the tickboxes before recording the replay, however, neither the flaps nor the flap lever seem to be working. I had a look at the data window, and the flap setting value there does change as the plane nears the airport. It appears that the flap positions (and probably the flap lever position as well, although that can't be seen in the data window) have been recorded but FSR somehow fails to get the information through to the plane at playback. I find that strange because all that is required to extend the flaps, be it during actual simulation or during a replay, is a press of the "flaps extend incrementally" button (Which FSR is obviously capable of doing). I actually tried extending them manually during the replay and they worked just fine.


    I saved a panel state at the point at which I wanted to start recording. I tried loading that state immediately after starting the playback but it made no difference. I've seen tons of NGX videos in which the flaps are working just fine, so I'm wondering - is this caused by the plane not being compatible with FSRecorder or does FSR itself have some kind of bug that screws up the replay? Do I have to keep an eye on the data window and extend the flaps manually as the position value changes?


    I am using FSX SP2 (Acceleration) and FSR 2.181 Alpha.




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