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  1. Lovely set from your long trip on the 747SP...in the nostalgic (and original) United Tulip colors... I know the UA 747 is dear to you...🙂... Thanks for sharing...!
  2. To coincide with the July 4th celebrations in U.S., MSFS released the latest USA City Update, on July 2nd. I noticed it has (thoughtfully) included Allentown, Pennsylvania, along with other major (northeastern) cities such as Washington, D.C. and Buffalo, New York (see my previous post for Buffalo). Folks outside U.S. (but greater followers of MSFS News and Updates than me...🙂...) might be wondering, yes, we get Washington D.C. and Buffalo, but why Allentown of all places, and, btw, where exactly is Allentown...🙂...Well...First of all, Allentown had played a central and crucial role in the "American Revolution", "Declaration of Independence", and as the "Liberty Bell's Secret Hiding Spot" etc., but that's all history. Equally interestingly, Allentown stands at the core of the region that was (originally) deeded to the "Penn" family, of which the patriarch was William Penn (Born: London, England, and Died: Berkshire, England), after whom, the U.S. State of Pennsylvania is named. In MSFS, I've already once visited (KABE) Allentown (prior to this Update). So, today, I wished to see any incremental changes of this town, airport, and vicinity. This eastern region of U.S. (along with the Appalachian Mountain Range), that such towns are part of, as I recall, was always neglected in our SIM (until MSFS). In fact, when Orbx first published sceneries of the west coast (PNW), and then of the Rockies, I held hope that Orbx would (slowly) advance eastward to these regions, to feature the local valleys, mountains, and townships etc. in the SIM that are of personal interest to me from my close encounters in the RW. It was, of course, a futile wait lasting more than decade (after a few such waits, this waiting game, for a/c or/and scenery, becomes bit of a pointless exercise...🙂...at least for some of us...so, it's always best to enjoy what is currently in-hand, before we begin to peel off this active SIM pastime of ours...for one or more reasons...🙂...) ... In this post, I've taken a short trip of about 140 miles from Hagerstown (KHGR) via Harrisburg (KMDT) to (KABE) Allentown (see MAP Route closeup shots in the Dual GPS units and the cockpit EFB (shot #3) ...OK...this EFB is not like that of the 777 and looks more like a Cell-Phone ...🙂...still...). Anyway, in my many (annually ritualistic) eastward road-trips of the yesteryears, from the midwest to the east coast, my destinations were either Washington D.C./Maryland, or New York/New Jersey. In the former case, I would leave Pennsylvania, crossing into Maryland, heading south towards Hagerstown, in the final stretch to Washington D.C. In the latter case, I would drive east across the whole length of Pennsylvania, and often pass through Allentown, crossing the NY state border, before being on the final stretch to New York City (or south towards New Jersey). Allentown is in a valley, may not be a deep valley like those in the Rockies and Alps, but it's a pretty valley with a pretty river, bound by mountains to the north and the south (see images). The Appalachian Range (finally) trails to flatlands of the east, near Allentown. The Lehigh River (shot #s 12-14) is the town's life blood, and Lehigh name is predominantly stamped everywhere around Allentown. The valley is called Lehigh Valley, the airport is called "Lehigh Valley Airport...", the county is called "Lehigh", there is "Lehigh University", "Little Lehigh River" (a tributary of Lehigh River), Lehigh Parkway, Lehigh Street, and even a Lehigh Valley Honda...🙂...just to name a few... Please find here a set of pictures as I travel from (KHGR) Hagerstown (never actually drove direct between these two cities), under the guidance of the GPS magenta line, first flying northeast, across and over some (transient) rolling hills and mountains (so-called Blue Mountains, the receding remnant traces of the (Great) Appalachians), to next overfly (KMDT) Harrisburg Airport, in the capital city, located on the bank of Susquehanna River (shot #s 7-8; I have never seen a major airport literally on the river's edge), and then east to Allentown. I've landed at KABE, just after crossing the Lehigh River, on ILS Rwy 06. This City Update seems to have added lot more buildings on the airport premises, and also a denser set of township elements (shot #s 10-11). See also the Route 22 bridge over Lehigh River, shot #14, which landmark was pointed out to me by a member here (a knowledgeable resident of the region), during my last visit/post of the Allentown airport. The image shows the bridge under (current) construction, with a (makeshift) service road for vehicular traffic. Hope you enjoy this collection of snapshots...in the (iniBuilds) Mitsubishi MU-2... Thanks for viewing. Happy flying...!
  3. Wonderful shots of the Qatar 777, Will. Have travelled once in the Qatar 777, but recall that flight experience well... Thanks for posting...!
  4. Great set of pictures of the C-46 Commando...! Always fascinated by that double-lobed fuselage...🙂...Thanks for sharing...!
  5. Marvelous images, Will...especially liked the KSFO terminal night shot...! All good things must come to an end...🙂...but your love for the 737NG is too great, so, who knows...🙂... You may be flying the big T7, but I do not expect your username to change from the "738"...to "773"...🙂... Cheers...!
  6. I like this (MSFS) airplane a lot...need to fly it more... Beautiful pictures from your trip...Having lived in Ohio for many years, I'm quite familiar with these states...The peculiar shape of West Virginia was always a bit of an oddity for me, especially when driving (east-west) on the highway, one would cross this state twice ... Never been to this airport you've featured here, a nice rendition by the developer...it looks like...
  7. pmplayer (et al.): Thanks for the comments and responses...Appreciated much... Cheers...!!
  8. Wonderful set of pics of the KLM 777 in this special livery...!!
  9. A most enjoyable series, Ryan....and a thorough tour above NYC...Envy these Execs...🙂...That H160 surely has a fancy flightdeck... Yes, the characters on board, pilots included, are not too impressive in MSFS ...reminds me of old SIMs ... (I got a set of Pilot Avatars with a livery bundle I just purchased from the Marketplace, and only two characters out of the set, seem usable and presentable...🙂...)
  10. Lovely set...Vueling is a good-looking livery...reminds me of the dotted livery of Brussels Airlines... Recall flying the (Aerosoft) A319 of Vueling quite a bit... from the past SIMs...
  11. Yes, meandering thoughts...🙂...but glad you enjoyed... Those parts of the country are certainly interesting topographically...have visited the principal cities including Salt Lake City etc., but have not explored much else...maybe one day ... Appreciated the comment, bernd...! When the rebranded livery came out couple of years ago, it was considered dramatic and was not well-received...but it's a fun livery to fly in our SIM with 5 different colors...I will fly the other colors since I believe I've all the 5 liveries my hangar now...Cheers ...!
  12. Lovely set, Jan....liked the ground shots...
  13. Beautiful shot...Flown KORD-EDDF on LH 747 many times...🙂... By the time, we would arrive at Frankfurt, the sky would look like yours...during the final descent...
  14. I noticed, today, a City Update, for USA, in my MSFS/Xbox, which I promptly installed. It makes special mention of several U.S. cities in the northeastern United States, including Washington D.C., Buffalo (New York), and Allentown (PA). Short of having lived as a resident in these places, I am quite familiar with all these locales, from my (multiple) RW visits. Here, I focus on Buffalo, New York. Additionally, today, I was looking for a small (and novel...🙂...) turboprop to fly, and this iniBuilds MU-2 caught my attention. Generally speaking, whether it's the iniBuilds' (standard fare) Airbus or their (awkward looking) Skyvan, I've, so far, enjoyed all their a/c. While once living in Columbus, Ohio, over the years, I'd visited the Niagara Falls, on several occasions, each time driving the 350 miles. U.S. has 3 major east-west highways (I-70/I-80/I-90), each 2,000 to 3,000 miles long, running across the length of the country. From Ohio, I would normally travel first north to Cleveland, catch up there with I-90 (the northernmost and the coldest...🙂.. of the 3 highways, I mentioned), and then drive further up along the eastern shoreline of (Great Lake) Lake Erie, all the way to Buffalo. I recall, once, as we (including a couple of family friends, visiting us) arrived in Buffalo, the city and the Falls were just thawing out of the winter season...🙂...In fact, when we got to the Maid of The Mist (boat) tour, on the Falls, that was the first day of operation for that year, of the seasonal boat tour service (i.e., the Niagara River was just deemed, by the authorities, fully "un-frozen" for transportation and the voyage...🙂...). We were among the first (early) visitors to reach the boarding dock, and I now recall that one of my guests expressed some reservations about getting on the boat. So, I called up the captain of the boat to bolster her confidence...🙂..., who gladly came by and said to my guest, "I've been piloting this boat for more than a decade, and I can vouch for its safety, so, there is nothing to worry. Do come along and enjoy...". That did the trick...but, to be honest, as one closes in on the Falls, it does get a bit unnerving indeed with a good chance of also getting fully soaked in the water-spray hitting you from the 3-sides of the high falls (feels as if there is a sudden rain shower), all this mixed in with a gentle swaying of the boast in the rough waters below. So, this is the real thing, and not the (simulated) Avatar Dragon ride of my recently visited "Animal Kingdom" Flight of Passage...🙂... also, featuring breathtaking waterfalls (fake but wonderfully 3D looking), while all the time seated on a (ground-bolted) rocking chair...with overhead sprinklers (gently) spraying moist vapors on the riders' faces...Oh well...most exhilarating, nonetheless...just like our SIM here...🙂... Been a long-time Chicago resident, I am no stranger to cold and snowy winters. However, Buffalo, I think, would beat Chicago, by more than a mile, in these respects...🙂...e.g., once, I was there visiting a friend on the University Campus in Buffalo, who had parked the car out on the street, when a massive snowfall came down on the city during the weekend. On Monday, when we went out looking for his car, all the cars parked on the street-sides, were buried in snow, top to bottom. There was no way to tell the cars apart...so, on which car, to apply the ice-scraper...🙂...we couldn't tell. By some trial & error, and guesswork, eventually, we located the car-of-interest, and dug a big-enough peep-hole into the thick ice-coating of the windshield, to pull our car away...with the defrosters and heaters going full blast... The Niagara Falls is about 25 miles from (KBUF) Buffalo Niagara International Airport, which is where both my takeoff and landing take place, for this post. Lifting off from Runway 23, first, I turn westward to (and overfly) the Peace Bridge (shot #s 7-8). This bridge has received an honorable mention in the MSFS City Update (one of the two iconic bridges around Niagara, along with the (other) Rainbow Bridge). These two bridges connect Canada to America (you might recall I love bridges...🙂...). During most of my flight here, I never flew higher than ~300 ft above ground level (this MU-2 competently obliging me in this task). I track along northward following the Niagara River (see images). The river splits into west and east channels at Grand Island (see shot #s 9-10), on which island I've spent pleasant evenings and strolls during each of my (RW) visits. For this flight, I've briefly tracked the west channel (aka: the Canadian channel; the east one being the American channel of Niagara River), then I cut across the island, past the Skylon Tower (shot #s 12), to finally reach overhead of the majestic Niagara Falls (shot #s 13-14). The Rainbow Bridge (shot #15 background) across the Niagara River connects the two sister cities of Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls (New York) and Niagara Falls (Ontario)), on the American and Canadian sides respectively (Sault Ste. Marie, further north, is another good example of such a twin-city pair around these Great Lakes area and the U.S./Canada border). There is a unique perspective and feel from each side of the town of Niagara Falls, which I've once experienced. Finally, I've tracked my course back to Buffalo airport, and landed on its ILS Runway 05. The (iniBuilds) MU-2, despite its legacy avionics (there is a rudimentary (old-style) autopilot panel below the pedestal; see shot #2), did its job well, nicely following the GPS magenta line (with user-defined waypointing to Peace Bridge and Niagara Falls, plus the ILS Approach fix), and also abiding by the Localizer and Glideslope signals for a smooth and easy landing...🙂....See my landing pictures. I liked this plane along with its oddities... My time spent (in RW) around Niagara Falls were always special. I recall especially the occasion when I'd visited both the American and Canadian sides of the Falls, when the Falls were lit up, on a balmy summer night, by colorful lights...making up for memories that do not diminish with time (and symbolically resembling here the twilight shots of my pictures set below). I wish I could visit it again sometime in RW...though, this time, I need to fly from Chicago, no driving...🙂...since the 350 miles of my yesteryears, has now turned into 550 miles... Thanks for viewing these images around the city of Buffalo and Niagara Falls...of this (ZK-PSR) Air Ambulance, flown by yours truly here...on a leisure tour, not on a life-saving mission...🙂...so, please ignore the heartbeat rhythm on the fuselage...which is a nice livery though...! Hope you enjoy...! Happy July 4th to the folks in U.S., and a good weekend to all...!
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