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  1. hmn434

    New airport from Flightbeam

    Maybe they'll throw us a curveball and develop OPRN.
  2. hmn434

    Persian Golf operations

    Persian Gulf Persian Golf
  3. EDIT: Discussing this is not allowed. Read the requirements on Lockheed's site.
  4. What planes and liveries do you want painted? Provide a list and I might consider it.
  5. I can't wait to buy it as soon as I get back home to my simming PC. I own the airport for P3D and did a quick conversion to XP with fsx2Xplane, but it will be nice to finally have an official XP11 version. In P3D, all that insane terminal detail didn't come with any noticeable performance hit, so I can't imagine there will be one in XP11.
  6. hmn434

    Here's to the repainters

    I'm happy to create repaints for free and am certainly grateful to the others that are more prolific and talented than I. Thankfully, it seems that payware liveries are the exception rather than the rule in the community. Even if payware liveries are offered, chances are someone will make similar ones for free at some point.
  7. hmn434

    My 340 paints

    I have Penair and Pacific Coastal on my list (old and new colors for each airline), but it might be a while before I get to them- I'm taking a vacation away from my computer right now and I have several other paints before them on my list. It would be great if jeansy or another talented painter could do these, but rest assured that if nobody else does I'll get to them eventually.
  8. hmn434

    USA ortho

    There's a package of US orthophotos distributed by state/region made by 'forkboy' on the forums. It covers most of the US with the exception of Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Misissippi, Minnesota, the Dakotas, Montana, Iowa, parts of Wisconsin, and parts of Tenessee. I have all the packages installed and they take up about 1.5tb fully installed. To cover to rest of the US, I'm guessing you'd need an extra .5-2TB (there's no set space for each tile because they all cover different land areas and have different terrain features so this is just a guess). What I did was buy a cheap 5TB HDD from newegg. It cost under $150 and I have all the space I'll ever need. Right now, with all of forkboy's orthos and some self-generated ones for parts of Europe and the Middle East I've only taken up 1.8TB. With XPlane it's incredibly easy to store your ortho tiles on an external drive and link them to the sim. In fact I don't have any scenery stored on the same HD where I have the rest of the sim installed. Keep in mind that forkboy's orthos will take the better part of a day to download via torrent with a very fast internet connection, or much longer with a slow one. Also, you'll need to convert the files that come with the download (forkboy distributes the texture files in a format allowing for a faster download, but they need to be converted to work in the sim). The process is handled automatically but can take hours upon hours for each state/region to complete. Overall you're looking at a solid 2-3 days of downloading/converting to get all of forkboy's tiles installed. From there, the process of building up the rest of the US yourself will take a very long time. To avoid data caps you'll need to spread it out over weeks or months. None of this is complicated, and the results are worth it, but the process of getting all of the US covered in orthos is very time consuming and somewhat tedious.
  9. hmn434

    My 340 paints

    Nice! It's always good to have options. I'm kind of new to painting so it'll be nice to compare my work with the work of someone who actually knows what they're doing 😉 Mine is N415XJ as it appears here (without an offset nose cone as most NW Saabs seemed to have had periodically)
  10. hmn434

    My 340 paints

    Why not upload here? There's nothing stopping you from uploading again to Ozx once it's back up. Great paint, by the way. I'm almost done with the Northwest Airlink one, and although it isn't the worst Carenado paint out there it certainly isn't easy to work with.
  11. Are they working on a new one? They released a version for FS2004 years ago. It's OK but definitely starting to show its age...
  12. hmn434

    Repaint Request Thread

    Northwest Airlink WIP. The hard part, the cheatline, is pretty much done, so it should be uploaded pretty soon.
  13. hmn434

    Carenado and Les Saab 340 Comparison

    Thanks for the video. I own both, and here is my opinion after a bit of flying around: External Modeling/Texturing: Carenado by a country mile. The entire plane looks photorealistic. Of course, this was to be expected: Carenado consistently delivers the best visuals one could hope for, and I always thought the LES looked a bit wonky outside. Internal Modeling/Texturing: This one is a bit harder. I'll give the edge to the Carenado, but only just. The LES' cockpit isn't bad at all. Systems: LES 100%. It isn't even close. The company puts systems first and it really shows. Sounds: LES. The Carenado's simply don't sound that realistic and are beset by sound phasing. Flight dynamics: I've never flown a real Saab, but the LES feels much more believable IMO. However, I don't think it's a completely fair comparison because the planes are in two completely different sims. We need to wait for the XP11 port of the Saab to make a true comparison. Thranda, the group that ports Carenado's planes, essentially takes the modeling and texturing from Carenado but builds everything else from the ground up. In my experience, Thranda's ports are much, much better than their FSX/P3D counterparts. One good example: in P3D, I could fly the Carenado B1900D with the throttles maxed all throughout my climb, only bringing them back to manage my speed. The first time I flew the XP11 version, I fried the engines. While they aren't "study level" per se (whatever that means...), the ports are great simulations. Score: LES: 8.5/10 Carenado: 6/10 Final thoughts: Neither are bad planes. The Carenado is just a little pricey for what it is, but the LES is well worth the money. The Saab is my favorite plane so I'm happy to have both in my hangar. I reinstalled P3D just for it, and will be buying the XP11 version when it comes out even though I already have the LES. Overall, if you love the Saab, get both. If you just want a regional turboprop and don't like the Saab in particular, stick with the Majestic Q400.
  14. hmn434

    Flying Kiwi Repaints for the 340

    Looking great! It's nice to see repaints start rolling out for this plane so soon. I personally hope to start on some US repaints like Northwest and American sometime in the next few days. Say what you will about the systems, but boy is this plane a looker!
  15. hmn434

    Repaint Request Thread

    Re-posting my 'To Do' list from another thread. The Saab is my favorite plane so I'm very enthusiastic about it and will most likely get to most of these, but do note that it will take several months of work. The paints are listed in the order i'll do them in. Anybody else is more than welcome to take on one of the ones I've listed! I made a Northwest Airlink paint for the Dornier 228 that'a available in the library if you want to check out my previous work. Real Registrations/Tail Numbers for all included liveries (currently, they all have fictional tail numbers). Northwest Airlink (Red) NWA Airlink (Silver) NWA Airlink (Silver+red nose) American Eagle Delta Connection (current) Air France KLM Cityhopper (old, white+blue tail) Pen Air (old- yellow/orange stripe) Continental Connection (final) United Express (Merger) US Airways (Dark Blue/Black) United Express (Rising Blue) Aer Lingus Connection Trans World Express (Red stripe- semi-fictional) Pacific Coastal (New and Old) British Airways (Union) Estonian Air I might do these two but it will be difficult due to complexity/lack of materials: Northwest Airlink Mesaba 25th Anniversary Flamingo Airlines Kenya Fictional liveries I might consider at some point: American Eagle (modern silver) KLM Cityhopper (Blue livery pre-2014- straight cheatline without a nose swoop) Aeroflot (modern Silver livery) Midwest Connect Alaska (old and new) Southwest (old canyon blue) Air Canada Express (blue toothpaste and new)