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  1. No I do not. However, the ASUS version of the Realtek drivers comes with a software called ASUS Sonic Studios and ASUS Sonic Radar. These seem (after some googling) to be quite similar to MSI Nahimic. In fact, just looking now, a thread on another forum mentioned that Sonic Studio uses .DLL:s from Nahimic. I guess we found our culprit. I installed some "generic" or non-ASUS-specific Realtek drivers yesterday, and got fs2crew to pic up my mic, but I'll try to install the ASUS ones today, but uninstall everything related to Sonic, hopefully that will make fs2crew work, but without lower audio quality.
  2. Okay so I have an update to my issue: I read a thread here that suggested that ASUS realtek drivers might cause issues, so I uninstalled them and I actually got the fs2crew to pick up my voice when running Microsofts default audio drivers. I thought that the reason I had an issue was that I never updated my realtek drivers to Windows 10 (I checked and they were for Win 7) and so downloaded and installed the new Windows 10 64bit realtek drivers. The problem reappeared. The culprit is definitely the interaction between fs2crew and the ASUS realtek audio drivers (or simply realtek audio drivers). As a temporary solution I might run the microsoft drivers but the sound definitely isn't as great. Any way to solve this issue without having to uninstall realtek?
  3. Hi, I've been away from FSX for a while and the last time I used the NGX and fs2crew reboot was in 2016 with windows 7. After that I updated my system to Windows 10 (no clean install) and I've had no issues because of this with other programs or games. Coming back to FSX I updated NGX and subsequently did a clean reinstall of both NGX and fs2crew (with the latest update). I have however not gotten my voice to be recognized by fs2crew. No green text, no response from the FO. The last time I was (successfully) using fs2crew was with a headset but being a bit of an audiophile I've since been using a pair of HD598 headphones together with clip-on mic (Antlion modmic 4.0). I've been communicating via voice just a few weeks ago but I checked that my mic was working both by checking that sound was being picked up and by enabling listen. I also made sure to follow the voice recognition instructions from the fs2crew manual and I did a voice training and configured the mic to pick up my voice. Googling the issue I came across a post by Bryan York that recommended to click "use this audio input device" in the advanced voice recognition settings, which I followed. Nothing has resolved the issue. On the fs2crew audio panel inside FSX I've switched between different audio devices (realtek hd audio and even my displayport monitor lol) without success. Clicking reset audio system makes FSX freeze. I've also tried reinstalling Fs2crew and reverting to the version I used last year, no luck. Any suggestions? I would really like to avoid having to do a clean FSX reinstall or, even worse, a OS reinstall. EDIT: My signature system is outdated. Current hardware: Win 10 64bit, i7 7700K, GTX 1070, no sound card.
  4. Don't think it does. As Hervé stated earlier, ILS courses are in True heading, so the Magvar update might things like ND-track a little misaligned (probably not though if the airport is done correctly).If you look at my earlier question most of my "problems" were either because I confused Tru with Mag or because the airplane wasn't perfectly aligned with the centerline on startup. Since then I have performed plenty of touch and go's but most importantly 2 successful autolands at ESSA.
  5. Thank you Hervé! That answered all my questions nicely.
  6. Thanks for the link Ryan. I just installed the updated magvar database and have a question. I just recently (after the magvar update) did a couple of touch and go's at Aerosoft Mega Airport Stockholm-Arlanda in the 747X and found that when loading the aircraft on the active runway (in this case 01L) and without touching anything the aircraft was misaligned to the runway on the ND, but centered perfectly as far as I could see. The heading when loaded was 007 but the ILS heading is 005. When turning the heading knob to 005 the magenta heading bug aligned perfectly with the runway and extended (dotted) centerline on the ND. When checking the ILS heading in AFX the ILS was at 011 degrees. Has this anything to do with the magvar update? Could I just change the heading of the ILS in AFX to 005 or would this cause an offset? EDIT: I just checked the runway true heading in AFX and it is 11 degrees as well, so I presume, that without touching anything, I will have a correctly aligned ILS to the runway. But I noticed a strange thing in Navigraph, before updating the airport charts the heading of ILS01L was 006, but after the update 005. Can anyone explain this?Thanks in advance
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