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  1. Good evening all!

    As the title suggests, my XP11 takes up to 30 minutes to load up at a UK Airport.  I assumed this is because I have ORBX True Earth North, East and South; along with several UK 2000 and Orbx Airports.  I'm operating Windows 7 64bit with 16GB RAM and NVIDIA 60MSI GTX1060.


    At All other worldwide airports it takes between 3-7minutes- which I can live with.



    I do acknowledge that I have a numerous airports, aircraft and plugins. 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Morning fellow XPlaners,


    Out of all of the UK2000 sceneries I own, I seem to have an issue with Stansted and Birmingham.  This issue is that default buildings are also showing up in lieu/ aswell as the UK2000 buildings.


    I have tried reinstalling and also ensuring that all UK2000 airports are at the top of the scenery packs list- however I've hit a brick wall.


    Can anyone help?




  3. 1 hour ago, HumptyDumpty said:

    There should be an X-plane 11 installer .exe or an equivalent for linux (if you are using XP in linux) in XP folder , run that and select Update X-plane, also tick mark "beta" , if that file ain't in you X-plane folder than download the installer from the x-plane website.

    If you run XP it should also see the update


    Thank you sir! 

  4. Evening guys and girls.



    Today I have updated to v4.3 and now my ORBX scenery mesh is all over the place.  It displays a mixture of day/night/ water squares all over the landscape.  I have moved my UK ORBX scenery up the addon Organiser, it's still the same.



    Can anybody help??





  5. 3 hours ago, Meekg said:

    We might have found a quick fix for the brake problem.

    Please ensure that your brake axis are set to the maximum sensitivity in the simulator control settings.

    Let us know if that fixes it, please.

    We are already looking at a longer term solution that hopefully will allow you to select the sensitivity as you want.



    Thanks for the advice, aircraft brakes are now releasing! :)

  6. 2 hours ago, DaveCT2003 said:

    Just to be thorough, are you adjusting the lighting to the left of the where the pilots left knee would be, to the right of where the copilots right knee would be, at the back end of the pedestal and to the right-center of the overhead?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Best wishes.


    I am indeed, I spent many many hours on the old Md-80 so I’m versed on where the lights are and dimmer switches. 


    But there is simply no joy. 

  7. Good afternoon!

    I seem to have an isue with the brakes constantly being applied (Not parking brake).  I have the CH Pro Rudder Pedals and have (re)calibrated and checked null zones, however they still seem to be on causing the brakes to burn and take off rolls to be miles long.


    I have tired with other aircraft, PMDG, default etc and the brakes are fine.

    Has anyone else experienced this? 


    Thanks in advance,


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