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  1. I forgot to add, I'm looking for repaints for the BBS A340-300!
  2. Could somebody be kind enough to help me out? I have looked absolutely everywhere and cannot find any Virgin Atlantic A340-300 repaints, only -600s. Is anyone willing to take up the challenge? TIA, James
  3. I wish I'd read this before clicking buy! I love the 1-11 so will see what she's like. I have to admit though I wasn't expecting miracles.
  4. So I'm assuming this'll be compatible for David Maltby's VC-10 and in FSX?
  5. Holy hell she's nice! Which 747 is that, Aerosim's? Thanks, James
  6. I have it and actually, really started to fly this thing properly. The visuals aren't PMDG, however she flys nice and has good system depth. If you follow them on Facebook, you'll see their latest update features a major overhaul of the VC. When I first purchased this a year ago. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't overly impressed but now after giving it a damn good breaking in, it's worth a good 8/10! Hope this helps. James
  7. Hey guys, Is there anyone who is kind enough to paint this beautiful lady by Captain Sim? Thanks, James
  8. That's great news as I do fly the B2 often, however I'd kill for a 154M!!!!
  9. It's a great product and just so happens to be my firs DD purchase. Lot's of Russian birds.
  10. I think i'm going to as well but it'll be around 2100BST. If anyone can enlighten us as to how good (or not) it is I would be grateful. There's certainly system depth!
  11. Is there a method to get WOAI AI to land at OTHH?
  12. Fantastic scenery and I'm glad I purchased it! But for me the killer is no AI :( and I use WoAI so if anyone has any remedy please let me know.
  13. So bottom line... Is it any good? James Johnston
  14. Just out of interest. Does this bird work with FSX? If so are there any known issues?
  15. Okay so who's the developer and is it for fs9 or FSX? I need more info!
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