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  1. Everything that could be improved on the 737, infact all prior Boeings, was incorporated in the 777 design.  The 737 is an old design thats been modded over the years to stay competitive.

    -Its faster you can cruise at mach 85. I like fast airplanes.
    -Its quieter, you'll go deaf in a 737.
    -It stops better.
    -Its easier to make smooth landings.
    -It just flys better(Hand flying), its a sweet flying jet.
    -The aircraft systems are designed better.
    -Auto start(You can start both engines at the same time)
    -It rides better in choppy air.
    -ECL(electronic check list), far superior to paper.
    -The cockpit is laid out much better and not near as cramped, you can have someone on the jumpseat and not feel like there breathing down your neck.
    -The jumpseats nice, unlike the 737 which s/*+-.
    -The cockpit seats are more comfortable.
    -The copilot has a tiller.
    -CPDLC(controller pilot data link communications) sort of like texting ATc.
    -The cockpit windows are bigger.
    -The cabins bigger, Pax like it a lot better.
    -It has longer range.
    - Carries more cargo.
    -The AC and pressurization work better.
    -It looks better than the 737.

    -It can land at 300RVR.

    -737 pilots are jealous and dream of the day they can fly the 777 to far off exotic destiations
    on 24 hour layovers in nice hotels, instead of multi leg days dodging thunderstorms with 9 a hour layover at a dumpy hotel in Detroit.

     I could go on and on but the number one thing the 777 has over the 737 are BUNKS for the crew.



  2. The procedure I read for RNAV approaches was once established on the approach set the FAF altitude in the MCP, then when the FAF is the active waypoint set your MDA( rounded up) in the MCP.Once you pass the FAF and are ~300' below your missed approach altitude, set your missed approach altitude in the MCP. Now if you go missed your all set up. Dash Rogers

  3. Say Burneski - If you don't mind me asking, what's your hardware set up?
    It's 5 24" monitors in profile(5x1P) combined with TrackIr. I removed the plastic surrounding to make the bezels thinner. Powering them is the ATI 5870 Eyefinity 6and an I7@4.2ghz. All info you need on Multi Monitors can be found at the Widescreen gaming forum. Even a 3x1P in my opinion is far superior to one monitor and makes greataddons like the Milviz T38A much more exciting.fsx2011-07-0813-06-30-05Medium.jpgRegards

  4. Does The FMC have to be fully configured? As in every single category in the FMC?
    No. The only thing configuring the FMC effects is VNAV and LNAV.The INS must be aligned and yaw dampers on. Check your status messages.My CS757 autopilot works fine, its a little buggy. Its not a multimillion dollar simulator.Regards

  5. I thought the flight model was a little suspect, particularly stalls and VMC type manuvers. Things which could make it a good trainer.What I ended up doing was replacing the flight model with the one from the Milviz 310. Combine that with my Goflight Throttle, Ch Yoke, TrackIR and 24" 5x1 profile screens.Yes its good.

  6. I think the Milviz 310 has the best light twin flight model. The performance of the 310 and Baron are real close, the 310 cruise speed my be a little slower.So I replaced the Baron .air file with the 310 .air file(rename it) and now the Baron has what I consider to be a more realistic flight model.

  7. If you want to test your engine out capability with multi engine GA planes there's no real alternative to the Milviz Cessna 310.Presently its the only GA plane which simulates flight at and even below Vmca extremely accurate.It's the only plane even real GA multi engine pilots at Avsim recommend for engine out training.
    I just bought the Milviz 310 and I agree it has the most realistic engine out flight modeling. It's my favorite FSX general aviation add on.
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