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  1. Any updates on Level-D's 757?

    Latest screenshot showcasing the Level-D 757
  2. Proper steps in order when landing a Boeing 777

    I would Turn on the APU during taxi, That way-like in most real world cases you can cut the engines soon after parking. ( My father flies the 767-200, that's how they do it anyways)
  3. The Maddog is coming to P3D!

    Because I posted it in another sub-forum, admin moved it here. Wasn't intended. Relax.
  4. The Maddog is coming to P3D!

    Double post
  5. ActiveSky 16 close to v4 release

    And It's looking pretty good so far
  6. Oh Hello....FSUIPC5 Available

    Is it Bogus?
  7. Payware airbus rant

    Well there's your problem.
  8. Best Boeing 757?

    Level D *cough*
  9. Anybody use a soundpack with the A320?

    for the FSlabs? TSS. Default engine sounds are not that great. every other default sound however, is fantastic.
  10. Camera movement in VC

    Hi Kyle.