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  1. Hi UGCX, Thanks for your positive and detailed replies. Keep up the good work! Regards Dave
  2. Hi Bryan, Thank you for your positive reply Great, thank you. Could they not just follow the same route back (said in ignorance I realise). Yes indeed, I use it for another programme. I did not realise it could be used for UCGX, I'll get on to it right away (thanks Vernon). Great, thank you. Regards Dave
  3. Hi UGCX team, I would like to say first of all how pleased I am with UGCX, I can see why some folks were surprised that there was not more functionality from day one but, I'd rather have the bug free experience we have now that we can move forward from. Anyway, my three suggestions/requests are: Can we please have an option to have the ground crew return to the truck and then drive back to the pushback start point, rather than just disappear? I understand and agree with the spawning instantly when UGCX is started, I don't see a problem with this at all, but when they vanish in front of your eyes it does detract from the realism you have obviously tried to achieve. I have a home cockpit so it would be great if the on screen menu could appear on a tablet instead of on the main screen. Finally, when still in the air (I fly a tube liner) and say within 100 miles of the arrival airport, would it be possible to call up UGCX (by voice or menu) and select the arrival gate? This way it reduces what needs to be done upon landing and clearing the runway (I am talking to ATC too at this point), the location of the gate is known and the route/runway exit point can be planned ahead and it is more like the real world? Anyway, even if you don't like or take up the suggestions above, continue the good work, I look forward to seeing UGCX develop. Thanks and regards Dave
  4. Hi Manuel, Thanks for the explanation. So, If I select device 2 from the menu I should see '1' in the ini file. Is this correct? Or does it remain as AudioDevice=0 Regards Dave
  5. Thanks Bryan, Perhaps Manuel can kindly confirm if one selects the third sound card from the in sim menu, i.e. number 3, will AudioDevice=0 become AudioDevice=3? Thanks Dave
  6. Hi, So far pleased with UGCX, but have run into a problem. In the ini file, should the number adjacent to the sound card choice be the same as the number against the sound card chosen from the UCGX menu? In my case UCGX has stopped working after trying to change the sound card choice. In the ini file there is a zero next to the sound card choice. I imagine it should be 1 or 2 etc? Can you kindly confirm? Thanks very much Dave
  7. Hi, I have, out of the blue, a problem with the indexer. The indexer runs but when getting to the Processing Aircraft Data section, it stops at various aircraft.cfg files. If I remove the file it will then stop at the next one. It does not stop at them all. I use Prosim 737, it stops at the Prosim flight model first. If I remove this cfg it stops at the last MyTraffic aircraft, a Yak 42. If I remove the Yak 42 it stops at the aircraft before, a Yak 40, if I remove the Yaks it then stops at the Vulcan, which is the cfg before the Yaks. No matter how long I leave the indexer it does become unstuck. Any ideas will be very welcome. Thanks and regards Dave
  8. Hi Sergej, I thought I'd let you know that everything is working okay now. The only thing I have done is to run the installer after installing some new scenery. Regards Dave
  9. Thanks A320. I do have a FPS hit but that is, I believe, due to the AI aircraft. I have the AI setting at 30% which provides a sensible level of AI. If it's set higher then there's a) too much traffic in terms of what you see and b) it's hard to 'get a word in' c) it negatively affects the FPS. The 30% setting was recommended to me by Tegwyn West some years ago, when he was more communicative! I fly in and out of regional airports in the main, avoiding Gatwick, Amsterdam, Frankfurt etc., due partly to the AI volume, but even here it's very usable. My FPS with VOXATC running is typically 25/30 on the ground with medium to high (not extreme) graphics settings and weather such as snow/rain and overcast cloud cover. In the air it's anywhere from 40 to 90. On approach to a large regional airport such as Bergen or Bristol, it can drop into the high teens, but remains smooth. I only use airport scenery designed for P3D V4. I am sticking with V4.1 for now since there's nothing in 4.2 that is beneficial to me, so far as I know. My setup is three HD projectors running off a 1080 graphics card. Regards Dave
  10. Hi, Okay I've solved this now, thanks to the guidance from here. This is how: Run remote panels on the client machine. Run Proxy on the flightsim PC. Click enable in the flight sim VOXATC window. (I was trying to do this on the client machine without even opening the VOXATC 'in sim' window. I assumed part of the remote function would include enabling from the client machine). Then close the VOXATC In sim window. VOXATC remote window comes alive and show instructions and read backs. Thanks for all your help. Regards Dave
  11. Hi Still no progress here. I am getting an error saying that the server is not running, but it is. I even get this on the sim PC where VOXATC is installed. There are definitely no network issues, I will keep investigating. I have tried running VOXATC server and VOXATC on the fligtsim PC with the proxy on the client. I will try the proxy on the flightsim PC. Onwards and upwards. Dave
  12. Thanks again Jürgen. My network is all okay, i.e. no firewall/sharing issues etc. I'll report back once I've tried again over the weekend. Regards Dave
  13. Hi, I have now fixed the sound problem. I will try to get the remote panels working this weekend. To help me could someone kindly tell me which programmes should be running on which PC? I have a main flight sim PC with VOXATC on it and a client PC with the remote panels on it. I have also installed VOXATC server on the flightsim PC. I would like to keep the voices on the flightsim PC and simply have the remote panels on the client PC, if this is possible. I will initiate the logging. Thanks VERY much. Regards Dave
  14. Hi Sergej, Thanks for this tip, I will give it a try. Regards Dave
  15. Hi, Just to let you know I am trying to fix a sound problem that is affecting VOXATC, until I do I cannot address the remote panel problem. Once fixed I'll report back about the panels. Regards Dave
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